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1拿步高在尼尼微大城为亚述王第十二年,那时阿法撒得也在厄克巴塔纳为玛待王。1Now Arphaxad king of the Medes had brought many nations under his dominions, and he built a very strong city, which he called Ecbatana,
2阿法撒得在厄克巴塔纳周围,用凿成宽三肘,长六肘的石块,修建了一座高七十肘,宽五十肘的城垣。2Of stones squared and hewed: he made the walls thereof seventy cubits broad, and thirty cubits high, and the towers thereof he made a hundred cubits high. But on the square of them, each side was extended the space of twenty feet.
3在城门旁,还建筑了一些碉楼,高一百肘,基广六十肘;3And he made the gates thereof according to the height of the towers:
4又修了城门,高达七十肘,宽四十肘,以便他的大军可以出发,步队可以列队而行。4And he gloried as a mighty one in the force of his army and in the glory of his chariots.
5那时,拿步高王在辣高境内一个大平原上,与阿法撒得王作战。5Now in the twelfth year of his reign, Nabuchodonosor king of the Assyrians, who reigned in Ninive the great city, fought against Arphaxad and overcame him,
6凡居住在山地、幼发拉的、底格里斯、依达斯贝,以及属厄蓝王阿黎约客的平原上的人民,都支持阿法撒得;因此有许多民族前来参加赫娄得人的战争。6In the great plain which is called Ragua, about the Euphrates, and the Tigris, and the Jadason, in the plain of Erioch the king of the Elicians.
7亚述王拿步高遂向波斯所有居民,向西方所有居民:即住在基里基雅、大马士革、黎巴嫩、安提黎巴嫩,以及所有沿海一带的人,7Then was the kingdom of Nabuchodonosor exalted, and his heart was elevated: and he sent to all that dwelt in Cilicia and Damascus, and Libanus,
8向加尔默耳、基肋阿得、上加里肋亚、厄斯得隆大平原的民族,8And to the nations that are in Carmelus, and Cedar, and to the inhabitants of Galilee in the great plain of Asdrelon,
9向撒玛黎雅及所属城镇,向约但河西岸直到耶路撒冷、巴塔乃、赫娄斯、卡德士的居民,向埃及河、塔弗乃、辣默色斯及哥笙全境,9And to all that were in Samaria, and beyond the river Jordan even to Jerusalem, and all the land of Jesse till you come to the borders of Ethiopia.
10直到塔尼斯上部与孟非斯的居民,向住在埃及至厄提约丕雅边疆上的居民,派遣使节;10To all these Nabuchodonosor king of the Assyrians, sent messengers:
11但上述各地的居民,都轻视亚述王拿步高的号召,不肯与他联盟参战,也不怕他,看他不过如一常人,叫他的使者空手蒙羞而回。11But they all with one mind refused, and sent them back empty, and rejected them without honour.
12拿步高对这些国家大怒,即指著自己的御座和帝国发誓,必雪此恨,要用刀兵消灭基里基雅、大马士革和叙利亚全境,以及摩阿布境内一切居民,阿孟子民,犹太全国与埃及,直到两海边境间的一切居民。12Then king Nabuchodonosor being angry against all that land, swore by his throne and kingdom that he would revenge himself of all those countries.
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