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1出埃及国后第二年正月,上主在西乃旷野吩咐梅瑟说:1The Lord spoke to Moses in the desert of Sinai, the second year after they were come out of the land of Egypt, in the first month, saying:
2「以色列子民在定期内当举行踰越节。2Let the children of Israel make the phase in its due time,
3于本月十四日黄昏时,在定期内举行此节;应按一切规定和礼仪举行。」3The fourteenth day of this month in the evening, according to all the ceremonies and justifications thereof.
4梅瑟遂号令以色列子民举行踰越节。4And Moses commanded the children of Israel that they should make the phase.
5他们就在正月十四日黄昏,于西乃旷野举行了踰越节;上主怎样吩咐了梅瑟,以色列子民就怎样做了。5And they made it in its proper time: the fourteenth day of the month at evening, in mount Sinai. The children of Israel did according to all things that the Lord had commanded Moses.
6但是,有些人因沾染了死人的不洁,不能在那一天举行踰越节,就在那天来到梅瑟和亚郎前;6But behold some who were unclean by occasion of the soul of a man, who could not make the phase on that day, coming to Moses and Aaron,
7这些人对他说:「我们沾染了死人的不洁;为什么我们就被拒绝,而不能在以色列子民中,于定期内奉献上主供物?」7Said to them: We are unclean by occasion of the soul of a man. Why are we kept back that we may not offer in its season the offering to the Lord among the children of Israel?
8梅瑟对他们说:「你们等一下,我去听上主对你们有何吩咐。」8And Moses answered them: Stay that I may consult the Lord what he will ordain concerning you.
9上主吩咐梅瑟说:9And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:
10「你训示以色列子民说:几时你们中或你们后裔中,若有人沾了死人的不洁,或因到远方旅行,仍要为上主举行踰越节,10Say to the children of Israel: The man that shall be unclean by occasion of one that is dead, or shall be in a journey afar off in your nation, let him make the phase to the Lord.
11应在二月十四日黄昏举行,同时吃无酵饼和苦菜,11In the second month, on the fourteenth day of the month in the evening, they shall eat it with unleavened bread and wild lettuce:
12不要剩下什么到早晨。也不要折断羔羊的骨头:应全依照踰越节的规定举行此节。12They shall not leave any thing thereof until morning, a nor break a bone thereof, they shall observe all the ceremonies of the phase.
13但如有人是洁净的,又不在旅行中,竟忽略了过踰越节,这人就应由民间铲除,因为他没有在定期内奉献上主供物,这人应自负罪债。13But if any man is clean, and was not on a journey, and did not make the phase, that soul shall be cut off from among his people, because he offered not sacrifice to the Lord in due season: he shall bear his sin.
14至于与你们同住的侨民,若为上主举行踰越节,应按照踰越节的规定和礼仪举行;不论是侨民,或是本国公民,你们应守同样的法律。」14The sojourner also and the stranger if they be among you, shall make the phase to the Lord according to the ceremonies and justifications thereof. The same ordinance shall be with you both for the stranger, and for him that was born in the land.
15在竖立帐幕那一天,有云彩遮盖了帐幕,即会幕;到晚上云彩停在帐幕上,形状似火,直到早晨。15Now on the day that the tabernacle was reared up, a cloud covered it. But from the evening there was over the tabernacle, as it were, the appearance of fire until the morning.
16白天有云彩遮盖,夜间云彩形状似火:常是如此。16So it was always: by day the cloud covered it, and by night as it were the appearance of fire.
17几时云彩由帐幕上升起,以色列子民随即起程;云彩在那里停住了,以色列子民就在那里扎营。17And when the cloud that covered the tabernacle was taken up, then the children of Israel marched forward: and in the place where the cloud stood still, there they camped.
18以色列子民照上主的命令起程,亦照上主的命令扎营:云彩停留在帐幕上几日,他们就几日扎营不动。18At the commandment of the Lord they marched, and at his commandment they pitched the tabernacle. All the days that the cloud abode over the tabernacle, they remained in the same place:
19云彩若多日停留在帐幕上,以色列子民就遵照上主的命令,不移营前行。19And if it was so that it continued over it a long time, the children of Israel kept the watches of the Lord, and marched not,
20有时云彩只数日停留在帐幕上,他们就依照上主的命令扎营不动,并依照上主的命令起程。20For as many days soever as the cloud stayed over the tabernacle. At the commandment of the Lord they pitched their tents, and at his commandment they took them down.
21有时云彩从晚上到早晨停住,一到早晨就上升,他们就随之起程;或者一日一夜以后才上升,他们也随之起程。21If the cloud tarried from evening until morning, and immediately at break of day left the tabernacle, they marched forward: and if it departed after a day and a night, they took down their tents.
22如云彩两日或一月,或一年停留在帐幕上,无论停留多久,以色列子民也就安营不动多久;只在云彩上升时,方起程前行。22But if it remained over the tabernacle for two days or a month or a longer time, the children of Israel remained in the same place, and marched not: but immediately as soon as it departed, they removed the camp.
23他们依照上主的命令扎营,依照上主的命令起程;他们全照上主藉梅瑟所吩咐的,遵守上主的训示。23By the word of the Lord they pitched their tents, and by his word they marched: and kept the watches of the Lord according to his commandment by the hand of Moses.
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