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箴言 Proverbs
1上主深恶假秤,却喜爱法码准确。1A deceitful balance is an abomination before the Lord: and a just weight is his will.
2傲慢来到,耻辱随后而至;智慧只与谦逊人相处。2Where pride is, there also shall be reproach: but where humility is, there also is wisdom.
3正直的人,以正义为领导;背义的人,必为邪恶所毁灭。3The simplicity of the just shall guide them: and the deceitfulness of the wicked shall destroy them.
4在上主盛怒之日,财富毫无用途;只有正义,能救人免于死亡。4Riches shall not profit in the day of revenge: but justice shall deliver from death.
5完人的正义,为他修平道路;恶人必因自己的邪恶而颠仆。5The justice of the upright shall make his way prosperous: and the wicked man shall fall by his own wickedness.
6正直的人,将因自己的正义而获救;奸诈的人,反为自己的恶计所连累。6The justice of the righteous shall deliver them: and the unjust shall be caught in their own snares.
7恶人一死,他的希望尽成泡影;同样,奸匪的期待也全然消失。7When the wicked man is dead, there shall be no hope any more: and the expectation of the solicitous shall perish.
8义人得免患难,恶人反来顶替。8The just is delivered out of distress: and the wicked shall be given up for him.
9假善人以口舌,伤害自己的近人;义人因有知识,却得以保全。9The dissembler with his mouth deceiveth his friend: but the just shall be delivered by knowledge.
10几时义人幸运,全城欢腾;几时恶人灭亡,欢声四起。10When it goeth well with the just the city shall rejoice: and when the wicked perish there shall be praise.
11义人的祝福,使城市兴隆;恶人的口舌,使城市倾覆。11By the blessing of the just the city shall be exalted: and by the mouth of the wicked it shall be overthrown.
12嘲弄自己朋友的人,毫无识趣;有见识的人,必沉默寡言。12He that despiseth his friend, is mean of heart: but the wise man will hold his peace.
13往来传话的人,必泄漏秘密;心地诚朴的人,方能不露实情。13He that walketh deceitfully, revealeth secrets: but he that is faithful, concealeth the thing committed to him by his friend.
14人民缺乏领导,势必衰弱,人民的得救,正在于谋士众多。14Where there is no governor, the people shall fall: but there is safety where there is much counsel.
15为外人作保的,必自讨苦吃;厌恶作保的,必自享安全。15He shall be afflicted with evil, that is surety for a stranger: but he that is aware of the snares, shall be secure.
16淑德的妇女,必为丈夫取得光荣;恼恨正义的妇女,正是一耻辱的宝座;懒散的人失落自己的财物,勤谨的人反取得财富。16A gracious woman shall find glory: and the strong shall have riches.
17为人慈善,是造福己身;残酷的人,反自伤己命。17A merciful man doth good to his own soul: but he that is cruel casteth off even his own kindred.
18恶人所赚得的工资,是空虚的;播种正义者的报酬,才是真实的。18The wicked maketh an unsteady work: but to him that soweth justice, there is a faithful reward.
19恒行正义,必走向生命;追求邪恶,必自趋丧亡。19Clemency prepareth life: and the pursuing of evil things, death.
20上主憎恶心邪的人,喜悦举止无瑕的人。20A perverse heart is abominable to the Lord: and his will is in them that walk sincerely.
21恶人始终不能逃避惩罚,义人的后裔必获得拯救。21Hand in hand the evil man shall not be innocent: but the seed of the just shall be saved.
22女人美丽而不精明,犹如套在猪鼻上的金环。22A golden ring in a swine's snout, a woman fair and foolish.
23义人的心愿必获善报;恶人的希望终归破灭。23The desire of the just is all good: the expectation of the wicked is indignation.
24有人慷慨好施,反更富有;有人过于吝啬,反更贫穷。24Some distribute their own goods, and grow richer: others take away what is not their own, and are always in want.
25慈善为怀的人,必得富裕;施惠于人的人,必蒙施惠。25The soul which blesseth, shall be made fat: and he that inebriateth, shall be inebriated also himself.
26屯积粮食的人,必受人民咀咒;祝福却降在卖粮食者的头上。26He that hideth up corn, shall be cursed among the people: but a blessing upon the head of them that sell.
27慕求美善的,必求得恩宠;追求邪恶的,邪恶必临其身。27Well doth he rise early who seeketh good things; but he that seeketh after evil things shall be oppressed by them.
28信赖自己财富的人,必至衰落;义人却茂盛有如绿叶。28He that trusteth in his riches shall fall: but the just shall spring up as a green leaf.
29危害自己家庭的,必承受虚幻;愚昧的人,必作心智者的奴隶。29He that troubleth his own house, shall inherit the winds: and the fool shall serve the wise.
30义人的果实是生命树,智慧的人能夺取人心。30The fruit of the just man is a tree of life: and he that gaineth souls, is wise.
31看义人在地上还遭受报复,恶人和罪人更将如何?31If the just man receive in the earth, how much more the wicked and the sinner.
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