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1以色列人曾在米兹帕起誓说:「我们中谁也不可把自己的女儿嫁给本雅明人为妻。」1Now the children of Israel had also sworn in Maspha, saying: None of us shall give of his daughters to the children of Benjamin to wife.
2民众来到贝特耳,在天主面前,坐在那里,放声大哭,直到晚上;2And they all came to the house of God in Silo, and abiding before him till the evening, lifted up their voices, and began to lament and weep, saying:
3然后说:「上主以色列的天主!为什么在以色列中间发生了这事,今日竟使以色列中少了一支派?」3O Lord God of Israel, why is so great an evil come to pass in thy people, that this day one tribe should be taken away from among us?
4次日,百姓一早起来,在那里筑了一座祭坛,献了全燔祭与和平祭。4And rising early the next day, they built an altar: and offered there holocausts, and victims of peace, and they said:
5以后,以色列子民问说:「以色列众支派中,有谁没有上到上主面前,参加集会呢?」因为他们先前对于那些凡不上米兹帕到上主面前来的人,曾发过严誓说:「死无赦!」5Who is there among all the tribes of Israel that came not up with the army of the Lord? for they had bound themselves with a great oath, when they were in Maspha, that whosoever were wanting should be slain.
6以色列子民对他们的弟兄本雅明起了怜悯之心说:「今天以色列绝了一支派。6And the children of Israel being moved with repentance for their brother Benjamin, began to say: One tribe is taken away from Israel.
7我们曾指著上主起过誓,决不将我们的女儿给他们为妻,那么,我们怎样给所剩下的人娶妻呢?」7Whence shall they take wives? For we have all in general sworn, not to give our daughters to them.
8他们又问说:「以色列众支派中,有那一支派没有上米兹帕来到上主面前呢?」看,由基肋阿得雅贝士中没有一人入营,参加集会。8Therefore they said: Who is thereof all the tribes of Israel, that came not up to the Lord to Maspha. And behold the inhabitants of Jabes Galaad were found not to have been in that army.
9的确,检阅百姓的时候,没有一个基肋阿得雅贝士的居民在场。9(At that time also when they were in Silo, no one of them was found there.)
10因此会众打发一万二千勇士到那里去,吩咐他们说:「你们去用刀屠杀基肋阿得雅贝士的居民,连妇女孩子都在内。10So they sent ten thousand of the most valiant men, and commanded them, saying: Go and put the inhabitants of Jabes Galaad to the sword, with their wives and their children.
11你们要这样作;所有男子和与男子同过房的妇女,尽行杀掉,但要保留处女。」他们就这样作了。11And this is what you shall observe: Every male, and all women that have known men, you shall kill, but the virgins you shall save.
12他们在基肋阿得雅贝士居民之中,寻得了四百个未曾认识过男子,也未曾与男子同过房的少年处女,就把她们带到客纳罕地史罗营里。12And there were found of Jabes Galaad four hundred virgins, that had not known the bed of a man, and they brought them to the camp Silo, into the land of Chanaan.
13全会众又打发人往黎孟岩石去,与住在那里的本雅明子孙谈判,与他们讲和。13And they sent messengers to the children of Benjamin, that were in the rock Remmon, and commanded them to receive them in peace.
14本雅明子孙当时就回来了,会众就把基肋阿得雅贝士女子中所保留的少女,给他们为妻,但是数目不足。14And the children of Benjamin came at that time, and wives were given them of the daughters of Jabes Galaad: but they found no others, whom they might give in like manner.
15民众仍为本雅明人伤心难过,因为上主使以色列支派中有了缺陷。15And all Israel was very sorry, and repented for the destroying of one tribe out of Israel.
16会众的长老说:「本雅明的妇女既然都消灭了,我们怎样给所剩下的人娶妻呢?」16And the ancients said: What shall we do with the rest, that have not received wives? for all the women in Benjamin are dead.
17又说:「本雅明的遗民该有承嗣,免得以色列中泯没一支。17And we must use all care, and provide with great diligence, that one tribe be not destroyed out of Israel.
18但是,我们不能将自己的女儿给他们为妻,因为以色列曾起誓说:谁把女儿给本雅明人是可诅咒的!」18For as to our own daughters we cannot give them, being bound with an oath and a curse, whereby we said: Cursed be he that shall give Benjamin any of his daughters to wife.
19有人说:「看,年年在史罗举行上主的庆节。」──史罗位于贝特耳之北,贝特耳至舍根大路之东,肋波纳之南。19So they took counsel, and said: Behold there is a yearly solemnity of the Lord in Silo, which is situate on the north of the city of Bethel, and on the east side of the way, that goeth from Bethel to Sichem, and on the south of the town of Lebona.
20于是他们给本雅明子孙出主意说:「你们往葡萄园去,藏在那里。20And they commanded the children of Benjamin, and said: Go, and lie hid in the vineyards,
21等到你们看见史罗的童女出来列队跳舞,你们就从葡萄园中出来,从史罗的女儿中,各抢一个为妻,然后回本雅明地方去。21And when you shall see the daughters of Silo come out, as the custom is, to dance, come ye on a sudden out of the vineyards, and catch you every man his wife among them, and go into the land of Benjamin.
22她们的父亲或兄弟若是出来与我们争论,我们就说:求你们看我们的情面,恩待这些人,因为他们战场上没有得到女子为妻;况且又不是你们将女儿交给他们;若是你们给的,那就有罪了。」22And when their fathers and their brethren shall come, and shall begin to complain against you, and to chide, we will say to them: Have pity on them for they took them not away as by the right of war or conquest, but when they asked to have them, you gave them not, and the fault was committed on your part.
23本雅明子孙就这样作了:按数目抢跳舞的女子,各娶一个为妻;23And the children of Benjamin did, as they had been commanded: and according to their number, they carried off for themselves every man his wife of them that were dancing: and they went into their possession and built up their cities, and dwelt in them.
24以后他们就走了,回到自己的地业,重建城邑,住在那里。以后以色列子民从那里各回自己的支派和家族,从那里各回自己的家乡。24The children of Israel also returned by their tribes, and families, to their dwellings. In those days there was no king in Israel: but every one did that which seemed right to himself.
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