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若苏厄书 Joshua
1上主训示若苏厄说:1And the Lord spoke to Josue, saying: Speak to the children of Israel and say to them:
2「你应告诉以色列子民说:他们应照我藉梅瑟向你们所提及的,指定一些避难城,2Appoint cities of refuge, a of which I spoke to you by the hand of Moses:
3好使无心误杀人的,能逃到那里去。这些城市作为你们逃避报血仇者的地方。3That whosoever shall kill a person unawares may flee to them: and may escape the wrath of the kinsman, who is the avenger of blood:
4那误杀人的,只要逃往这些城中的一座,立于城门口,将自己的事,报告给这城的长老听;长老就该将他接入城中,给他地方,让他住在他们中间。4And when he shall flee to one of these cities: he shall stand before the gate of the city, and shall speak to the ancients of that city, such things as prove him innocent: and so shall they receive him, and give him a place to dwell in.
5如果报血仇者追来了,长老不可将他交于报血仇者手中,因为他杀人原是出于无心,素无仇恨。5And when the avenger of blood shall pursue him, they shall not deliver him into his hands, because he slew his neighbour unawares, and is not proved to have been his enemy two or three days before.
6杀人者应住在这城内,直到他在会众面前出庭受审,直到现任的大司祭去世之后,方可回到本城本家,即由之逃出的城市。」6And he shall dwell in that city, till he stand before judgment to give an account of his fact, and till the death of the high priest, who shall be at that time: then shall the manslayer return, and go into his own city and house from whence he fled.
7以色列人于是在纳斐塔里山区,指定了加里肋亚的刻德士;在厄弗辣因山区指定了舍根;在犹大山区指定了克黎雅特阿尔巴,即赫贝龙;7And they appointed Cedes in Galilee of mount Nephtali, and Sichem in mount Ephraim, and Cariath-Arbe, the same is Hebron in the mountain of Juda.
8在约但河东岸,耶里哥东面,在旷野高原里,勒乌本支派内指定了贝责尔;在加得支派内,指定了基肋阿得的辣摩特;在默纳协支派内,指定了巴商的哥蓝。8And beyond the Jordan to the east of Jericho, they appointed Bosor, which is upon the plain of the wilderness of the tribe of Ruben, and Ramoth in Galaad of the tribe of Cad, and Gaulon in Basan of the tribe of Manasses.
9以上是为所有的以色列人和寄居他们中间的外方人指定的城市,使凡误杀人的,能逃往那里去,在他未出庭受会众审判以前,不致死在报血仇者的手里。9These cities were appointed for all the children of Israel, and for the strangers, that dwelt among them: that whosoever had killed a person unawares might flee to them, and not die by the hand of the kinsman, coveting to revenge the blood that was shed, until he should stand before the people to lay open his cause.
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