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厄斯德拉下 Nehemiah
1那时,在人民和他们的妇女中,发生了喊冤的大声音,控告自己的犹太同胞。1Now there was a great cry of the people, and of their wives against their brethren the Jews.
2有人喊说:「我们应以我们的儿女作质,换取食粮,吃饭生活。」2And there were some that said: Our sons and our daughters are very many: Yet us take up corn for the price of them, and let us eat and live.
3另有人喊说:「我们必须典当我们的田地、葡萄园和房屋,为在饥荒之中获得食粮。」3And there were some that said: Let us mortgage our lands, and our vineyards, and our houses, and let us take corn because of the famine.
4还有人喊说:「我们应抵押我们的田地和葡萄园,去借钱给王纳税。4And others said: Let us borrow money for the king's tribute, and let us give up our fields and vineyards:
5然而我们的肉体与我们同胞的肉体一样,我们的孩子与他们的孩子也相同,但我们必须叫我们的儿女去作奴婢,有些女儿已做了奴婢;我们现下一无所能,因为我们的田地和葡萄园,已属于别人了。」5And now our flesh is as the flesh of our brethren: and our children as their children. Behold we bring into bondage our sons and our daughters, and some of our daughters are bondwomen already, neither have we wherewith to redeem them, and our fields and our vineyards other men possess.
6我一听了他们的哀诉和这样的话,很是悲愤。6And I was exceedingly angry when I heard their cry according to these words.
7我考虑之后,遂谴责那些权贵和长官,向他们说:「你们每人竟向自己的同胞索取重利。」为谴责他们,我召集了大会,7And my heart thought with myself: and I rebuked the nobles and magistrates, and said to them: Do you every one exact usury of your brethren? And I gathered together a great assembly against them,
8向他们说:「我们已费尽力量,赎回来了那些被卖给异民作奴隶的犹太同胞,难道你们又要卖你们的同胞,叫我们赎回来吗?」他们不出声,也不知如何回答。8And I said to them: We, as you know, have redeemed according to our ability our brethren the Jews, that were sold to the Gentiles: and will you then sell your brethren, for us to redeem them? And they held their peace, and found not what to answer.
9我接着说:「你们作的这事实在不对!为避免异民──我们仇敌的辱骂,你们岂不应怀着敬畏我们天主的心行事吗?9And I said to them: The thing you do is not good: why walk you not in the fear of our God, that we be not exposed to the reproaches of the Gentiles our enemies?
10我和我的兄弟以及我的仆人,也都借给了他们银钱和食粮。好罢我们都免除他们这债务罢!10Both I and my brethren, and my servants, have lent money and corn to many: let us all agree not to call for it again; let us forgive the debt that is owing to us.
11今天就应当归还他们的田地、葡萄园、橄榄园和房屋,并归还由借给他们的银钱、食粮、酒、油所获的重利。」11Restore ye to them this day their fields, and their vineyards, and their oliveyards, and their houses: and the hundredth part of the money, and of the corn, the wine, and the oil, which you mere wont to exact of them, give it rather for them.
12他们答说:「我们都归还给他们,不向他们索求什么;你怎么说;我们就怎么行。」接着我叫了司祭来,令那些人起誓,按这话去行。12And they said: We will restore, and we will require nothing of them: and we will do as thou sayest. And I called the priests and took an oath of them, to do according to what I had said.
13我又拂拭衣襟说道:「愿天主把一切不守这诺言的人,由他的房舍和他的财产中如此拂拭下去,直到将他拂拭净尽。」全会众都答说:「阿们。」同时又称颂了上主。人民都履行了诺言。13Moreover I shook my lap, and said: So may God shake every man that shall not accomplish this word, out of his house, and out of his labours, thus may he be shaken out, and become empty. And all the multitude said: Amen. And they praised God. And the people did according to what was said.
14此外,自从我被任命为犹大省长之日起,即自阿塔薛西斯王二十年至三十二年,十二年之久,我和我的兄弟从未食过省长的俸禄。14And from the day, in which the king commanded me to be governor in the land of Juda, from the twentieth year even to the two and thirtieth year of Artaxerxes the king, for twelve years, I and my brethren did not eat the yearly allowance that was due to the governors.
15但是,在我以先的前任省长,苛待民众,每天由民众取四十『协刻耳』银子,作为俸禄,并且他们的臣仆还压迫民众;而我因敬畏天主,并未如此行事。15But the former governors that had been before me, were chargeable to the people, and took of them in bread, and wine, and in money every day forty sides: and their officers also oppressed the people. But I did not so for the fear of God.
16虽然我也从事修建城垣的工程,但并未购置过田产;我的仆人也都聚集在那里工作。16Moreover I built in the work of the wall, and I bought no land, and all my servants were gathered together to the work.
17有一百五十个犹太人和官员,在我那里吃饭,还有从我们四周异民中,来到我们这里的人。17The Jews also and the magistrates to the number of one hundred and fifty men, were at my table, besides them that came to us from among the nations that were round about us.
18每一天应备办一头牛,六只肥羊和各种飞禽,这些都由我负担;每天又要备置大量的酒;虽然如此,我仍未索求省长的俸禄,因服役的事已为这民众够重的了。18And there was prepared for me day by day one ox, and six choice rams, besides fowls, and once in ten days I gave store of divers wines, and many other things: yet I did not require my yearly allowance as governor: for the people were very much impoverished.
19我的天主!请记念我,记念我为这民众所行的一切,使我蒙福。19Remember me, O my God, for good according to all that I have done for this people.
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