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德训篇 Sirach
1若子女不敬畏上主,虽然众多,你也不要因此而喜欢。1Rejoice not in ungodly children, if they be multiplied: neither be delighted in them, if the fear of God be not with them.
2不要依赖他们的生命,也不要依靠他们的后裔;2Trust not to their life, and respect not their labours.
3因为,有一个敬畏天主的儿子,胜过一千个不虔敬的儿女。3For better is one that feareth God, than a thousand ungodly children.
4没有儿子而死,比留下不虔敬的儿子更好。4And it is better to die without children, than to leave ungodly children.
5因为一位智慧人,就能使一城人烟稠密,而罪人的家族,却可使城池荒凉。5By one that is wise a country shall be inhabited, the tribe of the ungodly shall become desolate.
6我亲眼见许多这样的事,我亲耳听到的比此更多。6Many such things hath my eyes seen, and greater things than these my ear hath heard.
7烈火在罪人的集会中燃烧,义怒向背信的民族怒吼。7In the congregation of sinners a fire shall be kindled, and in an unbelieving nation wrath shall dame out.
8对那些倚仗己力而背叛的古代巨人,上主没有息怒;8The ancient giants did not obtain pardon for their sins, who were destroyed trusting to their own strength:
9与罗特同城的人,天主也没有宽恕,因为他们的骄傲招了天主的厌恶。9And he spared not the place where Lot sojourned, but abhorred them for the pride of their word.
10他没有怜悯丧亡的子民,即那些因罪恶,而自高自大的人;10He had not pity on them, destroying the whole nation that extolled themselves in their sins.
11也同样对待了六十万步兵,即那些因心硬,而齐集反抗的人。如果有一个倔强的人而未受罚,才是奇事。11So did he with the six hundred thousand footmen, who were gathered together in the hardness of their heart: and if one had been stiffnecked, it is a wonder if he had escaped unpunished:
12因为,怜悯和义怒全属于上主;他大施宽恕,但也倾注义怒。12For mercy and wrath are with him. He is mighty to forgive, and to pour out indignation:
13他的仁慈大,他的惩罚也同样大;他依照每人的行为审判人。13According as his mercy is, so his correction judgeth a man according to his works.
14罪犯及其赃物,逃遁不了;虔敬人的忍耐,不会落空。14The sinner shall not escape in his rapines, and the patience of him that sheweth mercy shall not be put off.
15凡施舍行善的人,必会获得赏报;各人按自己的行为,及其旅行时所有的明智,必会得到酬报。上主曾硬了法郎的心,致令他不认识上主,和他在天下显示的工程。万物都见到了他的仁慈,他赐给了人光明和黑暗。15All mercy shall make a place for every man according to the merit of his works, and according to the wisdom of his sojournment.
16不要说:「我能逃避上主,在至高处,还有谁会想到我?16Say not: I shall be hidden from God. and who shall remember me from on high?
17在广大的人民中,必然无人认识我;我的性命,在这无量的造物中,又算得什么?」17In such a multitude I shall not be known: for what is my soul in such an immense creation?
18请看天,天外天,深渊,大地和地上的一切所有,当他视察时,都要动摇;18Behold the heaven, and the heavens of heavens, the deep, and all the earth, and the things that are in them, shall be moved in his sight,
19山岳和大地的基础,天主一观看,都要颤栗摇撼。19The mountains also, and the hills, and the foundations of the earth: when God shall look upon them, they shall be shaken with trembling.
20对于这些事,人心怎么还不领悟?对众人的心,天主是洞悉的。20And in all these things the heart is senseless: and every heart is understood by him:
21谁能洞察他的道路?正如风暴,人难预见。21And his ways who shall understand, and the storm, which no eye of man see?
22同样,天主的许多作为,也是隐而不见的。「谁能传述他正义的作为?谁能等待那事?因为,他的盟约离一些人尚远。」到末日他才审问众人。22For many of his works are hidden: hut the works of his justice who shall declare? or who shall endure? for the testament is far from some, and the examination of all is in the end.
23心中愚蒙的人,是如此设想;不明智而自欺的人,只思虑狂妄的事。23He that wanteth understanding thinketh vain things: and the foolish, and erring man, thinketh foolish things.
24我儿,你要听从我,你要学习智慧的教训,你要留心注意我的话:24Hearken to me, my son, and learn the discipline of understanding, and attend to my words in thy heart.
25我要指出思量过的道理,我要详细陈述智慧;所以,你要在心留意我的话,我要公正地,述说天主从起初就赋与万有的神力:我要真实地,陈述他的智慧。25And I will shew forth good doctrine in equity, and will seek to declare wisdom: and attend to my words in thy heart, whilst with equity of spirit I tell thee the virtues that God hath put upon his works from the beginning, and I shew forth in truth his knowledge.
26太初,上主造化了万物;在创造时,分别了万物的种类。26The works of God are done in judgment from the beginning, and from the making of them he distinguished their parts, and their beginnings in their generations.
27永远把自己的化工布置就序,连续给它们派定了统帅。它们不感觉饥饿,也不感觉疲劳,因为统帅总不停顿自己的工作。27He beautified their works for ever, they have neither hungered, nor laboured, and they have not ceased from their works.
28它们彼此不相侵犯,28Nor shall any of them straiten his neighbour at any time.
29永远不违背他的安排。29Be not thou incredulous to his word.
30此后,上主俯视大地,将自己的美善,充满世界;30After this God looked upon the earth, and filled it with his goods.
31用各种生物,遮盖了地面;但它们仍要归于尘土。31The soul of every living thing hath shewn forth before the face thereof, and into it they return again.
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