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箴言 Proverbs
1干饼一张而平安共食,胜于满屋佳肴而互相争吵。1Better is a dry morsel with joy, than a house full of victims with strife.
2聪明的仆人必能管治任性的儿子,且可与弟兄们共分产业。2A wise servant shall rule over foolish sons, and shall divide the inheritance among the brethren.
3锅炼银,炉炼金,上主炼人心。3As silver is tried by fire, and gold in the furnace: so the Lord trieth the hearts.
4奸诈的人,爱听胡言乱语;说谎的人,轻信是非长短。4The evil man obeyeth an unjust tongue: and the deceitful hearkeneth to lying lips.
5嘲笑穷人的,是凌辱他的造主;幸灾乐祸的,必不能脱免惩罚。5He that despiseth the poor, reproacheth his Maker; and he that rejoiceth at another man's ruin, shall not be unpunished.
6孙儿是老人的冠冕,父亲是儿女的光荣。6Children's children are the crown of old men: and the glory of children are their fathers.
7优雅的言词,不适宜于愚人;虚伪的狂语,更不宜于君王。7Eloquent words do not become a fool, nor lying lips a prince.
8贿赂在馈赠者眼中,有如宝石;不论他要转向何方,无往不利。8The expectation of him that expecteth, is a most acceptable jewel: whithersoever he turneth himself, he understandeth wisely.
9掩饰他人的过错,可获得友爱;屡念旧日的过恶,则离间友谊。9He that concealeth a transgression. seeketh friendships: he that repeateth it again, separateth friends.
10对明智人一句指责,胜过对愚昧人百次杖击。10A reproof availeth more with a wise man, than a hundred stripes with a fool.
11暴徒只求叛乱,但有残酷使者,奉命前来对付。11An evil man always seeketh quarrels: but a cruel angel shall be sent against him.
12宁愿遇见失掉幼子的母熊,不愿逢著正在发狂的愚人。12It is better to meet a bear robbed of her whelps, than a fool trusting in his own folly.
13谁以怨报德,灾祸必不离开他的家。13He that rendereth evil for good, evil shall not depart from his house.
14争论的开端,如水之破堤;在激辩之前,应极加制止。14The beginning of quarrels is as when one letteth out water: before he suffereth reproach he forsaketh judgment.
15宣判罪人无罪,判定义人有罪:二者同为上主所憎恶。15He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, both are abominable before God.
16愚昧的人,既没有头脑,手执金钱买智慧,又何益之有?16What doth it avail a fool to have riches, seeing he cannot buy wisdom? He that maketh his house high, seeketh a downfall: and he that refuseth to learn, shall fall into evils.
17朋友平时常相爱,唯在难中见兄弟。17He that is a friend loveth at all times: and a brother is proved in distress.
18常为人击掌作保,实是个无知之徒。18A foolish man will clap hands, when he is surety for his friend.
19好争辩的人,实喜爱罪过;高举门户的,必自趋灭亡。19He that studieth discords, loveth quarrels: and he that exalteth his door, seeketh ruin.
20谁存心欺诈,不会得幸福;谁搬弄是非,必陷于灾祸。20He that is of a perverse heart, shall not find good: and he that perverteth his tongue, shall fall into evil.
21生糊涂孩子的,只有悲哀;糊涂人的父亲,毫无乐趣。21A fool is born to his own disgrace: and even his father shall not rejoice in a fool.
22愉快的心,是良好的治疗;神志忧郁,能使筋骨枯萎。22A joyful mind maketh age flourishing: a sorrowful spirit drieth up the bones.
23恶人在大衣下受贿赂,是为颠倒正义的判词。23The wicked man taketh gifts out of the bosom, that he may pervert the paths of judgment.
24精明的人,常面向智慧;愚者的眼,向地极呆望,24Wisdom shineth in the face of the wise: the eyes of fools are in the ends of the earth.
25愚昧的儿子,是他父亲的痛苦,是他生母的忧伤。25A foolish son is the anger of the father: and the sorrow of the mother that bore him.
26科罚无辜,已属不当;杖责君子,更属不义。26It is no good thing to do hurt to the just: nor to strike the prince, who judgeth right.
27智者必沉默寡言,达人必心神镇定。27He that setteth bounds to his words. is knowing and wise: and the man of understanding is of a precious spirit.
28愚人不发言,亦可充作智者;若谨口慎言,亦可视为哲人。28Even a fool, if he will hold his peace shall be counted wise: and if he close his lips, a man of understanding.
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