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肋未纪 Leviticus
1到了第八天,梅瑟召集亚郎和他的儿子以及以色列的长老,1And when the eighth day was come, Moses called Aaron and his sons, and the ancients of Israel, and said to Aaron:
2然后对亚郎说:「你牵一头公牛犊来,作为赎罪祭,一只公绵羊来,作为全燔祭,都应是无瑕的,牵到上主前。」2Take of the herd a calf for sin, and a ram for a holocaust, both without blemish, and offer them before the Lord.
3又吩咐以色列子民说:「你们应牵一只公山羊来,作为赎罪祭;一头公牛犊和一只一岁的公羔羊来,都应是无瑕的,作为全燔祭;3And to the children of Israel thou shalt say: Take ye a he goat for sin, and a calf, and a lamb, both of a year old, and without blemish for a holocaust,
4再牵一头公牛和一只公绵羊来,作为和平祭,祭献在上主面前;再带些油调的素祭祭品来,因为今天上主要显现给你们。」4Also a bullock and a ram for peace offerings: and immolate them before the Lord, offering for the sacrifice of every one of them flour tempered with oil; for today the Lord will appear to you.
5他们遂将梅瑟所吩咐的,都带到会幕前;全会众都前来,站在上主面前。5They brought therefore all things that Moses had commanded before the door of the tabernacle: where when all the multitude stood,
6梅瑟遂说:「这是上主命你们做的事,好使上主的荣耀显现给你们。」6Moses said: This is the word, which the Lord hath commanded: do it, and his glory will appear to you.
7以后,梅瑟对亚郎说:「你走近祭坛,奉献你的赎罪祭和全燔祭,为你自己和你的家族赎罪;然后奉献人民的祭品,为他们赎罪,如上主所吩咐的。」7And he said to Aaron: Approach to the altar, and offer sacrifice for thy sin: offer the holocaust, and pray for thyself and for the people: and when thou hast slain the people's victim, pray for them, as the Lord hath commanded.
8亚郎于是走近祭坛,宰杀了那为自己作赎罪祭的公牛犊。8And forthwith Aaron, approaching to the altar, immolated the calf for his sin:
9亚郎的儿子将血递给他,他把手指浸在血里,抹在祭坛的四角上,剩下的血都倒在祭坛脚旁。9And his sons brought him the blood of it: and he dipped his finger therein, and touched the horns of the altar, and poured the rest at the foot thereof.
10赎罪祭牺牲的脂肪、两肾和肝叶,都放在祭坛上焚烧,照上主对梅瑟吩咐的。10And the fat, and the little kidneys, and the caul of the liver, which are for sin, he burnt upon the altar, as the Lord had commanded Moses:
11至于肉和皮,都在营外用火烧了。11But the flesh and skins thereof he burnt with fire without the camp.
12然后亚郎宰杀了全燔祭牺牲,亚郎的儿子将血递给他,他将血洒在祭坛四周。12He immolated also the victim of holocaust: and his sons brought him the blood thereof, which he poured round about on the altar.
13以后,他们将切成块的全燔祭牺牲和头递给他,他就放在祭坛上焚烧。13And the victim being cut into pieces, they brought to him the head and all the members, all which he burnt with fire upon the altar,
14内脏和腿洗净后,也放在祭坛上同全燔祭牺牲一起焚烧。14Having first washed the entrails and the feet with water.
15随后他奉献了人民的祭品:将那为人民作赎罪祭的公山羊牵来,宰杀了,献作赎罪祭,如前一牺牲一样。15Then offering for the sin of the people, he slew the he goat: and expiating the altar,
16又奉献了全燔祭,全按礼仪进行;16He offered the holocaust:
17又奉献了素祭,由其中取了一满把,放在祭坛上焚烧,这是早晨全燔祭以外的祭献。17Adding in the sacrifice the libations, which are offered withal, and burning them upon the altar, besides the ceremonies of the morning holocaust.
18最后,他宰杀了为人民作和平祭的公牛和公绵羊;亚郎的儿子将血递给他,他就将血洒在祭坛四周。18He immolated also the bullock and the ram, the peace offerings of the people: and his sons brought him the blood, which he poured upon the altar round about.
19至于牛羊的脂肪、肥尾、遮盖内脏的脂肪、两肾和肝叶,19The fat also of the bullock, and the rump of the ram, and the two little kidneys, with their fat, and the caul of the liver,
20他们都放在牺牲的胸脯上;亚郎遂将脂肪放在祭坛上焚烧,20They put upon the breasts. And after the fat was burnt upon the altar,
21胸脯和右后腿,拿来在上主前行了奉献的摇礼,照梅瑟所吩咐的。21Aaron separated their breasts, and the right shoulders, elevating them before the Lord, as Moses had commanded.
22以后亚郎向人民举起手来,祝福了他们。当他献完了赎罪祭、全燔祭及和平祭以后,就由祭坛上下来了。22And stretching forth his hands to the people, he blessed them. And so the victims for sin, and the holocausts, and the peace offerings being finished, he came down.
23以后,梅瑟和亚郎走进了会幕,二人出来,祝福百姓时,上主的荣耀显现给全体百姓;23And Moses and Aaron went into the tabernacle of the testimony, and afterwards came forth and blessed the people. And the glory of the Lord appeared to all the multitude:
24由上主前出来了火,吞噬了祭坛上的全燔祭祭品和脂肪。全体百姓见了,齐声欢呼,俯伏在地。24And behold a fire, coming forth from the Lord, devoured the holocaust, and the fat that was upon the altar: which when the multitude saw, they praised the Lord, falling on their faces.
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