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卢德传 Ruth
1纳敖米的丈夫厄里默肋客家族中有个亲人,是有钱有势的人,名叫波阿次。1Now her husband Elimelech had a kinsman, a powerful man, and very rich, whose name was Booz.
2摩阿布女子卢德对纳敖米说:「让我到田地里去,我在谁眼中蒙恩,就在谁后面拾麦穗。」纳敖米答应她说:「我女,你去罢!」2And Ruth the Moabitess said to her mother in law: If thou wilt, I will go into the field, and glean the ears of corn that escape the hands of the reapers, wheresoever I shall find grace with a householder that will be favourable to me. And she answered her: Go, my daughter.
3她就去了,来到田间,在收割的人后面拾麦穗。可巧,她正来到了厄里默肋客家族人波阿次的田地里。3She went therefore and gleaned the ears of corn after the reapers. And it happened that the owner of that field was Booz, who was of the kindred of Elimelech.
4当时波阿次也正从白冷来到,向收割的人说:「愿上主与你们同在!」他们回答他说:「愿上主祝福你!」4And behold, he came out of Bethlehem, and said to the reapers: The Lord be with you. And they answered him: The Lord bless thee.
5波阿次问监督收割的仆人说:「这是谁家的女子?」5And Booz said to the young man that was set over the reapers: Whose maid is this?
6监督收割的仆人答说:「是那由摩阿布乡间与纳敖米归来的摩阿布女子。6And he answered him: This is the Moabitess who came with Noemi, from the land of Moab,
7她事先请求过:请让我在收割的人后面拾取麦穗。她来到这里,从早晨到现在,从未休息片刻。」7And she desired leave to glean the ears of corn that remain, following the steps of the reapers: and she hath been in the field from morning till now, and hath not gone home for one moment.
8波阿次对卢德说:「我女,你听我的话,你不要到别人的田地里去拾取,也不要离开这里,要常同我的使女在一起。8And Booz said to Ruth: Hear me, daughter, do not go to glean in any other field, and do not depart from this place: but keep with my maids,
9你看仆人们在那块田里收割,你就跟着去,我已吩咐了仆人们不要难为你。你渴了,可到水罐那里去喝仆人打来的水。」9And follow where they reap. For I have charged my young men, not to molest thee: and if thou art thirsty, go to the vessels, and drink of the waters whereof the servants drink.
10卢德遂俯首至地,向他下拜说:「我怎样竟蒙你如此垂青,眷顾我这外方的女子?」10She fell on her face and worshipping upon the ground, said to him: Whence cometh this to me, that I should find grace before thy eyes, and that thou shouldst vouchsafe to take notice of me a woman of another country?
11波阿次答复她说:「自你丈夫死后,你怎样待了你的婆婆,以及你怎样离开了你的父母和故乡,来到这素不相识的民族中:这一切事,人家都一一告诉了我。11And he answered her: All hath been told me, that thou hast done to thy mother in law after the death of thy husband: and how thou hast left thy parents, and the land wherein thou wast born, and art come to a people which thou knewest not heretofore.
12愿上主报答你的功德,愿你投奔于他翼下的上主,以色列的天主,赐与你的报答是丰富的!」12The Lord render unto thee for thy work, and mayest thou receive a full reward of the Lord the God of Israel, to whom thou art come, and under whose wings thou art fled.
13卢德答说:「我主,我连你的一个婢女都不如,竟在你眼里蒙恩,你竟安慰我,对你的婢女说出这样动心的话!」13And she said: I have found grace in thy eyes, my lord, who hast comforted me and hast spoken to the heart of thy handmaid, who am not like to one of thy maids.
14到了吃饭的时候,波阿次对她说:「你上前来吃饼,将你的饼浸在酸酒里。」她就坐在收割的人旁,波阿次递给了她烘焙的麦穗;她吃了,也吃饱了,还有剩下的。14And Booz said to her: At mealtime come thou hither, and eat of the bread, and dip thy morsel in the vinegar. So she sat at the side of the reapers, and she heaped to herself frumenty, and ate and was filled, and took the leavings.
15当她起来再拾取麦穗的时候,波阿次吩咐他的仆人说:「就连她在麦捆中拾取,你们也不要难为她;15And she arose from thence, to glean the ears of corn as before. And Booz commanded his servants, saying: If she would even reap with you, hinder her not:
16并且要从麦捆中,为她抽出些来,留下让她拾取,不要叱责她。」16And let fall some of your handfuls of purpose, and leave them, that she may gather them without shame, and let no man rebuke her when she gathereth them.
17她在田间拾取麦穗,直到晚上,将所拾的打了约有一『厄法』大麦。17She gleaned therefore in the field till evening: and beating out with a rod and threshing what she had gleaned, she found about the measure of an ephi of barley, that is, three bushels:
18她就背着回城去,叫她婆婆看看她的收获;又将吃饱后剩下的东西,拿出来给了她。18Which she took up and returned into the city, and shewed it to her mother in law: moreover she brought out, and gave her of the remains of her meat, wherewith she had been filled.
19她的婆婆问她说:「你今天在那里拾麦穗,在那里工作?愿那眷顾你的人蒙受祝福!」她就告诉她婆婆,她在谁那里工作,并且说:「我今天在他那里工作的人,名叫波阿次。」19And her mother in law said to her: Where hast thou gleaned today, and where hast thou wrought? blessed be he that hath had pity on thee. And she told her with whom she had wrought: and she told the man's name, that he was called Booz.
20纳敖米对她的儿媳说:「愿那位从未忘却对生者死者施慈爱的上主祝福这人!」纳敖米又向她说:「这人是我们的亲人,且是有至亲义务的人。」20And Noemi answered her: Blessed be he of the Lord: because the same kindness which he shewed to the living, he hath kept also to the dead. And again she said: The man is our kinsman.
21摩阿布女子卢德接着说:「并且他还对我说过:你要常同我的仆人在一起,直到收完了我的庄稼。」21And Ruth said, He also charged me, that I should keep close to his reapers, till all the corn should be reaped.
22纳敖米向自己的儿媳卢德说:「我女,你更好跟着他的使女去罢!免得在别人的田里受难为。」22And her mother in law said to her: It is better for thee, my daughter, to go out to reap with his maids, lest in another man's field some one may resist thee.
23卢德就紧随着波阿次的使女拾麦穗,直到收完了大麦和小麦。卢德时常与自己的婆婆住在一起。23So she kept close to the maids of Booz: and continued to glean with them, till all the barley and the wheat were laid up in the barns.
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