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瑪加伯(上) 1 Maccabees
1一百七十二年,德默特琉王調集軍隊,開往瑪待,以求獲得兵源,好與特黎豐決戰。 1In the year one hundred and seventy-two, king Demetrius assembled his army, and went into Media to get him succours to fight against Tryphon.
2波斯和瑪待王阿爾撒革聽說德默特琉已侵入他的邊境,就派遣自己一員大將去活捉他。 2And Arsaces the king of Persia and Media heard that Demetrius was entered within his borders, and he sent one of his princes to take him alive, and bring him to him.
3這位大將前往,擊敗了德默特琉的軍隊,將他捉住,解到阿爾撒革王前,阿爾撒革將他囚在監裏。 3And he went and defeated the army of Demetrius: and took him, and brought him to Arsaces, and he put him into custody.
4息孟執政期間,猶太國泰民安,他只謀求自己民族的福利,因此對他的統治,人民心悅誠服,他榮耀一生常存。 4And all the land of Juda was at rest all the days of Simon, and he sought the good of his nation: and his power, and his glory pleased them well all his days.
5除此榮耀外,又佔據了約培,建為海港,闢作通往海島的口岸; 5And with all his glory he took Joppe for a haven, and made an entrance to the isles of the sea.
6他開拓了本國的疆域,全國都在他權下。 6And he enlarged the bounds of his nation, and made himself master of the country.
7他安置了大批戰俘,征服了革則爾、貝特族爾和耶路撒冷的堡壘;除去城中的不潔,沒有人能敵抗他。 7And he gathered together a great number of captives, and had the dominion of Gazara, and of Bethsura, and of the castle: and took away all uncleanness out of it and there was none that resisted him.
8人都平安耕種田地,土地按時出產,平原上的樹木依時結果。 8And every man tilled his land with peace: and the land of Juda yielded her increase, and the trees of the fields their fruit.
9老者閒坐街頭,眾人談論公益,少年身盛服和軍裝。 9The ancient men sat all in the streets, and treated together of the good things of the land, and the young men put on them glory, and the robes of war.
10他為各城儲存食糧,用防禦工事鞏固城池;因此,他的名聲傳遍了天涯地角。 10And he provided victuals for the cities, and he appointed that they should be furnished with ammunition, so that the fame of his glory was renowned even to the end of the earth.
11他使本國得享平安,以色列人皆大喜歡。 11He made peace in the land, and Israel rejoiced with great joy.
12每人安坐在自己的葡萄樹及無花果樹下,無人前來驚嚇。 12And every man sat under his vine, and under his fig tree: and there was none to make them afraid.
13那時,國內敵人已經絕跡,列王已被擊退。 13There was none left in the land to fight against them: kings were discomfited in those days.
14凡國內低下小民,他都予以扶持;他尋求法律,而剷除一切惡徒敗類; 14And he strengthened all those of his people that were brought low, and he sought the law, and took away every unjust and wicked man.
15他盡量使聖殿壯觀,增添聖所裏的器皿。 15He glorified the sanctuary, and multiplied the vessels of the holy places.
16羅馬人及斯巴達人聽說約納堂死了,都很哀傷。 16And it was heard at Rome, and as far as Sparta, that Jonathan was dead: and they were very sorry.
17他們一聽說他哥哥息孟繼任作大司祭,掌管國家及各城邑, 17But when they heard that Simon his brother was made high priest in his place, and was possessed of all the country, and the cities therein:
18便用銅版給他寫信,重新與他締結友好盟約,就如從前與他弟弟猶大和約納堂所締結的盟約一樣。 18They wrote to him in tables of brass, to renew the friendship and alliance which they had made with Judas, and with Jonathan his brethren.
19這信就在耶路撒冷會眾面前宣讀了。 19And they were read before the assembly in Jerusalem. And this is the copy of the letters that the Spartans sent.
20斯巴達人送來的信,抄錄如下:「斯巴達人的首領及城邑,祝大司祭息孟,各位長老,司祭及其餘猶太人民兄弟們安好! 20The princes and the cities of the Spartans to Simon the high priest, and to the ancients, and the priests, and the rest of the people of the Jews their brethren, greeting.
21你們派到我國來的使者,將你們的光榮與尊威,一一告訴了我們;我們對他們的光臨,都很喜歡。 21The ambassadors that were sent to our people, have told us of your glory, and honour, and joy: and we rejoice at their coming.
22他們所說的話,我們也都這樣記在國會大事錄上:『猶太人的使者,安提約古的兒子奴默尼,與雅松的兒子安提帕特,來到我們這裏,為與我們重訂友好盟約, 22And we registered what was said by them in the councils of the people in this manner: Numenius the son of Antiochus, and Antipater the son of Jason, ambassadors of the Jews, came to us to renew the former friendship with us.
23百姓對他們曾予以隆重熱烈的歡迎,且將他們的話,記載在國會檔案內,為給斯巴達人留作紀念。』我們也將這文件的副本,給大司祭息孟呈寫一份。」 23And it pleased the people to receive the men honourably, and to put a copy of their words in the public records, to be a memorial to the people of the Spartans. And we have written a copy of them to Simon the high priest.
24此後,息孟又派遣奴默尼赴羅馬,他帶有大金盾一座,價值約一千「米乃」,以便與他們訂立同盟。 24And after this Simon sent Numenius to Rome, with a great shield of gold the weight of a thousand pounds, to confirm the league with them. And when the people of Rome had heard
25民眾一聽到這些事,就說:「我們要怎樣感謝息孟和他的兒子們呢? 25These words, they said: What thanks shall we give to Simon, and his sons?
26因為他與他的兄弟們以及他父親的全家,都表現了英勇的行為,打敗了以色列的仇敵,給以色列奠定了自由。」於是他們將這些史蹟刻於銅版,嵌在熙雍山的石柱上。 26For he hath restored his brethren, and hath driven away in fight the enemies of Israel from them: and they decreed him liberty, and registered it in tables of brass, and set it upon pillars in mount Sion.
27其原文如下:「一百七十二年,「厄路耳」月十八日,大司祭息孟三年,在阿撒辣默耳, 27And this is a copy of the writing: The eighteenth day of the month Elul, in the year one hundred and seventy-two, being the third year under Simon the high priest at Asaramel,
28有人在司祭、百姓、民眾的首領及全國長老盛大集會時,通告我們說: 28In a great assembly of the priests, and of the people, and the princes of the nation, and the ancients of the country, these things were notified: Forasmuch as there have often been wars in our country,
29當國內在不斷戰爭中,約阿黎布的後裔,瑪塔提雅的兒子息孟,和他的兄弟們,為了支持並維護聖所和法律,冒着性命的危險,抵抗了民族的仇敵,使自己的民族獲得了莫大的光榮。 29And Simon the son of Mathathias of the children of Jarib, and his brethren have put themselves in danger, and have resisted the enemies of their nation, for the maintenance of their holy places, and the law: and have raised their nation to great glory.
30在約納堂統一自己的國家,作了他們的大司祭,歸到他親族那裏之後, 30And Jonathan gathered together his nation, and was made their high priest, and he was laid to his people.
31猶太人的敵人,便企圖進佔他們的國境,伸手侵犯聖所; 31And their enemies desired to tread down and destroy their country, and to stretch forth their hands against their holy places.
32那時息孟起來,為自己的民族而戰,花盡了自己的許多錢財,裝備了自己人民中的勇士,發給他們糧餉。 32Then Simon resisted and fought for his nation, and laid out much of his money, and armed the valiant men of his nation, and gave them wages:
33他曾在猶太各城邑,並在猶太邊境上貝特族爾設防;敵人從前曾在那裏貯藏過武器,所以他便在那裏派了猶太人把守。 33And he fortified the cities of Judea, and Bethsura that lieth in the borders of Judea, where the armour of the enemies was before: and he placed there a garrison of Jews.
34他又鞏固了靠海的約培,和位於阿左托邊界的革則爾;敵人從前曾盤踞在那裏,所以他就派猶太人居住在那裏,凡他們所需要的一切,他都給他們準備了。 34And he fortified Joppe which lieth by the sea: and Gazara, which bordereth upon Azotus, wherein the enemies dwelt before, and he placed Jews here: and furnished them with all things convenient for their reparation.
35民眾見到息孟的忠誠,及為自己民族所獲得的光榮,便擁護他作自己的領袖和大司祭,因為他行了這一切事,因為他對自己的民族,持守正義與忠誠;因為他想盡一切方法,高舉自己的百姓。 35And the people seeing the acts of Simon, and to what glory he meant to bring his nation, made him their prince, and high priest, because he had done all these things, and for the justice, and faith, which he kept to his nation, and for that he sought by all means to advance his people.
36他在世時,凡他所行的無不順利;他將異民從國內趕走,又趕走在耶路撒冷達味城內為自己建造堡壘的人,因為他們時常從堡壘裏出來,污辱聖所的四周,侵犯聖所的聖潔。 36And in his days things prospered in his hands, so that the heathens were taken away out of their country, and they also that were in the city of David in Jerusalem in the castle, out of which they issued forth, and profaned all places round about the sanctuary, and did much evil to its purity.
37他派猶太士兵在堡壘裏駐守,為了國家與城邑的安全,還鞏固了這座堡壘,更加高耶路撒冷的城垣。 37And he placed therein Jews for the defence of the country, and of the city, and he raised up the walls of Jerusalem.
38為此,德默特琉王也委任他為大司祭, 38And king Demetrius confirmed him in the high priesthood.
39將他列為自己朋友之一,加給他很大的光榮; 39According to these things he made him his friend, and glorified him with great glory.
40因為君王曾聽說:羅馬人稱猶太人為朋友,為同盟,為兄弟;又聽說他們曾熱烈地歡迎息孟的使者。 40For he had heard that the Romans had called the Jews their friends, and confederates, and brethren, and that they had received Simon's ambassadors with honour:
41猶太人和司祭們,都喜歡息孟常作他們的領袖和大司祭,直到一位忠誠的先知興起為止。 41And that the Jews, and their priests, had consented that he should be their prince, and high priest for ever, till there should arise a faithful prophet:
42也喜歡息孟作他們的統帥,要他管理聖所,要他委派人員執行政務,管理疆域、軍械與堡壘; 42And that he should be chief over them, and that he should have the charge of the sanctuary, and that he should appoint rulers over their works, and over the country, and over the armour, and over the strong holds.
43喜歡他管理聖所,所有的人都聽從他,都以他的名義,書寫國內一切公文,並且使他穿上紫袍,戴上金飾。 43And that he should have care of the holy places: and that he should be obeyed by all, and that all the writings in the country should be made in his name: and that he should be clothed with purple, and gold:
44無論是平民或司祭,不得廢除上述任何一項。他出的命令不得反對。沒有他的許可,不得擅自在國內召集會議;不得身穿紫袍,頭戴金冠。 44And that it should not be lawful for any of the people, or of the priests, to disannul any of these things, or to gainsay his words, or to call together an assembly in the country without him: or to be clothed with purple, or to wear a buckle of gold:
45若有人反對此事,或違犯其中任何一項,便是罪犯。 45And whosoever shall do otherwise, or shall make void any of these things shall be punished.
46全民眾都贊成給予息孟按這些話實行的權柄。 46And it pleased all the people to establish Simon, and to do according to these words.
47息孟接受了,也樂意作大司祭,作猶太人及眾司祭的統帥和元首,主理一切事務。」 47And Simon accepted thereof, and was well pleased to execute the office of the high priesthood, and to be captain, and prince of the nation of the Jews, and of the priests, and to be chief over all.
48遂命人將這篇文字,刻於銅版,嵌在聖所牆壁的顯明處, 48And they commanded that this writing should be put in tables of brass, and that they should be set up within the compass of the sanctuary, in a conspicuous place:
49並將副本放在銀庫裏,由息孟及其子孫保管。 49And that a copy thereof should be put in the treasury, that Simon and his sons may have it.




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