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圣咏集 Psalms
1达味作。上主,我要全心称谢你,因你俯听了我的恳祈。我要在众神前歌颂你,1Lord, thou hast proved me, and known me:
2朝你的圣所伏地致敬;为了你的仁慈至诚,我必要称谢你的圣名;因为你把你的名号和你的诺言,在万物与万民的面前发扬彰显,2Thou hast know my sitting down, and my rising up.
3我几时呼号你,你就俯允我,并将我灵魂上的力量增多。3Thou hast understood my thoughts afar off: my path and my line thou hast searched out.
4地上万君听你口的谕旨;上主,他们都必来赞颂你,4And thou hast foreseen all my ways: for there is no speech in my tongue.
5并歌颂上主的作为说:上主的光耀伟大无比!5Behold, O Lord, thou hast known all things, the last and those of old: thou hast formed me, and hast laid thy hand upon me.
6上主尊高无比,仍垂顾弱小,惟对骄傲的人,却远远旁眺。6Thy knowledge is become wonderful to me: it is high, and I cannot reach to it.
7我若处于困难中,你必保全我的性命,你用右手救我,伸手拒抗仇人的愤恨。7Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy face?
8上主必替我完成这工程;上主,你的仁慈永远常存,求你不要放弃你的作品。8If I ascend into heaven, thou art there: if I descend into hell, thou art present.
9 9If I take my wings early in the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea:
10 10Even there also shall thy hand lead me: and thy right hand shall hold me.
11 11And I said: Perhaps darkness shall cover me: and night shall be my light in my pleasures.
12 12But darkness shall not be dark to thee, and night shall be light as day: the darkness thereof, and the light thereof are alike to thee.
13 13For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast protected me from my mother's womb.
14 14I will praise thee, for thou art fearfully magnified: wonderful are thy works, and my soul knoweth right well.
15 15My bone is not hidden from thee, which thou hast made in secret: and my substance in the lower parts of the earth.
16 16Thy eyes did see my imperfect being, and in thy book all shall be written: days shall be formed, and no one in them.
17 17But to me thy friends, O God, are made exceedingly honourable: their principality is exceedingly strengthened.
18 18I will number them, and they shall be multiplied above the sand: I rose up and am still with thee.
19 19If thou wilt kill the wicked, O God: ye men of blood, depart from me:
20 20Because you say in thought: They shall receive thy cities in vain.
21 21Have I not hated them, O Lord, that hated thee: and pine away because of thy enemies?
22 22I have hated them with a perfect hatred: and they are become enemies to me.
23 23Prove me, O God, and know my heart: examine me, and know my paths.
24 24And see if there be in me the way of iniquity: and lead me in the eternal way.
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