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米该亚 Micah
1我曾经说过:「雅各伯的首领,以色列家的官吏,请你们倾听!认识正义,岂不是你们分内的事?」1And I said: Hear, O ye princes of Jacob, and ye chiefs of the house of Israel: Is it not your part to know judgment,
2然而他们恶善好恶,从平民身上剥下他们的皮,从骨头上剔下他们的肉。2You that hate good, and love evil: that violently pluck off their skins from them, and their flesh from their bones?
3他们吞食我百姓的肉,剥去他们的皮,折断他们的骨头,将他们切成碎块,如釜中的肉,如鼎中的肉。3Who have eaten the flesh of my people, and have flayed their skin from off them: and have broken, and chopped their bones as for the kettle, and as flesh in the midst of the pot.
4当他们呼求上主时,上主决不俯听他们;反要掩面不理他们,因为他们行了穷凶极恶的事。4Then shall they cry to the Lord, and he will not hear them: and he will hide his face from them at that time, as they have behaved wickedly in their devices.
5论及迷惑我百姓的先知,上主这样说:当他们的牙齿有咀嚼的东西时,他们便呼喊:「和平。」但凡不将食物送到他们口上的,他们便宣布:「战争。」5Thus saith the Lord concerning the prophets that make my people err: that bite with their teeth, and preach peace: and if a man give not something into their mouth, they prepare war against him.
6因此,为你们只有黑夜而没有神视,只有黑暗而没有神谕;太阳必为先知而没落,白昼必为他们而变为黑暗。6Therefore night shall be to you instead of vision, and darkness to you instead of divination; and the sun shall go down upon the prophets, and the day shall be darkened over them.
7先知必将抱愧,巫士必将蒙羞,他们都要掩住自己的胡须,因为没有天主的答复。7And they shall be confounded that see visions, and the diviners shall be confounded: and they shall all cover their faces, because there is no answer of God.
8至于我,我因上主的神而充满力量、正义和勇气,向雅各伯指出她的邪恶,向以色列说明她的罪过。8But yet I am filled with the strength of the spirit of the Lord, with judgment, and power: to declare unto Jacob his wickedness, and to Israel his sin.
9雅各伯家的首领,以色列家的官吏,请你们倾听这事!你们憎恶正义,曲解一切正理;9Hear this, ye princes of the house of Jacob, and ye judges of the house of Israel: you that abhor judgment, and pervert all that is right.
10你们以血债建筑熙雍,用邪恶建设耶路撒冷。10You that build up Sion with blood, and Jerusalem with iniquity.
11她的首领为贿赂而审判,司祭为薪俸而设教,先知为银钱而占卜,尚依赖上主说:「上主不是在我们中间吗?灾祸决不会临于我们身上!」11Her princes have judged for bribes, and her priests have taught for hire, and her prophets divined for money: and they leaned upon the Lord, saying: Is not the Lord in the midst of us? no evil shall come upon us.
12因此,为了你们的缘故,熙雍必被耕耘有如一块田地,耶路撒冷必成为一堆废墟,圣殿山必成为丛林中的一个丘陵。12Therefore, because of you, Sion shall be ploughed as a field, and Jerusalem shall be as a heap of stones, and the mountain of the temple as the high places of the forests.
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