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1雅歌,撒罗满作。1Let him kiss me with the kiss of his mouth: for thy breasts are better than wine,
2愿君以热吻与我接吻!因为你的爱抚甜于美酒。2Smelling sweet of the best ointments. Thy name is as oil poured out: therefore young maidens have loved thee.
3你的香气芬芳怡人,你的令名香液四射,为此少女都爱慕你。3Draw me: we will run after thee to the odour of thy ointments. The king hath brought me into his storerooms: we will be glad and rejoice in thee, remembering thy breasts more than wine: the righteous love thee.
4愿你拉着我随你奔跑!君王,愿你引我进你的内室;我们都要因你欢乐踊跃,赞叹你那甜于酒的爱抚;怪不得众少女都爱慕你!4I am black but beautiful, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Cedar, as the curtains of Solomon.
5耶路撒冷女郎!我虽黑,却秀丽,有如刻达尔的帐棚,又似撒耳玛的营幕。5Do not consider me that I am brown, because the sun hath altered my colour: the sons of my mother have fought against me, they have made me the keeper in the vineyards: my vineyard I have not kept.
6你们不要怪我黑,是太阳晒黑了我。我母亲的儿子向我发怒,派我去看守葡萄园;而我自己的葡萄园,我却没有去看守。6shew me, O thou whom my soul loveth, where thou feedest, where thou liest in the midday, lest I begin to wander after the flocks of thy companions.
7我心爱的!请告诉我:你在那儿放羊?中午又在那儿卧羊?别令我在你伴侣的羊群间,独自徘徊!7If thou know not thyself, O fairest among women, go forth, and follow after the steps of the flocks, and feed thy kids beside the tents of the shepherds.
8女中的佳丽!你若不知道,出去跟踪羊群的足迹,靠近牧人的帐棚,牧放你的小羊。8To my company of horsemen, in Pharao's chariots, have I likened thee, O my love.
9我的爱卿!我看你好似牝马,套在法郎的御车上。9Thy cheeks are beautiful as the turtledove's, thy neck as jewels.
10你的双颊配以耳环,你的颈项绕以珠链,何其美丽!10We will make thee chains of gold, inlaid with silver.
11我们要为你制造金链,嵌上银珠。11While the king was at his repose, my spikenard sent forth the odour thereof.
12君王正在坐席的时候,我的香膏已放出清香。12A bundle of myrrh is my beloved to me, he shall abide between my breasts.
13我的爱人有如没药囊,常系在我的胸前;13A cluster of cypress my love is to me, in the vineyards of Engaddi.
14我的爱人有如凤仙花,生在恩革狄葡萄园中。14Behold thou art fair, O my love, behold thou art fair, thy eyes are as those of doves.
15我的爱卿,你多么美丽,多么美丽!你的双眼有如鸽眼。15Behold thou art fair, my beloved, and comely. Our bed is flourishing.
16我的爱人,你多么英俊,多么可爱!我们的床榻,是青绿的草地。16The beams of our houses are of cedar, our rafters of cypress trees.
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