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肋未纪 Leviticus
1赎过祭的法律如下:这是至圣之祭。1This also is the law of the sacrifice for a trespass, it is most holy:
2赎过祭牺牲应在宰杀全燔祭牺牲的地方宰杀,血应洒在祭坛的四周。2Therefore where the holocaust is immolated, the victim also for a trespass shall be slain: the blood thereof shall be poured round about the altar.
3牺牲所有的一切脂肪都应献上,即油尾和遮盖内脏的脂肪,3They shall offer thereof the rump and the fat that covereth the entrails:
4两肾和两肾上靠腰部的脂肪,以及同两肾一起取出的肝叶。4The two little kidneys, and the fat which is by the flanks, and the caul of the liver with the little kidneys.
5司祭应将这一切放在祭坛上焚烧,献与上主当作火祭:这是赎过祭。5And the priest shall burn them upon the altar: it is the burnt sacrifice of the Lord for a trespass.
6至于祭肉,司祭家中,凡是男人都可以吃,应在圣处吃:这是至圣之物。6Every male of the priestly race, shall eat this flesh in a holy place, because it is most holy.
7关于赎过祭牺牲,像赎罪祭牺牲有同样的法律:应全归举行赎罪礼的司祭。7As the sacrifice for sin is offered, so is also that for a trespass: the same shall be the law of both these sacrifices: it shall belong to the priest that offereth it.
8代人奉献全燔祭的司祭,得享献作全燔祭牺牲的皮;8The priest that offereth the victim of holocaust, shall have the skin thereof.
9凡在炉里烤的,或在锅里,或在烤盘上预备的素祭祭品,应归献此祭的司祭。9And every sacrifice of flour that is baked in the oven, and whatsoever is dressed on the gridiron, or in the fryingpan, shall be the priest's that offereth it:
10一切素祭祭品无论是调油的,或是干制的,全归亚郎的子孙彼此平分。10Whether they be tempered with oil, or dry, all the sons of Aaron shall have one as much as another.
11献与上主和平祭的法律如下:11This is the law of the sacrifice of peace offerings that is offered to the Lord.
12若有人为感恩而献祭,除感恩祭祭品外,还应献上油调的无酵饼,抹油的无酵薄饼,以及用油和好细面做成的油饼。12If the oblation be for thanksgiving, they shall offer leaves without leaven tempered with oil, and unleavened wafers anointed with oil, and fine flour fried, and cakes tempered and mingled with oil:
13除这些饼以外,还应奉献发酵的饼作祭品,与感恩的和平祭品一同奉献。13Moreover leaves of leavened bread with the sacrifice of thanks, which is offered for peace offerings:
14由这些祭品中,每样应取出一份,献与上主作献仪:这一份应归那洒和平祭牲血的司祭。14Of which one shall be offered to the Lord for firstfruits, and shall be the priest's that shall pour out the blood of the victim.
15为感恩所献的和平祭的祭肉,应在奉献的当日吃尽;不可留到次日早晨。15And the flesh of it shall be eaten the same day, neither shall any of it remain until the morning.
16如所献的牺牲是还愿祭或是自愿祭,在奉献的那天应该吃;如有剩下的,第二天也可吃;16If any man by vow, or of his own accord offer a sacrifice, it shall in like manner be eaten the same day: and if any of it remain until the morrow, it is lawful to eat it:
17如还有剩下的祭肉,到第三天应用火烧了。17But whatsoever shall be found on the third day shall be consumed with fire.
18若在第三天还吃和平祭祭肉,祭献必不被悦纳;为奉献的人,也不算作祭献,因为肉已不洁;吃的人,必负罪债。18If any man eat of the flesh of the victim of peace offerings on the third day, the oblation shall be of no effect, neither shall it profit the offerer: yea rather whatsoever soul shall defile itself with such meat, shall be guilty of transgression.
19祭肉若接触了不洁之物,不许再吃,应用火焚烧;凡洁净的人可吃祭肉;19The flesh that hath touched any unclean thing, shall not be eaten, but shall be burnt with fire: he that is clean shall eat of it.
20但是染有不洁的人,若吃了献与上主和平祭的祭肉,这人应由民间铲除。20If any one that is defiled shall eat of the flesh of the sacrifice of peace offerings, which is offered to the Lord, he shall be cut off from his people.
21若有人接触了任何不洁,或不洁的人,或不洁的禽兽,或任何不洁之物,而吃了献与上主和平祭的祭肉,这人应由民间铲除。」21And he that hath touched the uncleanness of man, or of beast, or of any thing that can defile, and shall eat of such kind of flesh, shall be cut off from his people.
22上主训示梅瑟说:22And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:
23「你告诉以色列子民说:凡是牛、绵羊和山羊的脂肪,你们都不可吃。23Say to the children of Israel: The fat of a sheep, and of an ox, and of a goat you shall not eat.
24自死或被野兽撕裂的走兽的脂肪,可作任何用途,但决不可吃。24The fat of a carcass that hath died of itself, and of a beast that was caught by another beast, you shall have for divers uses.
25不论谁,若吃了能献与上主作火祭的牲畜的脂肪,吃的人就应由民间铲除。25If any man eat the fat that should be offered for the burnt sacrifice of the Lord, he shall perish out of his people.
26在你们任何所居之地,凡是血,不论是鸟血或兽血,决不可吃。26Moreover you shall not eat the blood of any creature whatsoever, whether of birds or beasts.
27不论谁,若吃了什么血,这人应由民间铲除。」27Every one that eateth blood, shall perish from among the people.
28上主训示梅瑟说:28And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:
29「你告诉以色列子民说:凡向上主奉献和平祭祭品的,应由和平祭祭品取出一部分,作为献于上主的供物。29Speak to the children of Israel, saying: He that offereth a victim of peace offerings to the Lord, let him offer therewith a sacrifice also, that is, the libations thereof.
30亲手带来献与上主的火祭,即带来脂肪和胸脯;胸脯应在上主前行奉献的摇礼。30He shall hold in his hands the fat of the victim, and the breast: and when he hath offered and consecrated both to the Lord, he shall deliver them to the priest,
31司祭将脂肪放在祭坛上焚烧,胸脯归于亚郎和他的儿子。31Who shall burn the fat upon the altar, but the breast shall be Aaron's and his sons'.
32和平祭牺牲的后右腿,你们应送给司祭作献仪。32The right shoulder also of the victims of peace offerings shall fall to the priest for firstfruits.
33亚郎子孙中谁奉献了和平祭牺牲的血和脂肪,右后腿应归于他,是他的一分。33He among the sons of Aaron, that offereth the blood, and the fat, he shall have the right shoulder also for his portion.
34因为我由以色列子民所献的和平祭中,取出当摇献的胸脯和当举献的右后腿,给了亚郎司祭和他的儿子,作为他们在以色列子民中永享的权利」。34For the breast that is elevated and the shoulder that is separated I have taken of the children of Israel, from off their victims of peace offerings, and have given them to Aaron the priest, and to his sons, by a law for ever, from all the people of Israel.
35这是亚郎和他的儿子,在受命为上主尽司祭职的那一天,因受傅由献与上主的火祭中应得的一分;35This is the anointing of Aaron and his sons, in the ceremonies of the Lord, in the day when Moses offered them, that they might do the office of priesthood,
36是上主在他们受傅的那一天,吩咐以色列子民应交给他们的一分:这是他们世世代代永享的权利。36And the things that the Lord commanded to be given them by the children of Israel, by a perpetual observance in their generations.
37以上是关于全燔祭、素祭、赎罪祭、赎过祭、祝圣祭及和平祭的法律。37This is the law of holocaust, and of the sacrifice for sin, and for trespass, and for consecration, and the victims of peace offerings:
38这些法律是上主在他命令以色列子民,于西乃旷野给上主奉献祭品的那天,在西乃山上向梅瑟所咐吩的。38Which the Lord appointed to Moses in mount Sinai, when he commanded the children of Israel, that they should offer their oblations to the Lord in the desert of Sinai.
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