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圣咏集 Psalms
1达味金诗,交与乐官,调寄「见证的百合」,背唱。1Unto the end, in hymns, for David.
2作于他和两河间的阿兰及阿兰祚巴交战时。那时约阿布归来,在盐谷杀了一万二千人。2Hear, O God, my supplication: be attentive to my prayer,
3天主,你抛弃了我们,粉碎了我们!你曾发怒,今求你复兴我们。3To thee have I cried from the ends of the earth: when my heart was in anguish, thou hast exalted me on a rock. Thou hast conducted me;
4你曾使大地震动,使地裂土崩,求你弥补裂缝,因它摇摇不定。4For thou hast been my hope; a tower of strength against the face of the enemy.
5你使你的百姓遭受艰苦,使我们喝了麻醉的烈酒。5In thy tabernacle I shall dwell for ever: I shall be protected under the covert of thy wings.
6然后你为敬畏你的人,竖起旗帜,为使他们闪避仇敌的弓矢;(休止)6For thou, my God, hast heard my prayer: thou hast given an inheritance to them that fear thy name.
7为叫你所爱的人,获得救恩;求你以右手协助,垂允我们。7Thou wilt add days to the days of the king: his years even to generation and generation.
8天主在自己的圣所说:「我要凯旋,将舍根分疆,将稣苛特的平原测量。8He abideth for ever in the sight of God: his mercy and truth who shall search?
9基肋阿得地属于我,默纳协地也属于我;我的头盔就是厄弗辣因,犹大成为我手中的权棍;9So will I sing a psalm to thy name for ever and ever: that I may pay my vows from day to day.
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