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圣咏集 Psalms
1达味诗歌。大地和其中的万物,属于上主,世界和其间的居民,属于上主。1Unto the end, a psalm for David. To thee, O Lord, have I lifted up my soul.
2是他在海洋上奠定了大地,是他在江河上建立了全世。2In thee, O my God, I put my trust; let me not be ashamed.
3谁能登上上主的圣山?谁能居留在他的圣殿?3Neither let my enemies laugh at me: for none of them that wait on thee shall be confounded.
4是那手洁心清,不慕虚幻的人,是那不发假誓,不行欺骗的人。4Let all them be confounded that act unjust things without cause. shew, O Lord, thy ways to me, and teach me thy paths.
5他必获得上主的祝福;和拯救者天主的报酬。5Direct me in thy truth, and teach me; for thou art God my Saviour; and on thee have I waited all the day long.
6这样的人是寻求上主的苖裔,追求雅各伯天主仪容的子息。(休止)6Remember, O Lord, thy bowels of compassion; and thy mercies that are from the beginning of the world.
7城门,请提高你们的门楣,古老的门户,请加大门扉,因为要欢迎光荣的君王。7The sins of my youth and my ignorances do not remember. According to thy mercy remember thou me: for thy goodness' sake, O Lord.
8谁是这位光荣的君主?就是英勇大能的上主,是那有力作战的天主。8The Lord is sweet and righteous: therefore he will give a law to sinners in the way.
9城门,请提高你们的门楣,古老的门户,请加大门扉,因为要欢迎光荣的君主,9He will guide the mild in judgment: he will teach the meek his ways.
10谁是这位光荣的君主?其实这位光荣的君主,就是万军之军的上主。(休止)10All the ways of the Lord are mercy and truth, to them that seek after his covenant and his testimonies.
11 11For thy name's sake, O Lord, thou wilt pardon my sin: for it is great.
12 12Who is the man that feareth the Lord? He hath appointed him a law in the way he hath chosen.
13 13His soul shall dwell in good things: and his seed shall inherit the land.
14 14The Lord is a firmament to them that fear him: and his covenant shall be made manifest to them.
15 15My eyes are ever towards the Lord: for he shall pluck my feet out of the snare.
16 16Look thou upon me, and have mercy on me; for I am alone and poor.
17 17The troubles of my heart are multiplied: deliver me from my necessities.
18 18See my abjection and my labour; and forgive me all my sins.
19 19Consider my enemies for they are multiplied, and have hated me with an unjust hatred.
20 20Keep thou my soul, and deliver me: I shall not be ashamed, for I have hoped in thee.
21 21The innocent and the upright have adhered to me: because I have waited on thee.
22 22Deliver Israel, O God, from all his tribulations.
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