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户籍纪 Numbers
1当以色列人住在史廷的时候,民众开始与摩阿布女子行淫。1And Israel at that time abode in Settim, and the people committed fornication with the daughters of Moab,
2这些女子请民众参与她们神祇的祭祀;民众吃了供物,且朝拜了她们的神祇。2Who called them to their sacrifices. And they ate of them, and adored their gods.
3这样以色列人就归依了巴耳培敖尔,上主因此对以色列大发忿怒。3And Israel was initiated to Beelphegor: upon which the Lord being angry,
4上主对梅瑟说:「你捉住民众中所有的罪魁,在光天化日之下,为上主将他们悬挂起来,好挽回上主对以色列的怒火。」4Said to Moses: Take all the princes of the people, and hang them up on gibbets against the sun: that my fury may be turned away from Israel.
5梅瑟就吩咐以色列的各首长说:「你们每人应将自己家中归依巴耳培敖尔的人杀死。」5And Moses said to the judges of Israel: Let every man kill his neighbours, that have been initiated to Beelphegor.
6看,当梅瑟和以色列子民全会众都在会幕门口流泪痛哭时,以色列子民中正有一人,当着他们的面,带了一个米德杨女人到他兄弟那里去。6And behold one of the children of Israel went in before his brethren to a harlot of Madian, in the sight of Moses, and of all the children of Israel, who were weeping before the door of the tabernacle.
7大司祭亚郎的儿子厄肋阿匝尔的儿子丕乃哈斯一见,就由会众中起来,顺手拿了一把长枪,7And when Phinees the son of Eleazar the son of Aaron the priest saw it, he rose up from the midst; of the multitude, and taking a dagger,
8跟那以色列人进入卧室内,刺穿了他们两人,即那以色列人和那女人的肚腹;以色列子民间的灾祸遂止息了。8Went in after the Israelite into the brothel house, and thrust both of them through together, to wit, the man and the woman in the genital parts. And the scourge ceased from the children of Israel:
9在这次灾祸内,死去了二万四千人。9And there were slain four and twenty thousand men.
10上主于是训示梅瑟说;10And the Lord said to Moses:
11「大司祭亚郎的孙子,厄肋阿匝尔的儿子丕乃哈斯,由以色列子民身上挽回了我的忿怒,因为他在他们中,怀着与我同样的嫉邪的心,因此我没有因我嫉邪之心消灭了以色列子民。11Phinees the son of Eleazar the son of Aaron the priest, hath turned away my wrath from the children of Israel: because he was moved with my zeal against them, that I myself might not destroy the children of Israel in my zeal.
12为此你应声明:看,我与他结平安的盟约。12Therefore say to him: Behold I give him the peace of my covenant,
13这为他和他的后裔,是永享司祭品位的盟约,因为他为了自己天主的原故,嫉恶如仇,赔补了以色列子民的罪。」13And the covenant of the priesthood for ever shall be both to him and his seed, because he hath been zealous for his God, and hath made atonement for the wickedness of the children of Israel.
14那与米德杨女人一同被杀的以色列人,名叫齐默黎,是撒路的儿子,西默盎家族的族长。14And the name of the Israelite, was slain with the woman of Madian, was Zambri the son of Salu, a prince the kindred and tribe of Simeon.
15那被杀的米德杨女人,名叫苛次彼,是族尔的女儿;族尔是米德杨族一部落的酋长。15And the Madianite woman, that was slain with him, was called Cozbi the daughter of Sur, a most noble prince among the Madianites.
16事后,上主训示梅瑟说:16And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:
17「你应围攻米德杨人,打击他们,17Let the Madianites find you enemies, and slay you them:
18因为他们用诡计打击了你们,就是在培敖尔的事上,并在他们的姊妹,米德杨酋长的女儿苛次彼的事上,欺骟了你们。──这女子已在培敖尔的事上,在灾祸之日被杀。」18Because they also have acted like enemies against you, and have guilefully deceived you by the idol Phogor, and Cozbi their sister, a daughter of a prince of Madian, who was slain in the day the plague for the sacrilege of Phogor.
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