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瑪加伯(上) 1 Maccabees
1息孟聽說特黎豐集合大軍,要來掃蕩猶太地, 1Now Simon heard that Tryphon was gathering together a very great army, to invade the land of Juda, and to destroy it.
2又見百姓戰兢害怕,就上了耶路撒冷,召集民眾, 2And seeing that the people was in dread, and in fear, he went up to Jerusalem, and assembled the people:
3勸勉他們說:「你們都知道,我與我的兄弟及我父全家,為法律,為聖所所作的事,所經的戰爭和艱難。 3And exhorted them, saying: You know what great battles I and my brethren, and the house of my father, have fought for the laws, and the sanctuary, and the distresses that we have seen:
4為這個緣故,我所有的兄弟,都為以色列而殉難,只剩下我一人。 4By reason whereof all my brethren have lost their lives for Israel's sake, and I am left alone.
5現在,在整個災難期中,我決不顧惜我的生命,雖然我並不比我的兄弟們強, 5And now far be it from me to spare my life in any time of trouble: for I am not better than my brethren.
6但是我要為我的民族,為聖所,並為你們的妻子兒女報仇,因為一切的異民,都為了仇恨我們,而聚集起來,要消滅我們。」 6I will avenge then my nation and the sanctuary, and our children, and wives: for all the heathens are gathered together to destroy us out of mere malice.
7民眾聽了這些話,精神都振作起來, 7And the spirit of the people was enkindled as soon as they heard these words.
8大聲回答說:「你要代替你的兄弟猶大和約納堂,作我們的領袖, 8And they answered with a loud voice, saying: Thou art our leader in the place of Judas, and Jonathan thy brother.
9為我們作戰。凡你吩咐的,我們都要照辦。」 9Fight thou our battles, and we will do whatsoever thou shalt say to us.
10息孟於是召集眾戰士,又催促人們趕快完成耶路撒冷的城牆,並在四周設防。 10So gathering together all the men of war, he made haste to finish all the walls of Jerusalem, and he fortified it round about.
11他又打發阿貝沙隆的兒子約納堂,帶着足夠的軍隊,到約培去,將城中的人趕走,然後駐紮在那裏。 11And he sent Jonathan the son of Absalom, and with him a new army into Joppe, and he cast out them that were in it, and himself remained there.
12特黎豐離開仆托肋買,帶着大軍,要侵入猶太地,且押着約納堂與他同去。 12And Tryphon removed from Ptolemais with a great army, to invade the land of Juda, and Jonathan was with him in custody.
13那時,息孟在平原對面的哈狄得紮營。 13But Simon pitched in Addus, over against the plain.
14特黎豐知道息孟起來,承繼了他弟弟約納堂的職位,準備與自己決戰,就打發使者到他那裏說: 14And when Tryphon understood that Simon was risen up in the place of his brother Jonathan, and that he meant to join battle with him, he sent messengers to him,
15「我們逮捕了你弟弟約納堂,是因為他在所盡職務上,欠了國王的銀子。 15Saying: We have detained thy brother Jonathan for the money that he owed in the king's account, by reason of the affairs which he had the management of.
16現在你若送來一百『塔冷通』銀子,並將他的兩個孩子送來作質,我們就釋放他,免得他被釋放後,再背叛我們。」 16But now send a hundred talents of silver, and his two sons for hostages, that when he is set at liberty he may not revolt from us, and we will release him.
17息孟明知使者們對他說的,都是欺詐的話,但仍派人去取銀錢,並將孩子帶來,免得惹起民眾的怨恨, 17Now Simon knew that he spoke deceitfully to him, nevertheless he ordered the money, and the children to be sent: lest he should bring upon himself a great hatred of the people of Israel, who might have said:
18說:「約納堂死了,是因為息孟沒有將銀錢和孩子送去。」 18Because he sent not the money, and the children, therefore is he lost.
19所以他便將孩子和一百『塔冷通』銀子送去;可是,特黎豐這騙子,並沒有釋放約納堂。 19So he sent the children, and the hundred talents: and he lied, and did not let Jonathan go.
20此後,特黎豐仍要進侵猶太疆域,加以掃蕩,便在通往阿多辣去的路上,繞道而行;但是,不論往裏去,息孟和他的軍隊總是追跡而至。 20And after this Tryphon entered within the country, to destroy it: and they went about by the way that leadeth to Ador: and Simon and his army marched to every place whithersoever they went.
21那時,堡壘裏的人打發使者到特黎豐那裏,催他趕快經過曠野,來到他們那裏,並將食糧給他們送來。 21And they that were in the castle, sent messengers to Tryphon, that he should make haste to come through the desert, and send them victuals.
22特黎豐就準備了他的全部馬隊前往。但是那一夜,大雪紛飛,因此不能前進,遂起程往基肋阿得去了。 22And Tryphon made ready all his horsemen to come that night: but there fell a very great snow, and he came not into the country of Galaad.
23當他臨近巴斯加瑪時,將約納堂殺死,就埋葬在那裏。 23And when he approached to Bascama, he slew Jonathan and his sons there.
24特黎豐就回國去了。 24And Tryphon returned, and went into his own country.
25息孟遣人去運回他兄弟的骨骸,將他埋葬在他祖先的摩丁城裏。 25And Simon sent, and took the bones of Jonathan his brother, and buried them in Modin, in the city of his fathers.
26全以色列都舉哀痛弔他,哀哭多日。 26And all Israel bewailed him with great lamentation: and they mourned for him many days.
27之後,息孟在他父親與他兄弟們的墳墓上,用前後光澤的石頭,修了一座相當高大的紀念碑,從遠處可以望見。 27And Simon built over the sepulchre of his father and of his brethren, a building lofty to the sight, of polished stone behind and before:
28他為父母和四個兄弟,還立了七座金字塔,彼此相對; 28And he set up seven pyramids one against another for his father and his mother, and his four brethren:
29且為塔作了一些裝飾品,就是在四周,立了一些大石柱,石柱上刻了武器,作為永久的記念;又在武器旁,彫刻了船像,使航海的人都可以看到。 29And round about these he set great pillars: and upon the pillars arms for a perpetual memory: and by the arms ships carved, which might be seen by all that sailed on the sea.
30息孟在摩丁修建的這座墳墓,至今猶存。 30This is the sepulchre that he made in Modin even unto this day.
31特黎豐用詭計對待幼王安提約古,終於將幼王殺害, 31But Tryphon when he was upon a journey with the young king Antiochus, treacherously slew him.
32篡了王位,戴上亞細亞的王冠,使當地遭受到大害。 32And he reigned in his place, and put on the crown of Asia: and brought great evils upon the land.
33息孟修建猶太各處的堡壘,全用高樓巨墻圍起,安上門和閂,又在堡壘內儲藏了糧食。 33And Simon built up the strong holds of Judea, fortifying them with high towers, and great walls, and gates, and bars: and he stored up victuals in the fortresses.
34息孟然後選派幾個人,去見德默特琉王,要求他豁免本地賦稅,因為特黎豐的一切所為,無異劫掠。 34And Simon chose men and sent to king Demetrius, to the end that he should grant an immunity to the land: for all that Tryphon did was to spoil.
35德默特琉王便按照他的要求,給他寫了下面的信,答覆他說: 35And king Demetrius in answer to this request, wrote a letter in this manner:
36「德默特琉王祝列王的朋友──息孟大司祭,長老及猶太民族安好! 36King Demetrius to Simon the high priest, and friend of kings, and to the ancients, and to the nation of the Jews, greeting.
37你們送的金冠和金棕櫚枝我們已經收到。我們業已準備好,要同你們盡力和好,要以書面通知官吏,豁免你們的賦稅。 37The golden crown, and the palm, which you sent, we have received: and we are ready to make a firm peace with you, and to write to the king's chief officers to release you the things that we have released.
38凡從前給你們規定的,仍為有效;你們修建的堡壘,仍歸你們所有。 38For all that we have decreed in your favour, shall stand in force. The strong holds that you have built, shall be your own.
39截至今日止,你們無知的錯誤與罪過,我們都一律赦免,也豁免你們所應繳納的王冠金;假如在耶路撒冷還有其他的雜稅,也一概不再徵收。 39And as for any oversight or fault committed unto this day, we forgive it, and the crown which you owed: and if any other thing were taxed in Jerusalem, now let it not be taxed.
40如果你們中間,有適於作我們侍衛的人,都可錄用;希望我們之間,常有和平。」 40And if any of you be fit to be enrolled among ours, let them be enrolled, and let there be peace between us.
41一百七十年,異民的重軛,由以色列人身上解除了。 41In the year one hundred and seventy the yoke of the Gentiles was taken off from Israel.
42民眾於是在文書及契約上,開始寫:猶太人的大司祭、大元帥、領袖息孟元年。 42And the people of Israel began to write in the instruments, and public records, The first year under Simon the high priest, the great captain and prince of the Jews.
43那時,息孟安營攻打革則爾,派軍隊將城包圍,也造了戰樓,豎在城前,攻破了一座碉堡,而將城佔領。 43In those days Simon besieged Gaza, and camped round about it, and he made engines, and set them to the city, and he struck one tower, and took it.
44戰樓裏的士兵,於是躍入城中,城中一時大亂。 44And they that were within the engine leaped into the city: and there was a great uproar in the city.
45城裏的居民,撕破了衣服,帶着妻子兒上了城,大聲呼喊,祈求息孟同他們講和, 45And they that were in the city went up with their wives and children upon the wall, with their garments rent, and they cried with a loud voice, beseeching Simon to grant them peace.
46說:「請不要照我們的惡行,對待我們,而照你的仁慈,對待我們罷!」 46And they said: Deal not with us according to our evil deeds, but according to thy mercy.
47息孟便與他們講和,停止攻擊,只把他們從城裏趕走,將有偶像的房屋,都洗滌潔淨;以後,唱着讚美詩與祝謝詞進了城。 47And Simon being moved, did not destroy them: but yet he cast them out of the city, and cleansed the houses wherein there had been idols, and then he entered into it with hymns, blessing the Lord.
48先清除城內一切不潔之物,然後使一些守法的人住在裏面,並加強防禦工事,也在裏面為自己修了一座房屋。 48And having cast out of it all uncleanness, he placed in it men that should observe the law: and he fortified it, and made it his habitation.
49耶路撒冷堡壘裏的人,因不能在那地區出入買賣,非常飢餓,甚至有很多人餓死了。 49But they that were in the castle of Jerusalem were hindered from going out and coming into the country, and from buying and selling: and they were straitened with hunger, and many of them perished through famine.
50他們於是呼求息孟講和,息孟就同他們講和;將他們由堡壘趕出,掃除了穢物,清潔了堡壘。 50And they cried to Simon for peace, and he granted it to them: and he cast them out from thence, and cleansed the castle from uncleannesses.
51一百七十一年二月二十三日,猶太人興高采烈地,拿着棕櫚枝,彈着琴瑟,敲着鐃鈸,拉着提琴,唱着詩歌,進入堡壘,因為大仇敵已從以色列肅清。 51And they entered into it the three and twentieth day of the second month, in the year one hundred and seventy-one, with thanksgiving, and branches of palm trees, and harps, and cymbals, and psalteries, and hymns, and canticles, because the great enemy was destroyed out of Israel.
52息孟規定每年要歡樂地慶祝這一天。他又加強靠近堡壘的聖殿山,便與部下住在那裏。 52And he ordained that these days should be kept every year with gladness.
53息孟見自己的兒子若望已經成人,於是派他作全軍統帥,叫他駐紮在革則爾。 53And he fortified the mountain of the temple that was near the castle, and he dwelt there himself, and they that were with him.
54 54And Simon saw that John his son was a valiant man for war: and he made him captain of all the forces: and he dwelt in Gazara.




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