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1耶鲁巴耳的儿子阿彼默肋客到舍根去见他的母舅们,对他们和他母家的人说:1And Abimelech the son of Jerobaal went to Sichem to his mother's brethren and spoke to them, and to all the kindred of his mother's father, saying:
2「请你们问一问舍根所有的公民:是耶鲁巴耳的儿子七十人治理你们好呢?还是一个人治理你们好呢?你们还要记得:我是你们的骨肉。」2Speak to all the men of Sichem: whether is better for you that seventy men all the sons of Jerobaal should rule over you, or that one man should rule over you? And withal consider that I am your bone, and your flesh.
3他的母舅们就替他把这些话传给舍根所有的公民;他们的心都倾向阿彼默肋客,因为他们说:「他确是我们的兄弟!」3And his mother's brethren spoke of him to all the men of Sichem, all these words, and they inclined their hearts after Abimelech, saying: He is our brother:
4他们遂从巴耳贝黎特庙里拿了七十块银钱给他,阿彼默肋客就用这些钱雇了一些放荡无赖之徒跟随他。4And they gave him seventy weight of silver out of the temple of Baalberith: wherewith he hired to himself men that were needy, and vagabonds, and they followed him.
5他回到敖弗辣他父亲家里,在一块石头上把自己的兄弟,即耶鲁巴耳的儿子七十人都杀了,只剩下耶鲁巴耳的幼子约堂,因为他藏了起来。5And he came to his father's house in Ephra, and slew his brethren the sons of Jerobaal, seventy men, upon one stone: and there remained only Joatham the youngest son of Jerobaal, who was hidden.
6于是舍根所有的公民和贝特米罗人都集合起来,在舍根的纪念碑前那棵橡树下,立阿彼默肋客为王。6And all the men of Sichem were gathered together, and all the families of the city of Mello: and they went and made Abimelech king, by the oak that stood in Sichem.
7有人将此事告诉了约堂,约堂就上了革黎斤山顶,站在那里,高声向他们喊说:「舍根的公民,请你们听我,望天主也听你们!7This being told to Joatham, he went and stood on the top of mount Garizim: and lifting up his voice, he cried, and said: Hear me, ye men of Sichem, so may God hear you.
8有一次,众树要去立一树为他们的君王,就对橄榄树说:请你作我们的君王!8The trees went to anoint a king over them: and they said to the olive tree: Reign thou over us.
9橄榄树回答说:人用我的油来敬礼神,尊崇人,难道要我放弃出油,而去摇摇在众树之上吗?9And it answered: Can I leave my fatness, which both gods and men make use of, to come to be promoted among the trees?
10众树又对无花果树说:请你来作我们的君王!10And the trees said to the fig tree: Come thou and reign over us.
11无花果树回答说:难道要我舍掉我的甘甜和美果,而去摇摇在众树之上吗?11And it answered them: Can I leave my sweetness, and my delicious fruits, and go to be promoted among the other trees?
12众树又对葡萄树说:请你来作我们的君王!12And the trees said to the vine: Come thou and reign over us.
13葡萄树就回答说:我的新酒悦乐神人,难道要我放弃出产,而去摇摇在众树之上吗?13And it answered them: Can I forsake my wine, that cheereth God and men, and be promoted among the other trees?
14于是众树对荆棘说:请你来作我们的君王!14And all the trees said to the bramble: Come thou and reign over us.
15荆棘对树木答道:若你们真愿立我作你们的君王,来罢!躲在我的荫下;否则,火必从荆棘冒出,吞灭黎巴嫩的香柏木。15And it answered them: If indeed you mean to make me king, come ye and rest under my shadow: but if you mean it not, let fire come out from the bramble, and devour the cedars of Libanus.
16现在,你们立阿彼默肋客为王,如果你们认为作的真诚正直,如果你们认为是善待了耶鲁巴耳和他的家族,如果你们认为你们这样行事,对得起他一手所立的功勋,──16Now therefore if you have done well, and without sin in appointing Abimelech king over you, and have dealt well with Jerobaal, and with his house, and have made a suitable return for the benefits of him, who fought for you,
17因为原是我父亲为你们作战而舍生,把你们由米德杨手中救出来。17And exposed his life to dangers, to deliver you from the hands of Madian,
18然而你们今日却来反对我父亲的家族,在一块石头上杀了他的儿子七十人,立他婢女的儿子阿彼默肋客为舍根公民的君王,因为他是你们的弟兄。──18And you are now risen up against my father's house, and have killed his sons seventy men upon one stone, and have made Abimelech the son of his handmaid king over the inhabitants of Sichem, because he is your brother:
19今天如果你们认为以真诚正直对待了耶鲁巴耳和他的家族,那么,你们就因阿彼默肋客而喜乐罢!希望他也因你们而喜乐!19If therefore you have dealt well, and without fault with Jerobaal, and his house, rejoice ye this day in Abimelech, and may he rejoice in you.
20不然,愿火从阿彼默肋客发出,吞灭舍根的公民和贝特米罗!也愿火从舍根的公民和贝特米罗发出,吞灭阿彼默肋客!」20But if unjustly: let fire come out from him, and consume the inhabitants of Sichem, and the town of Mello: and let fire come out from the men of Sichem, and from the town of Mello, and devour Abimelech.
21以后约堂出走,逃到贝尔去了,住在那里,远避他的哥哥阿彼默肋客。21And when he had said thus he fled, and went into Bera: and dwelt there for fear of Abimelech his brother.
22阿彼默肋客治理以色列三年。22So Abimelech reigned over Israel for three years.
23天主使恶神降在阿彼默肋客和舍根公民中间,舍根的公民便背叛了阿彼默肋客,23And the Lord sent a very evil spirit between Abimelech and the inhabitants of Sichem: who began to detest him,
24要报复对耶鲁巴耳七十个儿子的罪行,将他们的血归于他们的兄弟阿彼默肋客,因为是他杀害了他们;也归于舍根的公民,因为他们曾鼓励他杀害自己的兄弟。24And to leave the crime of the murder of the seventy sons of Jerobaal, and the shedding of their blood upon Abimelech their brother, and upon the rest of the princes of the Sichemites, who aided him.
25舍根公民为反抗他,就在山顶上设下伏兵,抢掠所有路过他们那里的人:有人将这事报告给阿彼默肋客。25And they set an ambush against him on the top of the mountains: and while they waited for his coming, they committed robberies, taking spoils of all that passed by: and it was told Abimelech.
26那时厄贝得的儿子加阿耳和他同族的人迁徙到舍根,舍根的居民竟信任了他;26And Gaal the son of Obed came with his brethren, and went over to Sichem. And the inhabitants of Sichem taking courage at his coming,
27他们便到田间收葡萄,榨酒,开庆祝会,到他们的神庙里又吃又喝,也咒骂了阿彼默肋客。27Went out into the fields, wasting the vineyards, and treading down the grapes: and singing and dancing they went into the temple of their god, and in their banquets and cups they cursed Abimelech.
28厄贝得的儿子加阿耳说:「阿彼默肋客是谁,我们舍根人是谁,我们竟该服事他?岂不是耶鲁巴耳的儿子和官员则步耳,该服事舍根的始祖哈摩尔的后人吗?我们为什么要服事阿彼默肋客?28And Gaal the son of Obed cried: Who is Abimelech, and what is Sichem, that we should serve him? Is he not the son of Jerobaal, and hath made Zebul his servant ruler over the men of Emor the father of Sichem? Why then shall we serve him?
29恨不得这百姓交于我手中,好把阿彼默肋客除掉。我要对阿彼默肋客说:增派你的军队出征罢!」29Would to God that some man would put this people under my hand, that I might remove Abimelech out of the way. And it was said to Abimelech: Gather together the multitude of an army, and come.
30则步耳城尉听到厄贝得的儿子加阿耳的话,大发忿怒,30For Zebul the ruler of the city, hearing the words of Gaal, the son of Obed, was very angry,
31遂打发使者去见在阿鲁玛的阿彼默肋客说:「看,厄贝得的儿子加阿耳和他的同族人,来到舍根,挑唆全城反叛你。31And sent messengers privately to Abimelech, saying: Behold Gaal the son of Obed is come into Sichem with his brethren, and endeavoureth to set the city against thee.
32所以现在你和跟随你的人夜里要起来,埋伏在田野间,32Arise therefore in the night with the people that is with thee and he hid in the field:
33明天早晨太阳一出来,就攻城。当他和随从他的人出来抵抗你时,你看看怎样好,就怎样对付他。」33And betimes in the morning at sun rising set upon the city. And when he shall come out against thee with his people, do to him what thou shalt be able.
34阿彼默肋客遂同所有跟随他的人夜间起身,分作四队,对着舍根设下埋伏。34Abimelech therefore arose with all his army by night, and laid ambushes near Sichem in four places.
35当厄贝得的儿子加阿耳出来,站在城门口时,阿彼默肋客便与随从他的人从埋伏的地方出来,35And Gaal the son of Obed went out, and stood in the entrance of the gate of the city. And Abimelech rose up, and all his army with him from the places of the ambushes.
36加阿耳一见这些人就对则步耳说:「看,有人从山顶下来!」则步耳回答他说:「你看见山影,误以为是人!」36And when Gaal saw the people, he said to Zebul: Behold a multitude cometh down from the mountains. And he answered him: Thou seest the shadows of the mountains as if they were the heads of men, and this is thy mistake.
37加阿耳接着又说:「看,有人从高地出来,又有一队沿巫士橡树道上前来。」37Again Gaal said: Behold there cometh people down from the middle of the land, and one troop cometh by the way that looketh towards the oak.
38则步耳对他说:现在你的口在那里?不是你曾说过:阿彼默肋客是谁,要我们服事他?这不是你所轻视的人吗?现在请你出去攻打他罢!」38And Zebul said to him: Where is now thy mouth wherewith thou saidst? Who is Abimelech that we should serve him? Is not this the people which thou didst despise? Go out, and fight against him.
39加阿耳就在舍根公民之前出去,攻打阿彼默肋客;39So Gaal went out in the sight of the people of Sichem, and fought against Abimelech,
40可是阿彼默肋客一追击他,他就在他面前逃跑了;直到城门有许多伤亡的人。40Who chased and put him to flight, and drove him to the city: and many were slain of his people, even to the gate of the city:
41以后阿彼默肋客回到阿鲁玛;则步耳将加阿耳和他的同族人赶走,禁止他们住在舍根。41And Abimelech sat down in Ruma: but Zebul drove Gaal, and his companions out of the city, and would not suffer them to abide in it.
42第二天早晨,人民到田野里去,有人告诉了阿彼默肋客,42So the day following the people went out into the field. And it was told Abimelech.
43他于是把自己的人分作三队,叫他们埋伏在田间;他自己窥望,当他看见百姓从城里出来,就冲过去,击杀了他们;43And he took his army, and divided it into three companies, and laid ambushes in the fields. And seeing that the people came out of the city, he arose and set upon them,
44当时阿彼默肋客与跟随他的军队冲过去,把住城门口,而另两队冲向田间的众人,杀了他们。44With his own company, assaulting and besieging the city: whilst the two other companies chased the enemies that were scattered about the field.
45那一天,阿彼默肋客整天攻打那城,把城攻下,杀了城中的居民,把城拆毁,撒上盐。45And Abimelech assaulted the city all that day: and took it, and killed the inhabitants thereof, and demolished it, so that he sowed salt in it.
46舍根碉堡里的人听见此事,就躲到巴耳贝黎特庙里的地穴里。46And when they who dwelt in the tower of Sichem had heard this, they went into the temple of their god Berith where they had made a covenant with him, and from thence the place had taken its name, and it was exceeding strong.
47有人告诉阿彼默肋客,人民都聚集在舍根碉堡内。阿彼默肋客和跟随他的人就上了匝耳孟山;47Abimelech also hearing that the men of the tower of Sichem were gathered together,
48阿彼默肋客手里拿着一把斧头,砍了一根树枝,拿起来放在肩上,然后向跟随他的人说:「你们看我作什么,你们也赶快照样去作!」48Went up into mount Selmon he and all his people with him: and taking an axe, he cut down the bough of a tree, and laying it on his shoulder and carrying it, he said to his companions: What you see me do, do you out of hand.
49于是众人都各砍了根树枝,随着阿彼默肋客把树枝堆在地穴上,在地穴上点了火,于是舍根碉堡里所有的人都死了,男女约有一千。49So they cut down boughs from the trees, every man as fast as he could, and followed their leader. And surrounding the fort they set it on fire: and so it came to pass that with the smoke and with the fire a thousand persons were killed, men and women together, of the inhabitants of the tower of Sichem.
50此后阿彼默肋客往特贝兹去,安营攻打特贝兹,也占据了那城。50Then Abimelech departing from thence came to the town of Thebes, which he surrounded and besieged with his army.
51在那城中有一座坚固的碉堡,该城所有的公民,男男女女都跑到那里躲避,关上门,上到碉堡顶上。51And there was in the midst of the city a high tower, to which both the men and the women were fled together, and all the princes of the city, and having shut and strongly barred the gate, they stood upon the battlements of the tower to defend themselves.
52阿彼默肋客来到碉堡前攻打;当他走近碉堡门口,要放火焚烧时,52And Abimelech coming near the tower, fought stoutly: and approaching to the gate, endeavoured to set fire to it:
53有一个妇人抛下了一块磨石,正落在阿彼默肋客头上,打碎了他的头盖骨。53And behold a certain woman casting a piece of a millstone from above, dashed it against the head of Abimelech, and broke his skull.
54他急忙喊叫替他执戟的少年,向他说:「拔出你的刀杀了我罢!免得人讲论我说:一个女子杀了他!」那少年就用刀刺死了他。54And he called hastily to his armourbearer, and said to him: Draw thy sword, and kill me: lest it should be said that I was slain by a woman. He did as he was commanded, and slew him.
55以色列人一见阿彼默肋客死了,各回了本家。55And when he was dead, all the men of Israel that were with him, returned to their homes.
56于是天主报复了阿彼默肋客对他父亲所行的恶事,因为他杀了自己的七十个兄弟;56And God repaid the evil, that Abimelech had done against his father, killing his seventy brethren.
57并且天主也把舍根人的一切恶行归在他们自己的头上:这样耶鲁巴耳的儿子约堂的诅咒,也应验在他们身上。57The Sichemites also were rewarded for what they had done, and the curse of Joatham the son of Jerobaal came upon them.
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