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约伯传 Job
1约伯继续他的言论说:1Job also added, taking up his parable, and said:
2我指著那剥夺我权利的天主起誓,指著使我心灵苦痛的全能者起誓:2As God liveth, who hath taken away my judgment, and the Almighty, who hath brought my soul to bitterness,
3几时我还有气息,我鼻中尚有天主赋予的生气,3As long as breath remaineth in me, and the spirit of God in my nostrils,
4我的口唇决不说谎言,我的舌头决不讲虚话。4My lips shall not speak iniquity, neither shall my tongue contrive lying.
5若叫我说你们有理,那决办不到;到我断气,我决不放弃我的纯正。5God forbid that I should judge you to be just: till I die I will not depart from my innocence.
6我坚持我的正义,决不罢休;对于已往的生活,我问心无愧。6My justification, which I have begun to hold, I will not forsake: for my heart doth not reprehend me in all my life.
7惟愿恨我的人,遭恶人的命运;起来攻击我的人,遭罪犯的处分。7Let my enemy be as the ungodly, and my adversary as the wicked one.
8恶人呼吁时,有何期待?当他向天主举起灵魂时,有何希望?8For what is the hope of the hypocrite if through covetousness he take by violence, and God deliver not his soul?
9灾难临到他身上时,天主岂能听他的呼求?9Will God hear his cry, when distress shall come upon him?
10他岂是以全能者为喜乐,时时祈求天主?10Or can he delight himself in the Almighty, and call upon God at all times?
11我要将天主的作为教导你们;对全能者的意旨,我决不隐瞒。11I will teach you by the hand of God, what the Almighty hath, and I will not conceal it.
12其实,这一切你们都熟悉,但为何还这样空谈?12Behold you all know it, and why do you speak vain things without cause?
13纳阿玛人左法尔就说:这是天主给恶人定的命运,是强暴者由全能者所承受的产业:【第二十四章】13This is the portion of a wicked man with God, and the inheritance of the violent, which they shall receive of the Almighty.
14他们轻如水萍,随波逐流,地上的家业已被诅咒,榨酒者不再走入他们的葡萄园。14If his sons be multiplied, they shall be for the sword, and his grandsons shall not be filled with bread.
15亢旱酷暑怎样溶尽雪水,阴府也怎样将罪犯吸去。15They that shall remain of him, shall be buried in death, and his widows shall not weep.
16怀孕他的要忘掉他,蛆虫要腐蚀他,人不再记念他,邪恶如树一般被人砍倒。16If he shall heap together silver as earth, and prepare raiment as clay,
17他欺压了不生育的石女,没有善待寡妇。17He shall prepare indeed, but the just man shall be clothed with it: and the innocent shall divide the silver.
18然而天主将以威力掳获强者,他必兴起,使他们不能保存生命。18He hath built his house as a moth, and as a keeper he hath made a booth.
19虽暂时让他们平安休息,但他的眼正监视着他们的行径。19The rich man when he shall sleep shall take away nothing with him: he shall open his eyes and find nothing.
20他们居于高位,不久即不见了;他们必丧亡,有如咸草;必被剪去,犹如麦穗。20Poverty like water shall take hold on him, a tempest shall oppress him in the night.
21他的子女虽众多,都必死于刀下;他的后代子孙,不得饱食。21A burning wind shall take him up, and carry him away, and as a whirlwind shall snatch him from his place.
22剩余的人,为瘟疫所葬送;他们的遗孀,不举丧哀吊。22And he shall cast upon him, and shall not spare: out of his hand he would willingly flee.
23他们虽积蓄银子,多如尘沙;备制衣服,多如土堆;23He shall clasp his hands upon him, and shall hiss at him, beholding his place.
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