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德训篇 Sirach
1谴责胜于发怒;凡承认过错的,必能保全自己不受损害。1How much better is it to reprove, than to be angry, and not to hinder him that confesseth in prayer.
2阉人想奸污处女,2The lust of an eunuch shall devour a young maiden:
3就如用暴力施行不公平的审判。3So is he that by violence executeth unjust judgment.
4受责而表示悔改,是多么美好!若能如此,你便可以躲避故意的罪。4How good is it, when thou art reproved, to shew repentance! for so thou shalt escape wilful sin.
5有的人缄口不言,而被认为是智慧人;有的人因为多言,而为人所憎恶。5There is one that holdeth his peace, that is found wise: and there is another that is hateful, that is bold in speech.
6有的人不出声,是因为他不知所答;有的人不出声,是因为他知道何时该说话。6There is one that holdeth his peace, because he knoweth not what to say: and there is another that holdeth his peace, knowing the proper time.
7明智人缄口不言,直等相宜的时候;自夸和愚昧的人,却不看时机。7A wise man will hold his peace till he see opportunity: but a babbler, and a fool, will regard no time.
8多言的人,必招人厌恶;专权的人,必被人恼恨。8He that useth many words shall hurt his own soul: and he that taketh authority to himself unjustly shall be hated.
9有的人在患难中,得到成功;有的人在顺境中,反而失败。9There is success in evil things to a man without discipline, and there is a finding that turneth to loss.
10有的餽赠,为你没有益处;有的餽赠,却获得双倍的酬报。10There is a gift that is not profitable: and there is a gift, the recompense of which is double.
11有的屈辱来自尊荣,但也有人从卑微中抬起了头。11There is an abasement because of glory: and there is one that shall lift up his head from a low estate.
12有的人用低价大批收买,然而却因此赔了七倍。12There is that buyeth much for a small price, and restoreth the same sevenfold.
13明智人说话,叫人喜爱;愚昧的人温和,却是白费。13A man wise in words shall make himself beloved: but the graces of fools shall be poured out.
14愚昧人的礼物,为你没有益处,因为他不是睁著一只眼,而是睁著七只眼。14The gift of the fool shall do thee no good: for his eyes are sevenfold.
15他给的少,而责难的却多;他张开口,就如一个传令员。15He will give a few things, and upbraid much: and the opening of his mouth is the kindling of a fire.
16今日借钱,明日就要还。像这样的人,实在可恨。16Today a man lendeth, and tomorrow he asketh it again: such a man as this is hateful.
17愚人说:「我没有朋友;我做好事,也得不到感谢。」17A fool shall have no friend, and there shall be no thanks for his good deeds.
18吃他饭的人,口舌欺人。多少次,多少人要讥笑他呢?18For they that eat his bread, are of a false tongue. How often, and how many will laugh him to scorn!
19愚昧人对自己拥有的东西,还不正经使用,对不是他所有的东西,就更漠不关心了。19For he doth not distribute with right understanding that which was to be had: in like manner also that which was not to be had.
20跌倒地下,比失言更好;恶人的崩溃,常是忽然而来的。20The slipping of a false tongue is as one that falleth on the pavement: so the fall of the wicked shall come speedily.
21无礼的人,好像无知的人口中,不断重述的一个乏味的故事。21A man without grace is as a vain fable, it shall be continually in the mouth of the unwise.
22出自愚人口中的比喻,不受欢迎,因为他说的不合时机。22A parable coming out, of a fool's mouth shall be rejected: for he doth not speak it in due season.
23有人因贫乏不能犯罪,所以在安静中,不感到良心的剌激。23There is that is hindered from sinning through want, and in his rest he shall be pricked.
24有人因害羞而损害自己,因愚昧的顾虑而牺牲自己,因顾及情面而使自己丧亡。24There is that will destroy his own soul through shamefacedness, and by occasion of an unwise person he will destroy it: and by respect of person he will destroy himself.
25有人因害羞而对朋友应许过甚,无故使他成了仇人。25There is that for bashfulness promiseth to his friend, and maketh him his enemy for nothing.
26谎言为人是一种可恶的污点,然而常在无知人的口里。26A lie is a foul blot in a man, and yet it will be continually in the mouth of men without discipline.
27盗贼也比一个常说谎的人好,但是这两等人将承受的,都是灭亡。27A thief is better than a man that is always lying: but both of them shall inherit destruction.
28说谎人的品行,是不光彩的,耻辱常在他们身上。28The manners of lying men are without honour: and their confusion is with them without ceasing.
29智慧人在言谈上,必增高自己的身价;明智人,会使伟人喜悦。29A wise man shall advance himself with his words, and a prudent man shall please the great ones.
30耕种田地的,必使自己的收获堆积如山;行正义的,必被举扬;使伟人喜悦的,过错必蒙宽恕。30He that tilleth his land shall make a high heap of corn: and he that worketh justice shall be exalted: and he that pleaseth great men shall escape iniquity.
31赠品与礼物昏迷明智人的眼目,就如口罩阻止责斥。31Presents and gifts blind the eyes of judges, and make them dumb in the mouth, so that they cannot correct.
32隐藏的智慧和埋藏的宝贝,二者究竟有什么用?32Wisdom that is hid, and treasure that is not seen: what profit is there in them both?
33隐瞒自己糊涂的人,比隐瞒自己智慧的人还好。33Better is he that hideth his folly, than the man that hideth his wisdom.
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