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友弟德传 Judith
1在那几天,默辣黎的女儿友弟德也听说了这些事。──默辣黎是敖克斯的儿子,敖克斯是若瑟的儿子,若瑟是敖齐耳的儿子,敖齐耳是厄耳基雅的儿子,厄耳基雅是阿纳尼雅的儿子,阿纳尼雅是基德红的儿子,基德红是辣法因的儿子,辣法因是阿希托布的儿子,阿希托布是厄里雅的儿子,厄里雅是希耳基雅的儿子,希耳基雅是厄里雅布的儿子,厄里雅布是纳塔纳耳的儿子,纳塔纳耳是撒拉米耳的儿子,撒拉米耳是撒辣撒待的儿子,撒辣撒待是西默盎的儿子,西默盎是以色列的儿子。──1Now it came to pass, when Judith a widow had heard these words, who was the daughter of Merari, the son of Idox, the son of Joseph, the son of Ozias, the son of Elai, the son of Jamnor, the son of Gedeon, the son of Raphaim, the son of Achitob, the son of Melehias, the son of Enan, the son of Nathanias, the son of Salathiel, the son of Simeon, the son of Ruben:
2她的丈夫默纳舍与她同支派又同家族,是在收割大麦时死的;2And her husband was Manasses, who died in the time of the barley harvest:
3他在田间监督工人綑麦穗时,不料头部中暑,一病不起,死在拜突里雅本城;人将他葬在多堂及巴拉孟之间的祖茔里。3For he was standing over them that bound sheaves in the field; and the heat came upon his head, and he died in Bethulia his own city, and was buried there with his fathers.
4这时友弟德居家守寡,已有三年零四个月。4And Judith his relict was a widow now three years and six months.
5她在屋顶上,搭了一个帐幕,腰束苦带,身穿寡妇衣饰。5And she made herself a private chamber in the upper part of her house, in which she abode shut up with her maids.
6除了安息前日与安息日,月朔前日与月朔,以及以色列家的节期与庆典外,在她居寡期内,天天禁食。6And she wore haircloth upon her loins, and fasted all the days of her life, except the sabbaths, and new moons, and the feasts of the house of Israel.
7她的容貌姣美,艳丽好看。她的丈夫默纳舍,留下了不少金银、奴婢、牲畜与田产,她坚守遗业,7And she was exceedingly beautiful, and her husband left her great riches, and very many servants, and large possessions of herds of oxen, and flocks of sheep.
8很敬畏天主,所以说她一句坏话的人也没有。8And she was greatly renowned among all, because she feared the Lord very much, neither was there any one that spoke an ill word of her.
9她听说百姓因为缺水,精神颓唐,向首长提出了严重的抗议。友弟德又听说,敖齐雅向他们所说的话,如何向他们发誓,五天以后,必将城池交给亚述人。9When therefore she had heard that Ozias had promised that he would deliver up the city after the fifth day, she sent to the ancients Chabri and Charmi.
10她便打发自己管家的使女,去召请城里的长老加布黎和加尔米来。10And they came to her, and she said to them: What is this word, by which Ozias hath consented to give up the city to the Assyrians, if within five days there come no aid to us?
11他们一来到,友弟德就对他们说:「拜突里雅居民的首长,请听我说!你们今天在百姓前说的话,实在不对;同时竟然对天主发誓,说五天以后,上主若不来援救,就将城池交给敌人。11And who are you that tempt the Lord?
12你们是什么人,今日竟敢试探天主,在人类中竟居天主之上?12This is not a word that may draw down mercy, but rather that may stir up wrath, and enkindle indignation.
13如今你们尽管试验全能的上主罢!可是你们始终一无所知!13You have set a time for the mercy of the Lord, and you have appointed him a day, according to your pleasure.
14你们既不能探究人的心曲,又不能明悉人明悟中的思念,如何能探究那创造万有的天主,知道他的心思,认清他的旨意?断乎不能!兄弟们,不可触怒上主我们的天主!14But forasmuch as the Lord is patient, let us be penitent for this same thing, and with many tears let us beg his pardon:
15如果他在五天内,不肯前来施救,他仍有权力在他愿意的时日保护我们,或在我们仇敌前将我们消灭。15For God will not threaten like man, nor be inflamed to anger like the son of man.
16你们没有要求保证的权利,而强迫上主,我们的天主,改变旨意,因为天主不同人一样可以受威胁,或如人子一样可以受支配。16And therefore let us humble our souls before him, and continuing in an humble spirit, in his service:
17为此,我们只有等待他的救援,呼求他来援助;如果他愿意,必会俯听我们的呼声。17Let us ask the Lord with tears, that according to his will so he would shew his mercy to us: that as our heart is troubled by their pride, so also we may glorify in our humility.
18何况,我们这一代从来没有,且今日我们也没有一支派,一家族,一村庄,一城市,像昔日一样敬拜人造的神像。18For we have not followed the sins of our fathers, who forsook their God, and worshipped strange gods.
19昔日为了这事,我们的祖先曾被刀斩、劫掠,在敌人前,惨遭灭亡。19For which crime they were given up to their enemies, to the sword, and to pillage, and to confusion: but we know no other God but him.
20如今我们除了恭敬天主外,不认识别的神,所以也盼望他不会忽略我们,及我们同族的任何人。20Let us humbly wait for his consolation, and the Lord our God will require our blood of the afflictions of our enemies, and he will humble all the nations that shall rise up against us, and bring them to disgrace.
21如果我们投降,全犹太也必投降,我们的圣所必遭抢掠。对他们受的污辱,上主必向我们追讨血债;21And now, brethren, as you are the ancients among the people of God, and their very soul resteth upon you: comfort their hearts by your speech, that they may be mindful how our fathers were tempted that they might be proved, whether they worshipped their God truly.
22同胞被屠杀,国土被掠夺,祖业遭废弃,都要归咎于将散居在异民中为奴的我们,我们就成为那主宰我们者的讥笑凌辱的对象了。22They must remember how our father Abraham was tempted, and being proved by many tribulations, was made the friend of God.
23因为我们投降,并不会转祸为福,上主我们的天主,必因此使我们蒙受羞辱。23So Isaac, so Jacob, so Moses, and all that have pleased God, passed through many tribulations, remaining faithful.
24兄弟们!如今我们应为同胞做好榜样,因为他们的性命系于我们,圣所、圣殿和祭坛,也赖我们来维护;24But they that did not receive the trials with the fear of the Lord, but uttered their impatience and the reproach of their murmuring against the Lord,
25为了这一切,我们要感谢上主,我们的天主,因为他考验我们,像考验我们的祖先一样。25Were destroyed by the destroyer, and perished by serpents.
26请你们回忆他对亚巴郎所作的,又怎样考验了依撒格;看看雅各伯在叙利亚的美索不达米亚替他舅父放羊时,有了什么遭遇。26As for us therefore let us not revenge ourselves for these things which we suffer.
27原来他锻炼他们,乃是为考验他们的心;上主也这样鞭责我们,并不是为惩罚,乃是为警戒与他亲近的人。」27But esteeming these very punishments to be less than our sins deserve, let us believe that these scourges of the Lord, with which like servants we are chastised, have happened for our amendment, and not for our destruction.
28敖齐雅对她说:「你说的这一切,都是出于好心,谁也不会反对你的话。28And Ozias and the ancients said to her: All things which thou hast spoken are true, and there is nothing to be reprehended in thy words.
29你的智慧,并不是今天初次才显露出来,而是自你幼年,众百姓就已赏识你的见解,知道你的心怎样良善。29Now therefore pray for us, for thou art a holy woman, and one fearing God.
30无奈,百姓渴得要命,逼迫我们,要按我们对他们所说的去行,而且还胁迫我们,发了我们不可违犯的誓。30And Judith said to them: As you know that what I have been able to say is of God:
31如今请你为我们祈祷,因为你是虔诚的妇女,上主必降甘霖,注满我们的池沼,使我们不再渴得发晕。31So that which I intend to do prove ye if it be of God, and pray that God may strengthen my design.
32友弟德对他们说:「请听我说,我要作一件在我们民族的子孙中万世流芳的事。32You shall stand at the gate this night, and I will go out with my maidservant: and pray ye, that as you have said, in five days the Lord may look down upon his people Israel.
33今夜,你们应站在城门口,我要同我的使女出城,在你们所定要把城池交给敌人的日期内,上主会藉着我的手,眷顾以色列。33But I desire that you search not into what I am doing, and till I bring you word let nothing else be done but to pray for me to the Lord our God.
34你们不要侦查我的行动,因为在我要作的事情未完成以前,我不告诉你们。」34And Ozias the prince of Juda said to her: Go in peace, and the Lord be with thee to take revenge of our enemies. So returning they departed.
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