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约伯传 Job
1上主又接着问约伯说:1And the Lord answering Job out of the whirlwind, said:
2好辩之士,岂能同全能者辩论?非难天主的,请答复这一切!2Gird up thy loins like a man: I will ask thee, and do thou tell me.
3约伯回答上主说:3Wilt thou make void my judgment: and condemn me, that thou mayst be justified?
4「看,我这么卑贱,我能回答什么?只好用手掩口。4And hast thou an arm like God, and canst thou thunder with a voice like him?
5我说过一次,再不敢重复;我再说一次:我不敢再说什么!」5Clothe thyself with beauty, and set thyself up on high and be glorious, and put on goodly garments.
6上主由旋风中回答约伯说:6Scatter the proud in thy indignation, and behold every arrogant man, and humble him.
7你要像勇士束好腰,我要问你,请指教我。7Look on all that are proud, and confound them, and crush the wicked in their place.
8你岂能推翻我的评断,归罪于我,而自以为有理?8Hide them in the dust together, and plunge their faces into the pit.
9你的手臂岂能同天主的相比?你的声音,那能像雷鸣?9Then I will confess that thy right hand is able to save thee.
10请你以尊贵和高雅作你的点缀,以光华美丽作你的衣裳;10Behold behemoth whom I made with thee, he eateth grass like an ox.
11发泄你的烈怒,贬抑一切高傲的人;11His strength is in his loins, and his force in the navel of his belly.
12视察一切傲慢的人,且加以制服,推翻恶人所处的地位;12He setteth up his tail like a cedar, the sinews of his testicles are wrapped together.
13将他们一同埋在土中,把他们都关在黑暗中13His bones are like pipes of brass, his gristle like plates of iron.
14如果你能这样作,我也要称赞你,因为你的右手救护了你。14He is the beginning of the ways of God, who made him, he will apply his sword.
15且看河马,牠同你都是我造成的,牠像牛一样吃草。15To him the mountains bring forth grass: there all the beasts of the field shall play.
16牠的精力全在腰部,牠的力量是在腹部的肌肉;16He sleepeth under the shadow, in the covert of the reed, and in moist places.
17牠挺起尾巴好像香柏,大腿上的筋联结在一起;17The shades cover his shadow, the willows of the brook shall compass him about.
18牠的脊骨好似铜管,牠的骨骸有如铁杠。18Behold, he will drink up a river, and not wonder: and he trusteth that the Jordan may run into his mouth.
19牠是天主的杰作,造牠者赐给了牠利刃。19In his eyes as with a hook he shall take him, and bore through his nostrils with stakes.
20群山供给牠食物,百兽在那里同牠游戏。20Canst thou draw out the leviathan with a hook, or canst thou tie his tongue with a cord?
21牠卧在莲叶之下,躺在芦苇和沼泽深处;21Canst thou put a ring in his nose, or bore through his jaw with a buckle?
22莲叶的荫影遮蔽著牠,溪边的杨柳掩护着牠。22Will he make many supplications to thee, or speak soft words to thee?
23河水涨溢之时,牠毫不战栗;约但河涨到牠口边,牠仍安宁。23Will he make a covenant with thee, and wilt thou take him to be a servant for ever?
24谁能在牠目前捕捉牠,或以木橛穿透牠的鼻孔?24Shalt thou play with him as with a bird, or tie him up for thy handmaids?
25你岂能以鱼钩钩上鳄鱼?以绳索缚住牠的舌头?25Shall friends cut him in pieces, shall merchants divide him?
26你岂能以鼻圈穿过牠的鼻子,以钩子刺透牠的腮骨?26Wilt thou fill nets with his skin, and the cabins of fishes with his head?
27牠岂能再三向你哀求,向你说甜言蜜语?27Lay thy hand upon him: remember the battle, and speak no more.
28牠岂能同你订立盟约,使自己常作你的奴隶?28Behold his hope shall fail him, and in the sight of all he shall be cast down.
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