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友弟德传 Judith
1住在犹太的以色列子民,听说亚述王拿步高的统帅敖罗斐乃对异民所行的一切,如何抢劫破坏了他们的一切庙宇,1Then the children of Israel, who dwelt in the land of Juda, hearing these things, were exceedingly afraid of him.
2就万分害怕,为耶路撒冷与上主他们的天主的圣殿十分担心,2Dread and horror seized upon their minds, lest he should do the same to Jerusalem and to the temple of the Lord, that he had done to other cities and their temples.
3因为他们才从充军之地归来,全犹太人民重新聚合不久,刚把器皿、祭坛、圣殿在经过亵渎之后,从新祝圣。3And they sent into all Samaria round about, as far as Jericho, and seized upon all the tops of the mountains:
4因此,他们便打发使者到撒玛黎雅全境,到科纳、贝特曷龙、贝耳玛因、耶里哥、苛巴、爱索辣与撒冷山谷一带,4And they compassed their towns with walls, and gathered together corn for provision for war.
5嘱咐他们先要占据各高山的山顶,在山上的村庄,修筑防御工事,储蓄粮食,准备应战,好在他们的田园才收获不久。5And Eliachim the priest wrote to all that were over against Esdrelon, which faceth the great plain near Dothain, and to all by whom there might be a passage of way, that they should take possession of the ascents of the mountains, by which there might be any way to Jerusalem, and should keep watch where the way was narrow between the mountains.
6当时正在耶路撒冷当大司祭的约雅金,给在拜突里雅及位于厄斯得隆前,多堂附近平原对面的拜托默斯坦城的人民,写了一封信,6And the children of Israel did as the priest of the Lord Eliachim had appointed them,
7吩咐他们应把守上山进入犹太的道路,因为这道路狭隘,只能通过两人,很容易阻止敌人进攻。7And all the people cried to the Lord with great earnestness, and they humbled their souls in fastings, and prayers, both they and their wives.
8以色列子民就遵照大司祭约雅金,以及位于耶路撒冷全以色列人民的长老院的吩咐办了。8And the priests put on haircloths, and they caused the little children to lie prostrate before the temple of the Lord, and the altar of the Lord they covered with haircloth.
9全以色列人,都热切呼号天主,极力自卑自谦。9And they cried to the Lord the God of Israel with one accord, that their children might not be made a prey, and their wives carried off, and their cities destroyed, and their holy things profaned, and that they might not be made a reproach to the Gentiles.
10他们和妻子儿女,牲畜旅客,佣工奴婢,都腰束苦衣。10Then Eliachim the high priest of the Lord went about all Israel and spoke to them,
11凡住在耶路撒冷的以色列男女及幼童,都俯伏在圣殿前,头上撒灰,在上主面前,展开苦衣;11Saying: Know ye that the Lord will hear your prayers, if you continue with perseverance in fastings and prayers in the sight of the Lord.
12即是祭坛,也围上苦衣,诚心热切一同呼求以色列的天主,不让敌人来劫掠自己的幼童,掳掠自己的妇女,毁灭自己产业中的城邑,轻蔑污辱自己的圣所,而使异民得意欢腾。12Remember Moses the servant of the Lord, who overcame Amalec that trusted in his own strength, and in his power, and in his army, and in his shields, and in his chariots, and in his horsemen, not by fighting with the sword, but by holy prayers:
13上主俯听了他们的哀声,怜视了他们的苦难。全犹太和耶路撒冷境内的百姓,在全能上主的圣所前,禁食多日。13So shall all the enemies of Israel be, if you persevere in this work which you have begun.
14大司祭约雅金,以及一切侍立在上主面前的人,司祭与上主的仆役,都腰束苦衣,奉献恒常的全燔祭,奉献人民许愿和自愿献上的供物,14So they being moved by this exhortation of his, prayed to the Lord, and continued in the sight of the Lord.
15在头巾上撒灰,高声呼求上主,眷顾以色列全家。15So that even they who offered the holocausts to the Lord, offered the sacrifices to the Lord girded with haircloths, and with ashes upon their head.
16 16And they all begged of God with all their heart, that he would visit his people Israel.
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