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约伯传 Job
1约伯,请你且听我的话,侧耳静听我说的一切。1Hear therefore, O Job, my speeches, and hearken to all my words.
2请看,我已开口,舌头已在口腔内发言。2Behold now I have opened my mouth, let my tongue speak within my jaws.
3我的话是出于正直的心,我的唇舌要清楚说明真理。3My words are from my upright heart, and my lips shall speak a pure sentence.
4天主的神造了我,全能者的气息使我生活。4The spirit of God made me, and the breath of the Almighty gave me life.
5你如果能够,就回答我,请准备好,来对抗我。5If thou canst, answer me, and stand up against my face.
6看,我与你在天主前都是一样,我也是用泥土造成的。6Behold God hath made me as well as thee, and of the same clay I also was formed.
7所以我的威吓不会使你恐怖,我的手也不会重压在你身上。7But yet let not my wonder terrify thee, and let not my eloquence be burdensome to thee.
8你所说的,我已耳闻,听到了你所说的话:8Now thou has said in my hearing, and I have heard the voice of thy words:
9「我本纯洁无罪,清白无瑕。9I am clean, and without sin: I am unspotted, and there is no iniquity in me.
10但天主却在我身上找错,视我为他的对头;10Because he hath found complaints against me, therefore he hath counted me for his enemy.
11他把我的脚缚在木桩上,窥察我的一切行动。」11He hath put my feet in the stocks, he hath observed all my paths.
12我答复你说:你这话说的不对,因为天主远超世人。12Now this is the thing in which thou art not justified: I will answer thee, that God is greater than man.
13他既不答复你说的一切话,你为何还同他争辩?13Dost thou strive against him, because he hath not answered thee to all words?
14原来天主用一种方法向人讲话,人若不理会,他再用另一种方法:14God speaketh once, and repeateth not the selfsame thing the second time.
15天主有时藉梦和夜间的异像,当人躺在床上沉睡的时候,15By a dream in a vision by night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, and they are sleeping in their beds:
16开启人的听觉,用异像惊吓他,16Then he openeth the ears of men, and teaching instructeth them in what they are to learn.
17使人脱离恶念,使人铲除骄傲,17That he may withdraw a man from the things he is doing, and may deliver him from pride.
18阻拦他陷于阴府,救他的性命脱离沟壑。18Rescuing his soul from corruption: and his life from passing to the sword.
19天主也有时惩罚人在床上受痛苦,使他的骨头不断的刺痛,19He rebuketh also by sorrow in the bed, and he maketh all his bones to wither.
20以致他讨厌食物,他的心厌恶美味。20Bread becometh abominable to him in his life, and to his soul the meat which before he desired.
21他身上的肉已消逝不见,他枯瘦的骨头,已开始外露。21His flesh shall be consumed away, and his bones that were covered shall be made bare.
22他的灵魂已临近墓穴,他的生命已接近死亡之所。22His soul hath drawn near to corruption, and his life to the destroyers.
23一千天使中,若有一个在他身傍,作他的代言人,提醒他应行的义务,23If there shall be an angel speaking for him, one among thousands, to declare man's uprightness,
24且怜悯那人,为他转求说:「求你拯救他,以免陷于阴府,因为我已找到了赎金。」24He shall have mercy on him, and shall say: Deliver him, that he may not go down to corruption: I have found wherein I may be merciful to him.
25他的肉身比少年人的肉身必更健美,他的青春岁月又恢复了。25His flesh is consumed with punishment, let him return to the days of his youth.
26他祈求天主,必获得悦纳。他必欢然得见天主的仪容,天主也必恢复他的正义。26He shall pray to God, and he will be gracious to him: and he shall see his face with joy, and he will render to man his justice.
27那时,他将在人前重述所经历的事说:「我犯了罪,颠倒了是非,但他没有照我的罪罚我。27He shall look upon men, and shall say: I have sinned, and indeed I have offended, and I have not received what I have deserved.
28他救了我生命免入阴府,使我重见光明。」28He hath delivered his soul from going into destruction, that it may live and see the light.
29这就是天主接二连三为人所做的事,29Behold, all these things God worketh three times within every one.
30挽救他脱离阴府,重见生命之光。30That he may withdraw their souls from corruption, and enlighten them with the light of the living.
31约伯啊!请留神倾听,静静地听我说话!31Attend, Job, and hearken to me: and hold thy peace, whilst I speak.
32你若有话说,请即回复我,你尽管说,因为我愿听你的理。32But if thou hast any thing to say, answer me, speak: for I would have thee to appear just.
33若没有话,且听我说,静听我要教给你的智慧。33And if thou have not, hear me: hold thy peace, and I will teach thee wisdom.
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