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若苏厄书 Joshua
1以后上主使以色列人同四周敌人平安无事,这样过了很长的时间,若苏厄已老,上了年纪,1And when a long time was passed, after that the Lord had given peace to Israel, all the nations round about being subdued, and Josue being now old, and far advanced in years:
2便将全以色列人,他们的长老、首领、判官和官长召来,对他们说:「我已年老,上了年纪。2Josue called for all Israel, and for the elders, and for the princes, and for the judges, and for the masters, and said to them: I am old, and far advanced in years:
3你们都亲眼见了上主你们的天主,为了你们对所有的民族所作的一切;因为是上主你们的天主在替你们作战。3And you see all that the Lord your God hath done to all the nations round about, how he himself hath fought for you:
4你们看,我已用抽签方式,将由约但河起,直至日落之处的大海之间,所消灭和所剩下的各民族的土地,按照你们各支派,都分给了你们作产业。4And now since he hath divided to you by lot all the land, from the east of the Jordan unto the great sea, and many nations yet remain:
5上主你们的天主必将他们由你们面前赶走,使他们离开你们,叫你们承受他们的土地,一如上主你们的天主向你们所应许的。5The Lord your God will destroy them, and take them away from before your face, and you shall possess the land as he hath promised you.
6因此,你们要更忠实谨守奉行梅瑟法律书上所记载的一切,不可偏左偏右,6Only take courage, and be careful to observe all things that are written in the book of the law of Moses: and turn not aside from them neither to the right hand nor to the left:
7不可与你们中间所余的异族往来,不可提起他们的神名,不可指着他们起誓,不可事奉那些神,也不可在他们面前跪拜。7Lest after that you are come in among the Gentiles, who will remain among you, you should swear by the name of their gods, and serve them, and adore them:
8反之,你们应按照你们一直到今天所行的,依附上主你们的天主,8But cleave ye unto the Lord your God: as you have done until this day.
9因为是上主从你们面前赶走了那些强大的异族,直到今天,没有人能抵抗你们。9And then the Lord God will take away before your eyes nations that are great and very strong, and no man shall be able to resist you.
10你们一人能赶走千人,是因为上主你们的天主,照他所应许的,亲自为你们作战。10One of you shall chase a thousand men of the enemies: because the Lord your God himself will fight for you, as he hath promised.
11你们要尽心尽力,爱慕上主你们的天主。11This only take care of with all diligence, that you love the Lord your God.
12如果你们背弃上主,依恋你们中间所剩余的异族,同他们结婚,互相往来,12But if you will embrace the errors of these nations that dwell among you, and make marriages with them, and join friendships:
13你们就当知道,上主你们的天主必不再从你们面前,赶走这些异族,他们必将成为你们的罗网和陷阱,打你们腰的鞭子,扎你们眼的芒刺,直到你们从上主你们天主所赐给你们的这福地上,全被消灭。13Know ye for a certainty that the Lord your God will not destroy them before your face, but they shall be a pit and a snare in your way, and a stumblingblock at your side, and stakes in your eyes, till he take you away and destroy you from off this excellent land, which he hath given you.
14看我今天就要走世人必走的路,你们要一心一意地承认,上主你们的天主应许赐福给你们的话,没有一句落空,都已应验在你们身上,一句也没有落空。14Behold this day I am going into the way of all the earth, and you shall know with all your mind that of all the words which the Lord promised to perform for you, not one hath failed.
15上主你们的天主对你们所应许的一切幸福,怎样实现在你们身上,上主对你们所提出的灾祸,也要怎样临于你们身上,直到将你们从上主你们天主所赐予你们的这福地上消灭。15Therefore as he hath fulfilled in deed, what he promised, and all things prosperous have come: so Will he bring upon you all the evils he hath threatened, till he take you away and destroy you from off this excellent land, which he hath given you,
16如果你们违犯上主你们的天主与你们订立的盟约,去事奉敬拜其他的神,上主必向你们大发忿怒,使你们迅速从他所赐予你们的福地上消灭。16When you shall have transgressed the covenant of the Lord your God, which he hath made with you, and shall have served strange gods, and adored them: then shall the indignation of the Lord rise up quickly and speedily against you, and you shall be taken away from this excellent land, which he hath delivered to you.
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