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1哈祚尔王雅宾一听见这事,便派人去见玛冬王约巴布,史默龙王,阿革沙夫王,1And when Jabin king of Asor had heard these things, he sent to Jobab king of Madon, and to the king of Semeron, and to the king of Achsaph:
2和住在北方山区,基乃勒特南方平原低地,和西方的多尔高原诸王;2And to the kings of the north, that dwelt in the mountains and in the plains over against the south side of Ceneroth, and in the levels and the countries of Dor by the sea side:
3又去见东西各地的客纳罕人、阿摩黎人、希威人、培黎齐人,以及住在山区的耶步斯人,和赫尔孟山麓米兹帕地方的赫特人。3To the Chanaanites also on the ease and on the west, and the Amorrhite, and the Hethite, and the Pherezite, and the Jebusite in the mountains: to the Hevite also who dwelt at the foot of Hermon in the land of Maspha.
4他们都带领自己所有的军队出发,人数多如海边的沙粒,还有很多的马队和车辆。4And they all came out with their troops, a people exceeding numerous as the sand that is on the sea shore, their horses also and chariots a very great multitude,
5这些王子都会合一起,来到默龙水边扎营,要同以色列人交战。5And all these kings assembled together at the waters of Merom, to fight against Israel.
6上主对若苏厄说:「在这些人面前,你不要害怕,因为明天这时,我必要使他们全在以色列人面前被杀;你要砍断他们的马蹄筋,火烧他们的车辆。」6And the Lord said to Josue: Fear them not: for tomorrow at this same hour I will deliver all these to be slain in the sight of Israel: thou shalt hamstring their horses, and thou shalt burn their chariots with fire.
7若苏厄遂率领自己的军民突至默龙水旁,向他们进攻。7And Josue came, and all the army with him, against them to the waters of Merom on a sudden, and fell upon them.
8上主将他们交在以色列人手中,以色列人击杀他们,往西直追到大漆冬和米斯勒佛特玛殷,往东直追到米玆帕山谷,将他们杀得没有剩下一个。8And the Lord delivered them into the hands of Israel. And they defeated them, and chased them as far as the great Sidon, and the waters of Maserophot, and the field of Masphe, which is on the east side thereof. He slew them all, so as to leave no remains of them:
9若苏厄便照上主指示他的,对待了他们,砍断了他们的马蹄筋,火烧了他们的车辆。9And he did as the Lord had commanded him, he hamstringed their horses and burned their chariots.
10若苏厄班师回来时,夺取了哈祚尔,用刀斩了哈祚尔王。──原来哈祚尔以前是这些王国的都城。10And presently turning back he took Asor: and slew the king thereof with the sword. Now Asor of old was the head of all these kingdoms.
11又将城内的一切生灵,用刀杀死,完全予以毁灭,没有留下一个生灵,以后放火烧了哈祚尔城。11And he cut off all the souls that abode there: he left not in it any remains, but utterly destroyed all, and burned the city itself with fire.
12若苏厄夺取了那些王子的一切城邑,生擒那些王子,将王子用刀杀死,将城池完全予以毁灭,全照上主的仆人梅瑟所吩咐的。12And he took and put to the sword and destroyed all the cities round about, and their kings, as Moses the servant of God had commanded him.
13至于那些处于土丘上的城市,除哈祚尔外,以色列人都没有焚毁:若苏厄只烧了哈祚尔。13Except the cities that were on hills and high places, the rest Israel burned: only Asor that was very strong he consumed with fire.
14那些城中所有的财物和牲畜,以色列人都抢了来,归为己有:所有的人都用刀杀死,完全予以毁灭,没有留下一个生灵。14And the children of Israel divided among themselves all the spoil of these cities and the cattle, killing all the men.
15上主怎样吩咐了他的仆人梅瑟,梅瑟也怎样吩咐了若苏厄,若苏厄也就怎样办了。凡上主吩咐梅瑟的事,若苏厄没有不照办的。15As the Lord had commanded Moses his servant, so did Moses command Josue, and he accomplished all: he left not one thing undone of all the commandments which the Lord had commanded Moses.
16这样,若苏厄占领了那整个地区:包括山地,整个南方,哥笙全境,平原,阿辣巴原野,以色列山地和附近平原,16So Josue took all the country of the hills, and of the south, and the land of Gosen, and the plains and the west country, and the mountain of Israel, and the plains thereof:
17由上色依尔去的哈拉克山起,一直到赫尔孟山麓,黎巴嫩山谷间的巴耳加得:各城的王子都被生擒,都被杀死。17And part of the mountain that goeth up to Seir as far as Baalgad, by the plain of Libanus under mount Hermon: all their kings he took, smote and slew.
18若苏厄同这些王子交战,时日颇为长久,18Josue made war a long time against these kings.
19因为除住在基贝红的希威人外,没有一座城愿与以色列子民媾和,都是以色列人用武力攻取的。19There was hot a city that delivered itself to the children of Israel, except the Hevite, who dwelt in Gabaon: for he took all by fight.
20原来这是上主的意思,叫他们心硬,来与以色列人交战,好使他们遭受无情的毁灭,澈底的破坏,正如上主对梅瑟所吩咐的。20For it was the sentence of the Lord, that their hearts should be hardened, and they should fight against Israel, and fall, and should not deserve any clemency, and should be destroyed as the Lord had commanded Moses.
21以后若苏厄出兵,消灭了赫贝龙、德彼尔、阿纳布山地、犹大山地和以色列山地所有的阿纳克人,毁灭了他们和他们所有的城市。21At that time Josue came and cut off the Enacims from the mountains, from Hebron, and Dabir, and Anab, and from all the mountain of Juda and Israel, and destroyed their cities.
22这样,以色列子民境内,没有剩下一个阿纳克人,只在迦萨、加特和阿市多得还有。22He left not any of the stock of the Enacims, in the land of the children of Israel: except the cities of Gaza, and Geth, and Azotus, in which alone they were left.
23若苏厄占领了那整个地区,全如上主对梅瑟所说的;若苏厄遂将这地区按照以色列支派分给他们作产业。以后国内升平,再无战事。23So Josue took all the land, as the Lord spoke to Moses, and delivered it in possession to the children of Israel, according to their divisions and tribes. And the land rested from wars.
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