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瑪加伯(上) 1 Maccabees
1那時,若望的兒子,西默盎的孫子,屬於約雅黎布家的司祭瑪塔提雅起來,離開耶路撒冷,遷居摩丁。 1In those days arose Mathathias the son of John, the son of Simeon, a priest of the sons of Joarib, from Jerusalem, and he abode in the mountain of Modin.
2他有五個兒子:即若望,又名加狄; 2And he had five sons: John who was surnamed Gaddis:
3息孟,又名塔息; 3And Simon, who was surnamed Thasi:
4猶大又名瑪加伯; 4And Judas, who was called Machabeus:
5厄肋阿匝爾,又名奧郎;約納堂,又名阿弗斯。 5And Eleazar, who was surnamed Abaron: and Jonathan, who was surnamed Apphus.
6他看見在猶太和耶路撒冷發生的褻聖的事, 6These saw the evils that were done in the people of Juda, and in Jerusalem.
7便說:「可憐的我呀!難道我生在世上,是為看着我的民族淪亡,聖城被踐踏,當聖城落在敵人手中,聖殿落在外人手中時,而袖手旁觀嗎? 7And Mathathias said: Woe is me, wherefore was I born to see the ruin of my people, and the ruin of the holy city, and to dwell there, when it is given into the hands of the enemies?
8聖殿好似成了一個被輕賤的人。 8The holy places are come into the hands of strangers: her temple is become as a man without honour.
9光榮的器皿被搶掠劫奪,嬰兒在街市上被屠殺,青年喪身敵人刀下! 9The vessels of her glory are carried away captive: her old men are murdered in the streets, and her young men are fallen by the sword of the enemies.
10那一個民族沒有佔領過這國土,沒有來劫掠分贓? 10What nation hath not inherited her kingdom, and gotten of her spoils?
11城內一切點綴全被洗劫淨盡,昔日的自由城,今日為人所奴役。 11All her ornaments are taken away. She that was free is made a slave.
12我們的聖所,我們的華麗,我們的光榮,都成了一片荒涼,受外族人的污辱! 12And behold our sanctuary, and our beauty, and our glory is laid waste, and the Gentiles have defiled them.
13我們還活着作什麼?」 13To what end then should we live any longer?
14於是瑪塔提雅和他的兒子都撕破了衣裳,穿上苦衣,悲哀非常。 14And Mathathias and his sons rent their garments, and they covered themselves with haircloth, and made great lamentation.
15君王派來強迫人民背教的官吏,也來到了摩丁城,勒令人祭神。 15And they that were sent from king Antiochus came thither, to compel them that were fled into the city of Modin, to sacrifice, and to burn incense, and to depart from the law of God.
16有些以色列人附和了,但瑪塔提雅和他的兒子卻一致反抗; 16And many of the people of Israel consented, and came to them: but Mathathias and his sons stood firm.
17君王的官吏對瑪塔提雅說:「你是這城的首領,有面子又有勢力,還受兒子兄弟們的擁護。 17And they that were sent from Antiochus, answering, said to Mathathias: Thou art a ruler, and an honourable, and great man in this city, and adorned with sons, and brethren.
18如今,請你首先前來遵行王的諭令,如同各國的人、猶太居民以及留在耶路撒冷的人所作的一般;這樣,你和你的兒子就算是君王的朋友,你和你的兒子可以榮獲金銀和各種恩賜。」 18Therefore come thou first, and obey the king's commandment, as all nations have done, and the men of Juda, and they that remain in Jerusalem: and thou, and thy sons, shall be in the number of the king's friends, and enriched with gold, and silver, and many presents.
19瑪塔提雅高聲回答說:「即便所有君王國土中的人民都聽從他,背棄了自己祖先的教禮,服從王的命令, 19Then Mathathias answered, and said with a loud voice: Although all nations obey king Antiochus, so as to depart every man from the service of the law of his fathers, and consent to his commandments:
20我和我的兒子以及我的弟兄,仍然照我們祖先的盟約去行, 20I and my sons, and my brethren will obey the law of our fathers.
21決不背棄法律和教規, 21God be merciful unto us: it is not profitable for us to forsake the law, and the justices of God:
22決不聽從王的諭令,而背離我們的教規,或偏左或偏右。」 22We will not hearken to the words of king Antiochus, neither will we sacrifice, and transgress the commandments of our law, to go another way.
23他剛說完了這些話,正有一個猶太人前來,當眾在摩丁的祭壇上祭神,全照王的諭令。 23Now as he left off speaking these words, there came a certain Jew in the sight of all to sacrifice to the idols upon the altar in the city of Modin, according to the king's commandment.
24瑪塔提雅一見,熱情勃發,五內俱焚,要照法律發洩義怒,於是衝上前去,把那人殺死在祭壇上。 24And Mathathias saw and was grieved, and his reins trembled, and his wrath was kindled according to the judgment of the law, and running upon him he slew him upon the altar:
25同時也把迫令人民獻祭的王吏殺了,並把祭壇拆毀。 25Moreover the man whom king Antiochus had sent, who compelled them to sacrifice, he slew at the same time, and pulled down the altar.
26他對於法律這樣熱誠,完全像丕乃哈斯對撒路的兒子齊默黎所作的一樣。 26And shewed zeal for the law, as Phinees did by Zamri the son of Salomi.
27於是瑪塔提雅在城內高聲喊說:「凡熱心法律,擁護盟約的,請跟我來!」 27And Mathathias cried out in the city with a loud voice, saying: Every one that hath zeal for the law, and maintaineth the testament, let him follow me.
28接着,他和他的兒子,把所有的家產都留在城裏,逃到山中去了。 28So he, and his sons fled into the mountains, and left all that they had in the city.
29那時,有許多擁護正義正道的人,也都逃到曠野裏去居住, 29Then many that sought after judgment, and justice, went down into the desert:
30將子女妻室牲畜也一同帶了去,因為大難已臨頭上。 30And they abode there, they and their children, and their wives, and their cattle: because afflictions increased upon them.
31其時有人報告王吏及駐紮耶路撒冷達味城的軍隊說:「背叛諭令的那些人,都隱藏到曠野山洞裏去了。」 31And it was told to the king's men, and to the army that was in Jerusalem in the city of David, that certain men who had broken the king's commandment, were gone away into the secret places in the wilderness, and that many were gone after them.
32於是大隊人馬前去追捕,到了那裏,擺好陣勢,在安息日那天向他們宣戰, 32And forthwith they went out towards them, and made war against them on the sabbath day,
33說:「到現在為止,若你們出來遵從王命,還可以活命。」 33And they said to them: Do you still resist? come forth, and do according to the edict of king Antiochus, and you shall live.
34他們回答說:「我們不出去,也不遵從王命,褻瀆安息日!」 34And they said: We will not come forth, neither will we obey the king's edict, to profane the sabbath day.
35敵軍立即攻擊他們。 35And they made haste to give them battle.
36但他們不向敵人還擊,也不拋石,也不堵塞藏身之處, 36But they answered them not, neither did they cast a stone at them, nor stopped up the secret places,
37只說:「我們眾人情願無辜而死!有天地為我們作證:你們殺害我們,極不公平。」 37Saying: Let us all die in our innocency: and heaven and earth shall be witnesses for us, that you put us to death wrongfully.
38王軍於是在安息日那天攻擊了他們,他們和他們的婦孺牲畜都被屠殺了,人數約有一千。 38So they gave them battle on the sabbath: and they were slain with their wives, and their children, and their cattle, to the number of a thousand persons.
39瑪塔提雅和他的朋友一聽說此事,都十分悲痛。 39And Mathathias and his friends heard of it, and they mourned for them exceedingly.
40彼此商議說:「若大家都像我們的弟兄所行的一樣,為保護自己的性命和教規,不還擊外邦人,那麼,人很快就要把我們從地面上消滅了。」 40And every man said to his neighbour: If we shall all do as our brethren have done, and not fight against the heathens for our lives, and our justifications: they will now quickly root us out of the earth.
41於是在那天大家決定:「即便人在安息日來擊我們,我們也應還擊抵抗,免得我們像我們的弟兄都死在洞中。」 41And they determined in that day, saying: Whosoever shall come up against us to fight on the sabbath day, we will fight against him: and we will not all die, as our brethren that were slain in the secret places.
42當時,哈息待黨派的人也與他們會合;這些人都是以色列的勇士,甘心為法律捨生的人。 42Then was assembled to them the congregation of the Assideans, the stoutest of Israel, every one that had a good will for the law.
43還有逃難流亡的人都同他們聯合,支持他們。 43And all they that fled from the evils, joined themselves to them, and were a support to them.
44於是他們便組成軍隊,發奮攻打罪人,怒襲叛徒;其餘的人都逃往外邦人那裏,為求安全。 44And they gathered an army, and slew the sinners in their wrath, and the wicked men in their indignation: and the rest fled to the nations for safety.
45瑪塔提雅和他的朋友便到處巡行,拆毀祭壇, 45And Mathathias and his friends went round about, and they threw down the altars:
46凡在以色列境內遇見未受割損的孩子,便強迫他們割損; 46And they circumcised all the children whom they found in the confines of Israel that were uncircumcised: and they did valiantly.
47此外,還掃蕩了暴徒,在歷次戰役中都很順利。 47And they pursued after the children of pride, and the work prospered in their hands:
48如此,保障了法律,擺脫了外邦人及國王的控制,不讓惡人得勢。 48And they recovered the law out of the hands of the nations, and out of the hands of the kings: and they yielded not the horn to the sinner.
49瑪塔提雅臨死時,對他的兒子們說:「現在是傲慢暴橫得勢,也是災難和仇恨的時候。 49Now the days drew near that Mathathias should die, and he said to his sons: Now hath pride and chastisement gotten strength, and the time of destruction, and the wrath of indignation:
50孩子們!現今你們對法律應熱誠服膺,應為我們祖先的盟約捨生致命, 50Now therefore, O my sons, be ye zealous for the law, and give your lives for the covenant of your fathers.
51要懷念祖先當日所創的大業,這樣纔可獲得無上的光榮和不朽的芳名。 51And call to remembrance the works of the fathers, which they have done in their generations: and you shall receive great glory, and an everlasting name.
52亞巴郎不是在受試探中顯示了忠信,纔算他有義德嗎? 52Was not Abraham found faithful in temptation, and it was reputed to him unto justice?
53若瑟在患難中遵守了誡命,然後纔作了埃及的主人。 53Joseph in the time of his distress kept the commandment, and he was made lord of Egypt.
54我們的祖先丕乃哈斯因為熱誠,纔獲永為司祭的盟約。 54Phinees our father, by being fervent in the zeal of God, received the covenant of an everlasting priesthood.
55若蘇厄因滿全了天主的命,纔作了以色列的民長。 55Jesus, whilst he fulfilled the word, was made ruler in Israel.
56加肋布因在會眾前作證,纔在此地獲得了產業。 56Caleb, for bearing witness before the congregation, received an inheritance.
57達味因慈悲為懷,纔承受了永世的王位。 57David by his mercy obtained the throne of an everlasting kingdom.
58厄里亞因熱愛法律,纔被接升天。 58Elias, while he was full of zeal for the law, was taken up into heaven.
59哈納尼雅、阿匝黎雅、米沙耳因着信賴,纔得拯救,免受火燒。 59Ananias and Azarias and Misael by believing, were delivered out of the flame.
60達尼爾因心中純潔,纔蒙拯救,免於獅子的口。 60Daniel in his innocency was delivered out of the mouth of the lions.
61你們要世世代代這樣存想:凡是仰望他的,決一無所缺。 61And thus consider through all generations: that none that trust in him fail in strength.
62不要怕惡人的議論,因為他們的光榮要變成糞土蛆蟲, 62And fear not the words of a sinful man, for his glory is dung, and worms:
63今日飛黃騰達,明日即為黃花;人一歸於灰土,他的計謀也雲消霧散。 63Today he is lifted up, and tomorrow he shall not be found, because he is returned into his earth; and his thought is come to nothing.
64孩子們!你們要剛強不屈,遵守法律,法律必使你們蒙受光榮。 64You therefore, my sons, take courage, and behave manfully in the law: for by it you shall be glorious.
65你們的兄弟息孟,我曉得他是具有超見的人,你們該常聽從他,他該接你們父親之位。 65And behold, I know that your brother Simon is a man of counsel: give ear to him always, and he shall be a father to you.
66猶大瑪加伯自幼奮勇,他該是你們的將領,作戰攻打異族。 66And Judas Machabeus who is valiant and strong from his youth up, let him be the leader of your army, and he shall manage the war of the people.
67你們應召集所有遵行法律的人來跟隨你們,為百姓復仇雪恨。 67And you shall take to you all that observe the law: and revenge ye the wrong of your people.
68應反抗異族,應堅守法律的規條。」 68Render to the Gentiles their reward, and take heed to the precepts of the law.
69他祝福了他們以後,就歸到他親族那裏去了。 69And he blessed them, and was joined to his fathers.
70死於一四六年,他的兒子們把他葬在摩丁的祖塋裏,全以色列為他舉喪誌哀。 70And he died in the hundred and forty-sixth year: and he was buried by his sons in the sepulchres of his fathers in Modin, and all Israel mourned for him with great mourning.




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