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约伯传 Job
1因为约伯自以为义,那三个友人就不再回答他。1So these three men ceased to answer Job, because he seemed just to himself.
2那时,有个布次兰族的人,他是巴辣革耳的儿子厄里乌,为了约伯在天主前自以为义人,便大为愤怒;2And Eliu the son of Barachel the Buzite, of the kindred of Ram, was angry and was moved to indignation: now he was angry against Job, because he said he was just before God.
3同时也对约伯的三个友人大为震怒,因为他们找不到适当的答复,又以天主为不公。3And he was angry with his friends because they had not found a reasonable answer, but only had condemned Job.
4厄里乌先等他们同约伯讲完话,因为他们都比他年老。4So Eliu waited while Job was speaking, because they were his elders that were speaking.
5他一见他们三人无话可说,遂大为愤怒。5But when he saw that the three were not able to answer, he was exceedingly angry.
6于是布次人巴辣革耳的儿子厄里乌发言说:我年龄小,你们年纪大,故此我退缩畏惧,不敢在你们前表示我的见解。6Then Eliu the son of Barachel the Buzite answered and said: I am younger in days, and you are more ancient; therefore hanging down my head, I was afraid to shew you my opinion.
7我心想:「老人应先发言,年高者应教人智慧。」7For I hoped that greater age would speak, and that a multitude of years would teach wisdom.
8但人本来都具有灵性,全能者的气息赋与人聪明;8But, as I see, there is a spirit in men, and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth understanding.
9并不是年高者就有智慧,老人就通晓正义。9They that are aged are not the wise men, neither do the ancients understand judgment.
10故此我请你们且听我说,我也要表示我的见解。10Therefore I will speak: Hearken to me, I also will shew you my wisdom.
11直到如今,我等待你们讲话,静听你们的理论,等待你们寻出适当的言词;11For I have waited for your words, I have given ear to your wisdom, as long as you were disputing in words.
12但现今我已明白看出了,你们中没一个能驳倒约伯,能回答他的话的。12And as long as I thought you said some thing, I considered: but, as I see, there is none of you that can convince Job, and answer his words.
13你们不要说:「我们寻到了智慧!只有天主可说服他,人却不能。」13Lest you should say: We have found wisdom, God hath cast him down, not man.
14我决不那样辩论,也决不以你们说的话答复他。14He hath spoken nothing to me, and I will not answer him according to your words.
15他们已心乱,不能再回答,且已穷于辞令。15They were afraid, and answered no more, and they left off speaking.
16他们已不再讲话了,他们已停止,不再答话了,我还等什么?16Therefore because I have waited, and they have not spoken: they stood, and answered no more:
17现在我要开始讲我的一段话,表示出我的见解。17I also will answer my part, and will shew my knowledge.
18因为我觉著充满了要说的话,内心催迫着我。18For I am full of matter to speak of, and the spirit of my bowels straiteneth me.
19看啊!我内心像寻觅出口的新酒,要将新酒囊爆裂。19Behold, my belly is as new wine which wanteth vent, which bursteth the new vessels.
20我一说出,必觉轻松,我定要开口发言。20I will speak and take breath a little: I will open my lips, and will answer.
21我决不顾情面,也决不奉承人。21I will not accept the person of man, and I will not level God with man.
22因为我不会奉承,不然,造我者必立即将我消灭。22For I know not how long I shall continue, and whether after a while my Maker may take me away.
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