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1三松往迦萨去,在那里看见一个妓女,便去走近了她。1He went also into Gaza, and saw there a woman a harlot, and went in unto her.
2有人告诉迦萨人说:「三松到这里来了。」他们就把他围住,终夜派人埋伏在城门口,整夜静悄悄地等待他,说:「等到早晨天亮,我们才杀他。」2And when the Philistines had beard this, and it was noised about among them, that Samson was come into the city, they surrounded him, setting guards at the gate of the city, and watching there all the night in silence, that in the morning they might kill him as he went out.
3三松睡到半夜,半夜醒来,抓紧城门,连两个门框带门闩,一起拔起,放在肩上,背到赫贝龙对面的山顶上。3But Samson slept till midnight, and then rising he took both the doors of the gate, with the posts thereof, and the bolt, and laying them on his shoulders, carried them up to the top of the hill, which looketh towards Hebron.
4此后,他在芍勒克平原又爱上一个女人,名叫德里拉。4After this he loved a woman, who dwelt in the valley of Sorec, and she was called Dalila.
5培肋舍特的酋长上到她那里,对她说:「请你引诱他,看看他这样大的力量是从那里来的,我们怎样能制胜他,将他捆起,而制伏他;我们每人给你一千一百银子。」5And the princes of the Philistines came to her, and said: Deceive him, and learn of him wherein his great strength lieth, and how we may be able to overcome him, to bind and afflict him: which if thou shalt do, we will give thee every one of us eleven hundred pieces of silver.
6德里拉问三松说:「请你告诉我,你这样大的力量是从那里来的?人怎样才能将你捆起,而制伏你?」6And Dalila said to Samson: Tell me, I beseech thee, wherein thy greatest strength lieth, and what it is wherewith if thou wert bound thou couldst not break loose.
7三松回答说:「人若用七根未干的新牛筋绳将我捆起,我就像别人一样软弱。」7And Samson answered her: If I shall be bound with seven cords made of sinews not yet dry, but still moist, I shall be weak like other men.
8培肋舍特人的酋长就给她送来七根未干的新牛筋绳,她便用这些绳子将他捆起。8And the princes of the Philistines brought unto her seven cords, such is he spoke of, with which she bound him;
9当时有埋伏的人暗藏在她的内室里;德里拉向他喊说:「三松,培肋舍特人来捉你哩!」他就挣断牛筋绳,如同麻线被火烧断一样;于是人们仍不知他力量的所在。9Men lying privately in wait with her, and in the chamber expecting the event of the thing, and she cried out to him: The Philistines are upon thee, Samson. And he broke the bands, as a man would break a thread of tow twined with spittle, when it smelleth the fire: so it was not known wherein his strength Jay.
10德里拉遂对三松说:「看,你戏弄我,对我说谎。如今请你告诉我,怎样才能捆绑你?」10And Dalila said to him: Behold thou hast mocked me, and hast told me a false thing: but now at least tell me wherewith thou mayest be bound.
11他回答她说:「人若用从未用过的新绳将我捆起,我就像别人一样软弱。」11And he answered her: If I shall be bound with new ropes, that were never in work, I shall be weak and like other men.
12德里拉就拿新绳将他捆起,对他喊说:「三松,培肋舍特人来捉你哩!」当时仍有埋伏的人暗藏在内室里;但他挣断手臂上的绳子,好像一根丝线一样。12Dalila bound him again with these, and cried out: The Philistines are upon thee, Samson, there being an ambush prepared for him in the chamber. But he broke the bands like threads of webs.
13德里拉对三松说:「到现在你仍戏弄我,对我说谎;你告诉我,人怎样才能捆绑你?」他回答她说:「你若把我头上的七条发辫与织布的经线编在一起,然后用木橛钉住,我就像别人一样软弱。」13And Dalila said to him again: How long dost thou deceive me, and tell me lies? shew me wherewith thou mayest be bound. And Samson answered her: If thou plattest the seven locks of my head with a lace, and tying them round about a nail fastenest it in the ground, I shall be weak.
14德里拉使他睡了,然后把他头上的七条发辫与织布的经线编在一起,再用木橛钉住,向他喊说:「三松,培肋舍特人来捉你哩!」他从梦中醒来,把织布机的木橛连织布的经线都拔了出来。14And when Dalila had done this, she said to him: The Philistines are upon thee, Samson. And awaking out of his sleep he drew out the nail with the hairs and the lace.
15德里拉就对他说:「你心里既没有我,你怎能说:我爱你呢?你已三次戏弄我,还没有告诉我你这样大的力量是从那里来的!」15And Dalila said to him: How dost thou say thou lovest me, when thy mind is not with me? Thou hast told me lies these three times, and wouldst not tell me wherein thy great strength lieth.
16因为她天天用话来逼他,催他,致使他的精神苦恼得要死。16And when she pressed him much, and continually hung upon him for many days, giving him no time to rest, his soul fainted away, and was wearied even until death.
17三松遂把心中的一切全透露给她,对她说:「剃刀从未接触过我的头,因为我在母胎时就是献于天主的;人若剃去我的头发,我的力量就离开了我,我就像众人一样软弱。」17Then opening the truth of the thing, he said to her: The razor hath never come upon my head, for I am a Nazarite, that is to say, consecrated to God from my mother's womb: if my head be shaven, my strength shall depart from me, and I shall become weak, and shall be like other men.
18德里拉一见他把心中的一切全给她透露了,便打发人召培肋舍特的酋长来说:「这一次你们上来罢!因为他把心中的一切全透露给我。」于是培肋舍特人的酋长手中带着银子,来到德里拉那里。18Then seeing that be had discovered to her all his mind, she sent to the princes of the Philistines, saying: Come up this once more, for now he hath opened his heart to me. And they went up taking with them the money which they had promised.
19德里拉使三松睡在自己的膝上,又叫来一个人,剃去他头上的七条发辫,他就开始软弱无力,他的力量全离开了他。19But she made him sleep upon her knees, and lay his head in her bosom. And she called a barber, and shaved his seven locks, and began to drive him away, and thrust him from her: for immediately his strength departed from him.
20她于是喊说:「三松,培肋舍特人来捉你哩!」他由梦中醒来,心想:「这一次和前几次一样,我一挣扎,必能脱身。」他却不知道上主已离弃了他。20And she said: The Philistines are upon thee, Samson. And awaking from sleep, he said in his mind: I will go out as I did before, and shake myself, not knowing that the Lord was departed from him.
21培肋舍特人便把他捉住,剜去他的眼,带他下到迦萨,用铜链锁了他,叫他在监狱里推磨。21Then the Philistines seized upon him, and forthwith pulled out his eyes, and led him bound in chains to Gaza, and shutting him up in prison made him grind.
22但是他的头发在剃了以后,又渐渐长起来。22And now his hair began to grow again.
23培肋舍特人的酋长聚集起来,为给他们的神达贡举行祭献大典,表示庆祝;他们说:「我们的神把我们的仇人三松交在我们手中。」23And the princes of the Philistines assembled together, to offer great sacrifices to Dagon their god, and to make merry, saying: Our god hath delivered our enemy Samson into our hands.
24民众一见三松,就赞颂他们的神说:「我们的神把破坏过我们的田地,杀害过我们多人的仇人,交在我们手中了。」24And the people also seeing this, praised their god, and said the same: Our god hath delivered our adversary into our bands, him that destroyed our country and killed very many.
25当他们兴高采烈的时候,就喊说:「让三松给我们表演把戏。」他们就从监狱里叫出三松来,在他们面前耍把戏;以后把他放在两根柱子中间。25And rejoicing in their feasts, when they had now taken their good cheer, they commanded that Samson should be called, and should play before them. And being brought out of prison he played before them, and they made him stand between two pillars.
26三松对牵他手的僮仆说:「让我摸摸支殿的柱子,好能靠一靠。」26And he said to the lad that guided his steps: Suffer me to touch the pillars which support the whole house, and let me lean upon them, and rest a little.
27那时殿内满了男女,培肋舍特人的酋长也在里面,在天台上约有三千男女,都在看三松表演把戏。27Now the house was full of men and women, and all the princes of the Philistines were there. Moreover about three thousand persons of both sexes from the roof and the higher part of the house, were beholding Samson's play.
28三松呼求上主说:「吾主上主,求你眷念我!天主,求你再赐我力量,只要这一次!以报培肋舍特人剜我双眼的仇。」28But he called upon the Lord, saying: O Lord God, remember me, and restore to me now my former strength, O my God, that I may revenge myself on my enemies, and for the loss of my two eyes I may take one revenge.
29三松就抱住正中支殿的两根柱子,右手抱一根,左手抱一根;29And laying hold on both the pillars on which the house rested, and holding the one with his right hand, and the other with his left,
30然后三松说:「让我的性命和培肋舍特人同归于尽!」于是他奋力屈身,大殿随之倒塌,压在酋长和里面所有的民众身上:这样他在临死时所杀死的人,比一生所杀死的还多。30He said: Let me die with the Philistines. And when he had strongly shook the pillars, the house fell upon all the princes, and the rest of the multitude that was there: and he killed many more at his death, than he had killed before in his life.
31此后,他的兄弟和父亲的全家下来,把他抬上去,葬在祚辣和厄市陶耳之间,他父亲玛诺亚的坟墓里。他作以色列民长二十年。31And his brethren and all his kindred, going down took his body, and buried it between Saraa and Esthaol in the buryingplace of his father Manue: and he judged Israel twenty years.
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