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肋未纪 Leviticus
1上主训示梅瑟说:1And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:
2「你领亚郎和他的儿子一同前来,带着祭衣、圣油、作赎罪祭的公牛犊,两只公绵羊和一筐无酵饼;2Take Aaron with his sons, their vestments, and the oil of unction, a calf for sin, two rams, a basket with unleavened bread,
3并召集全体会众到会幕门口。」3And thou shalt gather together all the congregation to the door of the tabernacle.
4梅瑟便依照上主所吩咐的做了。当会众集合在会幕门口后,4And Moses did as the Lord had commanded. And all the multitude being gathered together before the door of the tabernacle,
5梅瑟就对会众说:「这是上主吩咐应做的事。」5He said: This is the word that the Lord hath commanded to be done.
6梅瑟遂叫亚郎和他的儿子前来,用水洗了他们;6And immediately he offered Aaron and his sons: and when he had washed them,
7然后给亚郎穿上长衣,束上带子,穿上无袖长袍,套上『厄弗得』,束上『厄弗得』带子,将『厄弗得』系紧。7He vested the high priest with the strait linen garment, girding him with the girdle, and putting on him the violet tunick, and over it he put the ephod,
8再给他安上胸牌,在胸牌内放上「乌陵」和「突明」。8And binding it with the girdle, he fitted it to the rational, on which was Doctrine and Truth.
9以后将礼冠戴在他头上,在礼冠前面安上金牌,即圣牌。全照上主对梅瑟所吩咐的。9He put also the mitre upon his head: and upon the mitre over the forehead, he put the plate of gold, consecrated with sanctification, as the Lord had commanded him.
10以后梅瑟拿了圣油,傅了会幕和其中所有的一切,祝圣了这一切;10He took also the oil of unction, with which he anointed the tabernacle, with all the furniture thereof.
11又将一些油七次洒在祭坛上,又傅了祭坛和祭坛的一切用具,盆和盆座,祝圣了这一切;11And when he had sanctified and sprinkled the altar seven times, he anointed it, and all the vessels thereof, and the laver with the foot thereof, he sanctified with the oil.
12然后把圣油倒在亚郎头上,傅了他,祝圣了他。12And he poured it upon Aaron's head, and he anointed and consecrated him:
13此后梅瑟叫亚郎的儿子前来,给他们穿上长衣,束上带子,给他们缠上头巾:全照上主对梅瑟所吩咐的。13And after he had offered his sons, he vested them with linen tunicks, and girded them with girdles, and put mitres on them as the Lord had commanded.
14随后梅瑟把作赎罪祭的公牛犊牵来,亚郎和他的儿子按手在赎罪祭的公牛犊头上,14He offered also the calf for sin: and when Aaron and his sons had put their hands upon the head thereof,
15把牛宰了,梅瑟取了血,用手指抹在祭坛四周的角上,洁净了祭坛;将剩下的血倒在祭坛脚旁:这样就祝圣了祭坛,为祭坛行了洁净礼。15He immolated it: and took the blood, and dipping his finger in it, he touched the horns of the altar round about. Which being expiated, and sanctified, he poured the rest of the blood at the bottom thereof.
16此后,梅瑟将贴在内脏上所有的脂肪、肝叶、两肾和两肾上的脂肪,放在祭坛上焚烧;16But the fat that was upon the entrails, and the caul of the liver, and the two little kidneys, with their fat, he burnt upon the altar:
17牛犊的皮、肉和粪,都在营外用火烧了:全照上主对梅瑟所吩咐的。17And the calf with the skin, and the flesh and the dung, he burnt without the camp, as the Lord had commanded.
18此后,梅瑟把作全燔祭的公绵羊牵来,亚郎和他的儿子按手在羊头上,18He offered also a ram for a holocaust: and when Aaron and his sons had put their hands upon its head,
19把羊宰了,梅瑟把血洒在祭坛四周;19He immolated it, and poured the blood thereof round about upon the altar.
20然后把羊切成碎块,将头和碎块以及板油全焚烧,20And cutting the ram into pieces, the head thereof, and the joints, and the fat he burnt in the fire,
21内脏和腿,用水洗净;梅瑟将整个公绵羊放在祭坛上焚烧:这是全燔祭,是中悦上主的馨香火祭,全照上主对梅瑟所吩咐的。21Having first washed the entrails, and the feet, and the whole ram together he burnt upon the altar, because it was a holocaust of most sweet odour to the Lord, as he had commanded him.
22此后,梅瑟将第二只公绵羊,即作祝圣祭的公绵羊牵来,亚郎和他的儿子按手在羊头上。22He offered also the second ram, in the consecration of priests: and Aaron, and his sons put their hands upon the head thereof:
23把羊宰了,梅瑟取些血抹在亚郎的右耳垂,右手拇指和右脚大趾上。23And when Moses had immolated it, he took of the blood thereof, and touched the tip of Aaron's right ear, and the thumb of his right hand, and in like manner also the great toe of his right foot.
24梅瑟又叫亚郎的儿子前来,把血也抹在他们的右耳垂,右手拇指和右脚大趾上;剩下的血,梅瑟都洒在祭坛的四周。24He offered also the sons of Aaron: and when with the blood of the ram that was immolated, he had touched the tip of the right ear of every one of them, and the thumbs of their right hands, and the great toes of their right feet, the rest he poured on the altar round about:
25随后取出脂肪、肥尾、贴在内脏上所有的脂肪、肝叶、两肾和两肾上的脂肪,以及右后腿;25But the fat, and the rump, and all the fat that covereth the entrails, and the caul of the liver, and the two kidneys with their fat, and with the right shoulder, he separated.
26又由放在上主面前的无酵饼筐内,取出一块无酵饼,一块油饼和一块薄饼,放在脂肪和右后腿上;26And taking out of the basket; of unleavened bread, which was before the Lord, a loaf without leaven, and a cake tempered with oil and a wafer, he put them upon the fat, and the right shoulder,
27将这一切放在亚郎和他的儿子们的手上,在上主前行奉献的摇礼。27Delivering all to Aaron, and to his sons: while having lifted them up before the Lord,
28然后梅瑟由他们手中接过来,放在祭坛的全燔祭品上焚烧:这是祝圣祭,是中悦上主的馨香火祭。28He took them again from their hands, and burnt them upon the altar of holocaust, because it was the oblation of consecration, for a sweet odour of sacrifice to the Lord.
29以后,梅瑟拿了牺牲的胸脯,在上主前行了奉献的摇礼,这是由祝圣祭的公绵羊中,梅瑟应得的一份,有如上主对梅瑟所吩咐的。29And he took of the ram of consecration, the breast for his portion, elevating it before the Lord, as the Lord had commanded him.
30以后,梅瑟拿了些圣油和祭坛上的血,洒在亚郎和他的衣服上,他的儿子和他儿子的衣服上:这样就祝圣了亚郎和他的衣服,他的儿子和他儿子的衣服。30And taking the ointment, and the blood that was upon the altar, he sprinkled Aaron, and his vestments, and his sons, and their vestments with it.
31梅瑟又对亚郎和他的儿子说:「你们应在会幕门口煮祭肉,也在那里吃这肉和筐内放的祝圣祭的饼,有如上主曾吩咐我的:亚郎和他的儿子应当吃。31And when he had sanctified them in their vestments, he commanded them, saying: Boil the flesh before the door of the tabernacle, and there eat it. Eat ye also the loaves of consecration, that are laid in the basket, as the Lord commanded me, saying: Aaron and his sons shall eat them:
32剩下的肉和饼,你们应用火烧了。32And whatsoever shall be left of the flesh and the leaves, shall be consumed with fire.
33七天的工夫,你们不可出会幕门口,直到你们的受职礼满期的那一天,因为你们的受职礼是七天。33And you shall not go out of the door of the tabernacle for seven days, until the day wherein the time of your consecration shall be expired. For in seven days the consecration is finished:
34照今天所做的,上主还叫照样去做,好为你们赎罪。34As at this present it hath been done, that the rite of the sacrifice might be accomplished.
35七天七夜,你们应住在会幕门口,遵守上主的礼规,以免死亡,因为上主这样吩咐了我。」35Day and night shall you remain in the tabernacle observing the watches of the Lord, lest you die: for so it hath been commanded me.
36凡上主藉梅瑟所吩咐的事,亚郎和他的儿子都做了。36And Aaron and his sons did all things which the Lord spoke by the hand of Moses.
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