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圣咏集 Psalms
1达味训诲歌,交与乐官,悲调。1Unto the end, In verses, understanding for David.
2愚妄的人心中说:「没有天主,」他们都丧尽天良,恣意作恶。行善的人实在找不到一个。2When the men of Ziph had come and said to Saul: Is not David hidden with us?
3天主由高天俯视世人的子孙,察看有无寻觅天主的明智人,3Save me, O God, by thy name, and judge me in thy strength.
4人人都离弃了正道,趋向邪恶,没有一人行善,实在没有一个。4O God, hear my prayer: give ear to the words of my mouth.
5那些作奸犯科的人,吞我民如食馒头;总不呼号天主的人,岂不是愚蠢糊涂?5For strangers have risen up against me; and the mighty have sought after my soul: and they have not set God before their eyes.
6在不应惊慌之处,他们反倒惊惶发呆,因为天主分散了那围攻你者的骨骸,他们必将蒙羞,因天主已把他们弃舍。6For behold God is my helper: and the Lord is the protector of my soul.
7唯愿以色列人的救援来自圣熙雍!一旦天主将自己民族的命运变更,雅各伯必将喜庆,以色列必将欢腾。7Turn back the evils upon my enemies; and cut them off in thy truth.
8 8I will freely sacrifice to thee, and will give praise, O God, to thy name: because it is good:
9 9For thou hast delivered me out of all trouble: and my eye hath looked down upon my enemies.
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