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若苏厄书 Joshua
1默纳协是若瑟的长子,他的支派抽签分得了一份土地。默纳协的长子,基肋阿得的父亲玛基尔,因为是个战士,分得了基肋阿得和巴商。1And this lot fell to the tribe of Manasses (for he is the firstborn of Joseph) to Machir the firstborn of Manasses the father of Galaad, who was a warlike man, and had for possession Galaad and Basan.
2默纳协的其余子孙,按照家族也各得了一份:有阿彼厄责尔的子孙,赫肋克的子孙,阿斯黎耳的子孙,舍根的子孙,赫斐尔的子孙,舍米达的子孙:这些人按照家族,都是若瑟之子默纳协后代的男丁。2And to the rest of the children of Manasses according to their families: to the children of Abiezer, and to the children of Helec, and to the children of Esriel, and to the children of Sechem, and to the children of Hepher, and to the children of Semida: these are the male children of Manasses the son of Joseph, by their kindreds.
3但是默纳协的玄孙,玛基尔的曾孙,基肋阿得的孙子,赫斐尔的儿子责罗斐哈得没有儿子,只有女儿,他的女儿名叫玛赫拉、诺阿、曷革拉、米耳加和提尔匝。3But Salphaad the son of Hepher the son of Galaad the son of Machir the son of Manasses had no sons, but only daughters: whose names are these, Maala and Noa and Hegla and Melcha and Thersa.
4她们来到司祭厄肋阿匝尔和农的儿子若苏厄、并首领们面前说:「上主曾吩咐过梅瑟,在我们兄弟们中,也分给我们一份产业。」若苏厄遂照上主所吩咐的,使她们在伯叔中间,也分得了一份产业。4And they came in the presence of Eleazar the priest and of Josue the son of Nun, and of the princes, saying: The Lord commanded by the hand of Moses, that a possession should be given us in the midst of our brethren. And he gave them according to the commandment of the Lord a possession amongst the brethren of their father.
5这样,除约但河东的基肋阿得和巴商二地外,尚有十分归属于默纳协,5And there fell ten portions to Manasses, beside the land of Galaad and Basan beyond the Jordan.
6因为默纳协的孙女,在默纳协的孙子中也获得了产业;不过基肋阿得地属于默纳协其余的子孙。6For the daughters of Manasses possessed inheritance in the midst of his sons. And the land of Galaad fell to the lot of the rest of the children of Manasses.
7默纳协的地界,是从阿协尔起,到舍根对面的米革默塔特,再折向南,直达雅史布和恩塔普亚。7And the border of Manasses was from Aser, Machmethath which looketh towards Sichem: and it goeth out on the right hand by the inhabitants of the fountain of Taphua.
8塔普亚地归默纳协,但默纳协边界上的塔普亚城,却属厄弗辣因子孙。8For the lot of Manasses took in the land of Taphua, which is on the borders of Manasses, and belongs to the children of Ephraim.
9边界由此向下伸至卡纳谷;谷南的城市属厄弗辣因,是厄弗辣因在默纳协城市所有的城市。默纳协的境界是由谷北,直到大海。9And the border goeth down to the valley of the reeds, to the south of the torrent of the cities of Ephraim, which are in the midst of the cities of Manasses: the border of Manasses is on the north side of the torrent, and the outgoings of it are at the sea:
10南面属厄弗辣因,北面属默纳协,以海为界;北接阿协尔,东邻依撒加尔。10So that the possession of Ephraim is on the south, and on the north that of Manasses, and the sea is the border of both, and they are joined together in the tribe of Aser on the north, and in the tribe of Issachar on the east.
11默纳协在依撒加尔和阿协尔境内,有贝特商和所属村镇,依贝肋罕和所属村镇,多尔居民和所属村镇;还有恩多尔居民和所属村镇,塔纳客居民和所属村镇,默基多居民和所属村镇,共三区。11And the inheritance of Manasses in Issachar and in Aser, was Bethsan and its villages, and Jeblaam with its villages, and the inhabitants of Dor, with the towns thereof: the inhabitants also of Endor with the villages thereof: and in like manner the inhabitants of Thenac with the villages thereof: and the inhabitants of Mageddo with their villages, and the third part of the city of Nopheth.
12但是默纳协子孙未能将这些城中的土人赶走,因此客纳罕人仍然居住在这地区内。12Neither could the children of Manasses overthrow these cities, but the Chanaanite began to dwell in his land.
13当以色列子民强盛以后,迫使客纳罕人做苦工,却没有将他们完全赶走。13But after that the children of Israel were grown strong, they subdued the Chanaanites, and made them their tributaries, and they did not kill them.
14若瑟的子孙对若苏厄说:「上主这样祝福我们,我们又是人数最多的一族,你为什么只叫我们抽一签,分一份土地作产业呢?」14And the children of Joseph spoke to Josue, and said: Why hast thou given me but one lot and one portion to possess, whereas I am of so great a multitude, and the Lord hath blessed me?
15若苏厄对他们说:「如果你们人数众多,厄弗辣因山地为你们太狭小,可上培黎齐人和勒法因人的地方去,砍伐森林中的树木。」15And Josue said to them: If thou be a great people, go up into the woodland, and cut down room for thyself in the land of the Pherezite and the Raphaims: because the possession of mount Ephraim is too narrow for thee.
16若瑟的子孙回答说:「这山区为我们仍不够,何况住在盆地,即住在贝特商和所属村镇,以及住在依次勒耳盆地的一切客纳罕人,都拥有铁车。」16And the children of Joseph answered him: We cannot go up to the mountains, for the Chanaanites that dwell in the low lands, wherein are situate Bethsan with its towns, and Jezrael in the midst of the valley, have chariots of iron.
17若苏厄对若瑟家,即对厄弗辣因和默纳协人说:「你们人数众多,势力强大,不能只抽一签,17And Josue said to the house of Joseph, to Ephraim and Manasses: Thou art a great people, and of great strength, thou shalt not have one lot only:
18因此山地也应归于你们;那里虽是森林,尽可砍伐,开辟的土地自然归于你们。客纳罕人虽然拥有铁车,势力强大,但你们必能将他们赶走。」18But thou shalt pass to the mountain, and shalt cut down the wood, and make thyself room to dwell in: and mayst proceed farther, when thou hast destroyed the Chanaanites, who as thou sayest have iron chariots, and are very strong.
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