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圣咏集 Psalms
1达味金诗,交与乐官。作于培肋舍特人在加特捉住他时。调寄「远方无声鸽」。1Unto the end, destroy not, for David, for an inscription of a title, when he fled from Saul into the cave. [1 Kings 24]
2天主,求你怜悯我,因为人要谋害我,时时处处有人攻击我,有人欺压我。2Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me: for my soul trusteth in thee. And in the shadow of thy wings will I hope, until iniquity pass away.
3我的仇敌终日谋害我,攻击我的人实在众多。3I will cry to God the most High; to God who hath done good to me.
4至高者!恐惶侵袭我的时日,我只有全心仰赖你。4He hath sent from heaven and delivered me: he hath made them a reproach that trod upon me. God hath sent his mercy and his truth,
5我全心倚赖天主,并歌颂他的许诺;我决不怕血肉的人,对我要做什么。5And he hath delivered my soul from the midst of the young lions. I slept troubled. The sons of men, whose teeth are weapons and arrows, and their tongue a sharp sword.
6他们终日破坏我的生活,千方百计地想加害于我;6Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens, and thy glory above all the earth.
7他们群集埋伏,窥伺我的行径,他们等待时机,谋图我的性命。7They prepared a snare for my feet; and they bowed down my soul. They dug a pit before my face, and they are fallen into it.
8天主,求你审判他们的罪行;求你在盛怒中将异民敉平。8My heart is ready, O God, my heart is ready: I will Sing, and rehearse a psalm.
9我多次流离失所,你都知悉,我的眼泪,聚在你皮囊里;岂不是也写在你的书卷内?9Arise, O my glory, arise psaltery and harp: I will arise early.
10我几时呼号你,我的仇敌便退却,从此我也全知道,天主常扶助我。10I will give praise to thee, O Lord, among the people: I will sing a psalm to thee among the nations.
11我全心倚赖天主,歌颂他的许诺;11For thy mercy is magnified even to the heavens: and thy truth unto the clouds.
12决不怕脆弱的人,对我要做什么。12Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens: and thy glory above all the earth.
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