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约伯传 Job
1约伯继续他的言论说:1Job also added, taking up his parable, and said:
2谁能赐我似以前的岁月,像以往天主护守我的时日呢?2Who will grant me, that I might be according to the months past, according to the days in which God kept me?
3那时他的灯,光照在我头上,藉他的光明,我走过黑暗。3When his lamp shined over my head, and I walked by his light in darkness?
4惟愿我如壮年之时,那时天主护佑我的帐幕;4As I was in the days of my youth, when God was secretly in my tabernacle?
5全能者与我相偕,我的子女环绕着我;5When the Almighty was with me: and my servants round about me?
6那时我以奶油洗脚,崖石流油成河。6When I washed my feet with butter, and the rock poured me out rivers of oil?
7当我走出城门,在市井设我座位之时,7When I went out to the gate of the city, and in the street they prepared me a chair?
8少年人看见我都回避,老年人都起身站立;8The young men saw me, and hid themselves: and the old men rose up and stood.
9王侯停止讲话,用手堵住自己的口;9The princes ceased to speak, and laid the finger on their mouth.
10首领不敢出声,舌头紧贴上颚。10The rulers held their peace, and their tongue cleaved to their throat.
11凡有耳听见我的,必称我有福;凡有眼看见我的,都必称赞我。11The ear that heard me blessed me, and the eye that saw me gave witness to me:
12因为我援助了呼救的穷人,和无依无靠的孤儿。12Because I had delivered the poor man that cried out; and the fatherless that had no helper.
13那受丧亡之痛的人称谢我,我使寡妇的心欢乐。13The blessing of him that was ready to perish came upon me, and I comforted the heart of the widow.
14我披上正义,正义就如我衣;我的公正,犹如我的长袍和冠冕。14I was clad with justice: and I clothed myself with my judgment, as with a robe and a diadem.
15我作了盲人的眼,跛者的脚。15I was an eye to the blind, and a foot to the lame.
16我成了穷人之父,我调查过素不相识者的案件。16I was the father of the poor: and the cause which I knew not, I searched out most diligently.
17我打碎恶人的獠牙,由他牙齿中夺出了猎物。17I broke the jaws of the wicked man, and out of his teeth I took away the prey.
18我心想:我必寿终正寝,我的寿数必如尘沙。18And I said: I shall die in my nest, and as a palm tree shall multiply my days.
19我的根蔓延到水边,夜间甘露落在我的枝叶上。19My root is opened beside the waters, and dew shall continue in my harvest.
20我的荣耀不断更新,我手中的弓日新月异。20My glory shall always be renewed, and my bow in my hand shall be repaired.
21听我讲话的人,屏息等待,静听我的指教。21They that heard me, waited for my sentence, and being attentive held their peace at my counsel.
22我讲话之后,无人再敢讲话,我的话像水珠滴在他们身上。22To my words they durst add nothing, and my speech dropped upon them.
23他们期待我如望甘霖,张著大口如渴盼春雨。23They waited for me as for rain, and they opened their mouth as for a latter shower.
24我向他们微笑,他们不敢相信;我和善的面容,他们必不放过。24If at any time I laughed on them, they believed not, and the light of my countenance fell not on earth.
25我为他们选择了道路,身居前导,一如立在军中的君王;我引他们到那里,他们就去。25If I had a mind to go to them, I sat first, and when I sat as a king, with his army standing about him, yet I was a comforter of them that mourned.
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