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友弟德传 Judith
1敖罗斐乃令人领她到布满银具的餐厅内,吩咐人给她吃他自己的食品,给她喝他自己的酒。1Then he ordered that she should go in where his treasures were laid up, and bade her tarry there, and he appointed what should be given her from his own table.
2但友弟德回答说:「我不愿吃这些东西,怕有什么防碍;我带来的东西,已足够我吃用的了。」2And Judith answered him and said: Now I cannot eat of these things which thou commandest to be given me, lest sin come upon me: but I will eat of the things which I have brought.
3敖罗斐乃问她说:「假使你带来的东西用完了,从那里能拿同样的东西来给你呢?我们这里没有你同族的人。」3And Holofernes said to her: If these things which thou hast brought with thee fail thee, what shall we do for thee?
4友弟德答应他说:「我主万岁!直到上主藉着我的手,完成他所愿意的事以前,我带来的东西,你的婢女是不会用尽的。」4And Judith said: As thy soul liveth, my lord, thy handmaid shall not spend all these things till God do by my hand that which I have purposed. And his servants brought her into the tent which he had commanded.
5以后,敖罗斐乃的仆从领她进入一座帐幕。她睡到半夜,晨更前便起来了,5And when she was going in, she desired that she might have liberty to go out at night and before day to prayer, and to beseech the Lord.
6打发人到敖罗斐乃那里说:「请我主下令,准你的婢女出外祈祷。」6And he commanded his chamberlains, that she might go out and in, to adore her God as she pleased, for three days.
7敖罗斐乃就吩咐侍卫,不要阻止她。她在营中住了三天,每夜都出去,往拜突里雅山谷中,哨兵布防的水泉旁沐浴;7And she went out in the nights into the valley of Bethulia, and washed herself in a fountain of water.
8然后上来,哀求上主以色列的天主,指给她一条拯救自己同族子民的正路。8And as she came up, she prayed to the Lord the God of Israel, that he would direct her way to the deliverance of his people.
9她取洁回去后,留在帐幕里,直到晚上吃饭的时候。9And going in, she remained pure in the tent, until she took her own meat in the evening.
10到了第四天,敖罗斐乃设宴,只邀请自己的侍卫,军官中一个也没有邀请。10And it came to pass on the fourth day, that Holofernes made a supper for his servants, and said to Vagao his eunuch: Go, and persuade that Hebrew woman, to consent of her own accord to dwell with me.
11他对自己的总管巴哥阿宦官说:「你去劝说住在你旁边的那个希伯来妇女到我们这里来,同我们一起宴饮。11For it is looked upon as shameful among the Assyrians, if a woman mock a man, by doing so as to pass free from him.
12如果有这样一个美人在跟前,而不与她交结,这真是扫兴的事!如果我们不引她来,人反会耻笑我们。」12Then Vagao went in to Judith, and said: Let not my good maid be afraid to go in to my lord, that she may be honoured before his face, that she may eat with him and drink wine and be merry.
13巴哥阿离开敖罗斐乃去见她说:「你这美丽的女郎!不要踌躇到我主上那里去,当面受他的尊敬,与我们饮酒取乐。今日你要变作拿步高宫内亚述的公主。」13And Judith answered him: Who am I, that I should gainsay my lord?
14友弟德回答他说:「我是谁,胆敢违背我主上的意思?凡他喜欢的事,我必赶快去作。这是我一生至死最大的喜悦。」14All that shall be good and best before his eyes, I will do. And whatsoever shall please him, that shall be best to me all the days of my life.
15遂立即前来,穿上锦衣,佩带了妇女所佩带的装饰品;叫她的婢女先去,把巴哥阿给她每日坐着吃饭的皮垫拿去,给友弟德铺在敖罗斐乃对面的地上。15And she arose and dressed herself out with her garments, and going in she stood before his face.
16友弟德进来,就了位,敖罗斐乃一看她,即心不守舍,神魂颠倒,贪其美色;原来自从见了她那一天起,就想乘机勾引她。16And the heart of Holofernes was smitten, for he was burning with the desire of her.
17此时敖罗斐乃对她说:「喝罢,大家一同欢乐!」17And Holofernes said to her: Drink now, and sit down and be merry for thou hast found favour before me.
18友弟德说:「是,我主!我愿喝,因为我有生以来,我的生活没有像今天再有价值的了!」18And Judith said: I will drink my lord, because my life is magnified this day above all my days.
19就在他面前,将自己婢女预备好的,拿来吃喝。19And she took and ate and drank before him what her maid had prepared for her.
20敖罗斐乃见她如此,喜极狂欢,遂开怀畅饮;有生以来,没有一天,喝过这么多的酒。20And Holofernes was made merry on her occasion, and drank exceeding much wine, so much as he had never drunk in his life.
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