Proverbs:Chapter 24


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箴言 Proverbs
1你不要妒忌作惡的人,不要希求與他們共處; 1Seek not to be like evil men, neither desire to be with them:
2因為他們的心靈,只圖謀不軌;他們的嘴唇,只講論是非。 2Because their mind studieth robberies, and their lips speak deceits.
3因著智慧,家庭得以興建;因著明智,家庭得以穩定。 3By wisdom the house shall be built, and by prudence it shall be strengthened.
4各種珍奇可愛的寶物,因著智識可儲藏滿室。 4By instruction the storerooms shall be filled with all precious and most beautiful wealth.
5智慧人勝於壯士,明智人強於勇士; 5A wise man is strong: and a knowing man, stout and valiant.
6因為作戰須有智謀,勝利在於謀士眾多。 6Because war is managed by due ordering: and there shall be safety where there are many counsels.
7為愚昧的人,智慧太高妙;他在城門口,只好不開口。 7Wisdom is too high for a fool, in the gate he shall not open his mouth.
8籌劃作惡的人,可稱為陰險家。 8He that deviseth to do evils, shall be called a fool.
9愚人的計謀只是罪惡;狂妄的人為人所憎惡。 9The thought of a fool is sin: and the detracter is the abomination of men.
10你若萎靡不振,到災難的日子,必然氣竭力盡。 10If thou lose hope being weary in the day of distress, thy strength shall be diminished.
11被帶去受死的人,你應拯救他;他行將被殺戮的人,你要挽救他。 11Deliver them that are led to death: and those that are drawn to death forbear not to deliver.
12或許你要說:「看!我全不知道!」難道那權衡人心的能不明瞭?難道監察你心靈的能不知道?他必按每人的作為還報每人。 12If thou say: I have not strength enough: he that seeth into the heart, he understandeth, and nothing deceiveth the keeper of thy soul, and he shall render to a man according to his works.
13我兒,你要吃蜜,因為蜜好;蜂房的蜜,香甜可口。 13Fat honey, my son, because it is good, and the honeycomb most sweet to thy throat:
14對你的靈魂,智慧也是這樣:你找得了她,必有好前途;你所希望的,決不會落空。 14So also is the doctrine of wisdom to thy soul: which when thou hast found, thou shalt have hope in the end, and thy hope shall not perish.
15惡人,對義人的家,不要圖謀不軌;對他的住所,不要加以破壞; 15Lie not in wait, nor seek after wickedness in the house of the just, nor spoil his rest.
16因為義人雖七次跌倒,仍然要起來;但是惡人一失足,必陷禍患中。 16For a just man shall fall seven times and shall rise again: but the wicked shall fall down into evil.
17你的仇人跌倒,且不要高興;他若失足摔倒,且不要心喜; 17When thy enemy shall fall, be not glad, and in his ruin let not thy heart rejoice:
18免得上主看見而不快,因而撤消對他的忿怒。 18Lest the Lord see, and it displease him, and he turn away his wrath from him.
19對作惡的人,你不要動怒;對乖戾之徒,也不必嫉妒; 19Contend not with the wicked, nor seek to be like the ungodly:
20因為惡人終沒有好前途,惡人的燈必要熄滅。 20For evil men have no hope of things to come, and the lamp of the wicked shall be put out.
21我兒,上主和君王,你都要敬畏;對他們二者,皆不可觸怒; 21My son, fear the Lord and the king: and have nothing to do with detracters.
22因為他們的懲罰可突然而至;他們的摧殘,有誰能知曉? 22For their destruction shall rise suddenly: and who knoweth the ruin of both?
23以下是智者的箴言:在判案時,顧及情面,決不公平。 23These things also to the wise: It is not good to have respect to persons in judgment.
24誰對惡人說:「你是正義的。」人民必罵他,百姓必恨他。 24They that say to the wicked man: Thou art just: shall be cursed by the people, and the tribes shall abhor them.
25按公道加罰的,必事事順遂;美好的祝福,必臨於其身。 25They that rebuke him, shall be praised: and a blessing shall come upon them.
26應答適宜的人,宛如與人接吻。 26He shall kiss the lips, who answereth right words.
27你要先在外經營好事業,在田間將工作準備停當,然後纔可建立你的家室。 27Prepare thy work without, and diligently till thy ground: that afterward thou mayst build thy house.
28不要輕易作證,反對你的近人;也不要以你的口舌,欺騙他人。 28Be not witness without cause against thy neighbour: and deceive not any man with thy lips.
29不可說:「人怎樣待我,我怎樣待人;照人之所行,我向他還報。」 29Say not: I will do to him as he hath done to me: I will render to every one according to his work.
30我走過懶惰人的田地,經過愚昧人的葡萄園: 30I passed by the field of the slothful man, and by the vineyard of the foolish man:
31看到處是荊棘,滿地是蒺藜,石牆也倒了! 31And behold it was all filled with nettles, and thorns had covered the face thereof, and the stone wall was broken down.
32我看了,便心下自思;我見了,取得了教訓: 32Which when I had seen, I laid it up in my heart, and by the example I received instruction.
33「再睡片刻,再假寐片刻,再抱臂躺臥片刻」— 33Thou wilt sleep a little, said I, thou wilt slumber a little, thou wilt fold thy hands a little to rest:
34這樣,貧窮就要如同竊賊,困乏也要如同武士,向你侵襲。 34And poverty shall come to thee as a runner, and beggary as an armed man.




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