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户籍纪 Numbers
1那时,若瑟的儿子默纳协家族内,责罗斐哈得的女儿们前来,──责罗斐哈得是赫斐尔的儿子,赫斐尔是基肋阿得的儿子,基肋阿得是玛基尔的儿子,玛基尔是默纳协的儿子;她们的名字是玛赫拉、诺阿、曷革拉、米耳加和提尔匝。1Then came the daughters of Salphaad, the son of Hepher, the son of Galaad, the son of Machir, the son of Manasses, who was the son of Joseph: and their names are Maala, and Noa, and Hegla, and Melcha, and Thersa.
2她们站在梅瑟、大司祭厄肋阿匝尔、众领袖和全会众前,即会幕门口说:2And they stood before Moses and Eleazar the priest, and all the princes of the people at the door of the tabernacle of the covenant, and said:
3「我们的父亲死在旷野,但他并不是科辣黑党派中,结党反抗上主的党徒,他只是因自己的罪死了,没有留下儿子。3Our father died in the desert, and was not in the sedition, that was raised against the Lord under Core, but he died in his own sin: and he had no male children. Why is his name taken away out of his family, because he had no son? Give us a possession among the kinsmen of our father.
4为什么让我们父亲的名字,因为没有儿子,就由本族中消灭?让我们在我们父亲的兄弟中,也分得一份产业。」4And Moses referred their cause to the judgment of the Lord.
5梅瑟就将她们的案件呈到上主面前;5And the Lord said to him:
6上主训示梅瑟说:6The daughters of Salphaad demand a just thing: Give them a possession among their father's kindred, and let them succeed him in his inheritance.
7「责罗斐哈得的女儿们说得有理;你应在她们的父亲兄弟中分给她们一份产业,将她们父亲的产业转让给她们。7And to the children of Israel thou shalt speak these things:
8并且你应训示以色列子民说:一个人死了,若没有儿子,你们应将他的产业转让给他的女儿;8When a man dieth without a son, his inheritance shall pass to his daughter.
9如果连女儿也没有,应将他的产业分给他的兄弟们。9If he have no daughter, his brethren shall succeed him.
10如果连一个兄弟也没有,应将他的产业分给他父亲的兄弟们。10And if he have no brethren, you shall give the inheritance to his father's brethren.
11如果他的父亲也没有兄弟,应将他的产业分给他家族中与他最近的亲属,他应继承遗产:这是以色列子民当守的法令,如上主对梅瑟所吩咐的。」11But if he have no uncles by the father, the inheritance shall be given to them that are the next akin. And this shall be to the children of Israel sacred by a perpetual law, as the Lord hath commanded Moses.
12上主对梅瑟说:「你上这座阿巴陵山上去,看一看我赐给以色列子民的地方。12The Lord also said to Moses: Go up into this mountain Abarim, and view from thence the land which I will give to the children of Israel.
13你看了以后,你也要归到你亲属那里去,如你哥哥亚郎归去一样。13And when thou shalt have seen it, thou also shalt go to thy people, as thy brother Aaron is gone:
14因为在亲旷野里,当会众反叛时,我命你们在他们眼前以取水显我为圣时,你们违背了我的命令。」【这是指在亲旷野中,在卡德士的默黎巴取水的事。】14Because you offended me in the desert of Sin in the contradiction of the multitude, neither would you sanctify me before them at the waters. These are the waters of contradiction in Cades of the desert of Sin.
15梅瑟向上主说:15And Moses answered him:
16「望上主,赐给一切血肉气息的天主,委派一人管理会众,16May the Lord the God of the spirits of all flesh provide a man, that may be over this multitude:
17叫他处理他们的事件,领导他们出入,免得上主的会众如无牧之羊。」17And may go out and in before them, and may lead them out, or bring them in: lest the people of the Lord be as sheep without a shepherd.
18上主对梅瑟说:「你应选用农的儿子若苏厄,他是个有精神的人,按手在他身上,18And the Lord said to him: Take Josue the son of Nun, a man in whom is the Spirit, and put thy hand upon him.
19叫他站在大司祭厄肋阿匝尔和全会众前,当着他们的面委派他,19And he shall stand before Eleazar the priest and all the multitude:
20将你的一些威权授给他,好叫以色列子民全会众听从他。20And thou shalt give him precepts in the sight of all, and part of thy glory, that all the congregation of the children of Israel may hear him.
21但他应到大司祭厄肋阿匝尔面前,请司祭为他在上主面前咨询「乌陵」的决断,他和一切以色列子民及全会众,应依照指示去行事。」21If any thing be to be done, Eleazar the priest shall consult the Lord for him. He and all the children of Israel with him, and the rest of the multitude shall go out and go in at his word.
22梅瑟就照上主吩咐他的做了;选用了若苏厄,叫他站在大司祭厄肋阿匝尔和全会众面前,22Moses did as the Lord had commanded. And when he had taken Josue, he set him before Eleazar the priest, and all the assembly of the people,
23按手在他身上,委派了他,全照上主藉著梅瑟所吩咐的。23And laying his hands on his head, he repeated all things that the Lord had commanded.
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