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箴言 Proverbs
1喜爱受教的人,必喜爱智慧;憎恨规劝的人,真是糊涂。 1He that loveth correction, loveth knowledge: but he that hateth reproof is foolish.
2善心的人,必得上主喜悦;心术邪恶的人,必受降罚。 2He that is good, shall draw grace from the Lord: but he that trusteth in his own devices doth wickedly.
3没有人作恶而能稳立,唯有义人的根基永不动摇。 3Men shall not be strengthened by wickedness: and the root of the just shall not be moved.
4贤能的妻子,是她丈夫的冠冕;无耻的妻子,宛如丈夫骨中的腐蚀。 4A diligent woman is a crown to her husband: and she that doth things worthy of confusion, is a rottenness in his bones.
5义人思念公正,恶人计划诡谲。 5The thoughts of the just are judgments: and the counsels of the wicked are deceitful.
6恶人的言谈,是流血的陷阱;义人的口舌,设法搭救他人。 6The words of the wicked lie in wait for blood: the mouth of the just shall deliver them.
7恶人一旦倾覆,便不复存在;义人的家室,却得以久存。 7Turn the wicked, and they shall not be: but the house of the just shall stand firm.
8人凭自己的识见,获得赞美;但心地邪僻的人,必受轻视。 8A man shall be known by his learning: but he that is vain and foolish, shall be exposed to contempt.
9一个自给自足的平民,比爱排场而缺食的人,更为可贵。 9Better is the poor man that provideth for himself, than he that is glorious and wanteth bread.
10义人珍惜禽兽的生命,恶人的心肠残忍刻薄。 10The just regardeth the lives of his beasts: but the bowels of the wicked are cruel.
11自耕其地的人,必得饱食;追求虚幻的人,实属愚昧。 11He that tilleth his land shall be satisfied with bread: but he that pursueth idleness is very foolish. He that is delighted in passing his time over wine, leaveth a reproach in his strong holds.
12邪恶的想望,是恶人的罗网;义人的根基,却永不动摇。 12The desire of the wicked is the fortification of evil men: but the root of the just shall prosper.
13恶人失口,自寻苦恼;义人却能幸免受累。 13For the sins of the lips ruin draweth nigh to the evil man: but the just shall escape out of distress.
14人必饱尝自己口舌的果实,必按自己的行为获得报应。 14By the fruit of his own mouth shall a man be filled with good things, and according to the works of his hands it shall be repaid him.
15愚昧的人,常以为自己的道路正直;但明智的人,却常听从劝告。 15The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that is wise hearkeneth unto counsels.
16愚昧的人,立时显出自己的愤怒;机智的人,却忍辱而不外露。 16A fool immediately sheweth his anger: but he that dissembleth injuries is wise.
17吐露真情,是彰显正义;作假见证,是自欺欺人。 17He that speaketh that which he knoweth, sheweth forth justice: but he that lieth, is a deceitful witness.
18出言不慎,有如利刃伤人;智者的口,却常疗愈他人。 18There is that promiseth, and is pricked as it were with a sword of conscience: but the tongue of the wise is health.
19讲实话的唇舌,永垂不朽;说谎话的舌头,瞬息即逝。 19The lip of truth shall be steadfast for ever: but he that is a hasty witness, frameth a lying tongue.
20图谋恶事的,心怀欺诈;策划和平的,必得喜乐, 20Deceit is in the heart of them that think evil things: but joy followeth them that take counsels of peace.
21义人常无往不利,恶人却备受灾殃。 21Whatsoever shall befall the just man. it shall not make him sad: but the wicked shall be filled with mischief.
22欺诈的唇舌,为上主所深恶;行事诚实的,才为他所中悦。 22Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord: but they that deal faithfully please him.
23机智的人,使自己的才学深藏不露;心中愚昧的人,只会彰显自己的愚蠢。 23A cautious man concealeth knowledge: and the heart of fools publisheth folly.
24勤劳的手,必要掌权;懒慢的手,只有服役。 24The hand of the valiant shall bear rule: but that which is slothful, shall be under tribute.
25忧郁使人心消沉,良言使人心快活。 25Grief in the heart of a man shall bring him low, but with a good word he shall be made glad.
26义人给自己的友伴指示道路,恶人的行动却引人误入歧途。 26He that neglecteth a loss for the sake of a friend, is just: but the way of the wicked shall deceive them.
27懒惰的人,无米为炊;勤劳的人,腰缠万贯。 27The deceitful man shall not find gain: but the substance of a just man shall be precious gold.
28正义的路,导向生命;邪恶的路,引人丧亡。 28In the path of justice is life: but the by-way leadeth to death.
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