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约伯传 Job
1人生在世,岂不像服兵役?人的岁月,岂不像佣工的时日?1The life of man upon earth is a warfare, and his days are like the days of a hireling.
2有如奴工切望阴凉,佣工期待工资:2As a servant longeth for the shade, as the hireling looketh for the end of his work;
3这样,我也只有承受失意的岁月,为我注定的苦痛长夜。3So I also have had empty months, and have numbered to myself wearisome nights.
4我卧下时说:「几时天亮?」我起来时又说:「黑夜何时到?」我整夜辗转反侧,直到天亮。4If I lie down to sleep, I shall say: When shall arise? and again I shall look for the evening, and shall be filled with sorrows even till darkness.
5我的肉身以蛆虫与泥皮为衣,我的皮肤破裂流脓。5My flesh is clothed with rottenness and the filth of dust, my skin is withered and drawn together.
6我的日月速于织梭,也因无希望而中断。6My days have passed more swiftly than the web is cut by the weaver, and are consumed without any hope.
7请你记住:我的生命无非像一口气,我的眼再也见不到幸福。7Remember that my life is but wind, and my eyes shall not return to see good things.
8注目于我的,再也见不到我;你的眼看我时、我已不在了。8Nor shall the sight of man behold me: thy eyes are upon me, and I shall be no more.
9他去了,好像云消雾散;下到阴府的,再也不得上来。9As a cloud is consumed, and passeth away: so he that shall go down to hell shall not come up.
10不再回家,本乡也不认识他。10Nor shall he return my more into his house, neither shall his place know him any more.
11为此,我不能再闭口不言,我要吐露我心灵的忧愁,陈述我灵魂的苦楚。11Wherefore I will not spare my month, I will speak in the affliction of my spirit: I will talk with the bitterness of my soul.
12我岂是海洋或海怪?你竟派警卫把守我。12Am I a sea, or a whale, that thou hast enclosed me in a prison?
13我若想:「我的床榻会宽慰我,我的卧舖会减轻我的痛苦。」13If I say: My bed shall comfort me, and I shall be relieved speaking with myself on my couch:
14你就以噩梦扰乱我,以异像惊吓我。14Thou wilt frighten me with dreams and terrify me with visions.
15我的心灵宁愿窒息,宁死不愿受此苦痛。15So that my soul rather chooseth hanging, and my bones death.
16我已筋疲力尽,活不下去。任凭我去罢!因为我的日月仅是一口气。16I have done with hope, I shall now live no longer: spare me, for my days are nothing.
17人算什么,你竟如此显扬他,将他置诸心头,17What is a man that thou shouldst magnify him? or why dost thou set thy heart upon him?
18天天早晨看护他,时刻不断考察他?18Thou visitest him early in the morning, and thou provest him suddenly.
19你到何时才不注视我,而让我轻松咽一下唾沬?19How long wilt thou not spare me, nor suffer me to swallow down my spittle?
20监察人者啊!我犯罪与你何干?为何叫我当你的箭靶,使我成为你的重担?20I have sinned: what shall I do to thee, O keeper of men? why hast thou set me opposite to thee, and I am become burdensome to myself?
21为何你不肯容忍我的过错,宽赦我的罪恶?不久我将卧在尘土中,任你寻找我,我已不在了。21Why dost thou not remove my sin, and why dost thou not take away my iniquity? Behold now I shall sleep in the dust: and if thou seek me in the morning, I shall not be.
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