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圣咏集 Psalms
1达味诗歌,交与乐官耶杜通。1A psalm of David when he was in the desert of Edom.
2我的灵魂只安息在天主内,因为我的救援是由他而来。2O God, my God, to thee do I watch at break of day. For thee my soul hath thirsted; for thee my flesh, O how many ways!
3只有他是我的磐石,我的救星;他是我的堡垒,我决不致摇倾。3In a desert land, and where there is no way, and no water: so in the sanctuary have I come before thee, to see thy power and thy glory.
4你们不断侵犯一人,并向他一人冲击,如冲击将倒的墙,将坍的壁,要到几时?4For thy mercy is better than lives: thee my lips shall praise.
5实在,他们企图,要将我由我高位上推下;他们喜爱谎言,口虽祝福,心却辱骂。(休止)5Thus will I bless thee all my life long: and in thy name I will lift up my hands.
6我的灵魂,你只安息在天主内,因为我的期望全是由他而来。6Let my soul be filled as with marrow and fatness: and my mouth shall praise thee with joyful lips.
7只有他是我的磐石,我的救星;他是我的堡垒,我决不致摇倾。7If I have remembered thee upon my bed, I will meditate on thee in the morning:
8我的救恩,我的光荣全在于天主,我的堡垒,我的护卫全基于天主。8Because thou hast been my helper. And I will rejoice under the covert of thy wings:
9百姓,你们该常向他表示依靠,该在他面前吐露你们的心窍:因为天主确是我们的避难所。(休止)9My soul hath stuck close to thee: thy right hand hath received me.
10庶民不过是口气,显贵也无非是幻影;放在天秤上必然浮起,合计还比气轻。10But they have sought my soul in vain, they shall go into the lower parts of the earth:
11莫依势凌人,不要以劫掠骄矜;如财宝日增,也不要挂念在心。11They shall be delivered into the hands of the sword, they shall be the portions of foxes.
12天主说过一次,我确实也听过两次:12But the king shall rejoice in God, all they shall be praised that swear by him: because the mouth is stopped of them that speak wicked things.
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