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约伯传 Job
1的确,这一切我亲眼见过,亲耳听过,是我熟悉的事。1Behold my eye hath seen all these things, and my ear hath heard them, and I have understood them all.
2你们所知道的,我也知道,我并不亚于你们。2According to your knowledge I also know: neither am I inferior to you.
3但是,我愿同全能者交谈,愿与天主辩论,3But yet I will speak to the Almighty, and I desire to reason with God.
4因为你们都是谎言的捏造者,全是无用的医生。4Having first shewn that you are forgers of lies, and maintainers of perverse opinions.
5恨不得你们闭口不言!这样才算聪明。5And I wish you would hold your peace, that you might be thought to be wise men.
6请你们听我的怨诉,留意我口中的辩论!6Hear ye therefore my reproof, and attend to the judgment of my lips.
7你们想以诡诈来为天主辩护,以谎言来为他说理?7Hath God any need of your lie, that you should speak deceitfully for him?
8难道你们想偏袒天主,有意为他辩护吗?8Do you accept his person, and do you endeavour to judge for God?
9他揭穿了你们,难道为你们有益?难道你们能欺骗他如人之欺骗人?9Or shall it please him, from whom nothing can be concealed? or shall he be deceived as a man, with your deceitful dealings?
10你们若假意偏袒,他必严厉斥责你们。10He shall reprove you, because in secret you accept his person.
11他的尊严能不使你们恐怖?他的威吓能不落在你们身上?11As soon as he shall move himself, he shall trouble you: and his dread shall fall upon you.
12你们的古谚都是些腐朽之谈,你们的答辩都是些泥制的盾牌。12Your remembrance shall be compared to ashes, and your necks shall be brought to clay.
13你们且住口,让我来发言:不要管我有什么遭遇。13Hold your peace a little while, that I may speak whatsoever my mind shall suggest to me.
14我已将我的肉放在我牙齿中,已将我的性命放在我手中;14Why do I tear my flesh with my teeth, and carry my soul in my hands?
15即使他杀我,我仍希望在他面前表白我的行为。15Although he should kill me, I will trust in him: but yet I will reprove my ways in his sight.
16这样对我还有救,因为恶人不敢到他面前。16And he shall be my saviour: for no hypocrite shall come before his presence.
17你们要细听我的话,侧耳静听我的解释。17Hear ye my speech, and receive with Sour ears hidden truths.
18我今呈上我的案件,确知我自己有理。18If I shall be judged, I know that I shall be found just.
19谁若与我争辩,我就住口,情愿死去。19Who is he that will plead against me? let him come: why am I consumed holding my peace?
20惟有二事,你切莫向我作,我就不回避你:20Two things only do not to me, and then from thy face I shall not be hid:
21请将你的手由我身上撤回,莫让你的威严恐吓我。21Withdraw thy hand far from me, and let not thy dread terrify me.
22那时你若召唤,我必回答;或者我说,你回答我。22Call me, and I will answer thee: or else I will speak, and do thou answer me.
23我的邪恶罪过,究有多少?让我认识我的过犯和罪过。23How many are my iniquities and sins? make me know my crimes and offences.
24你为何遮掩你的面容,将我视作你的仇人?24Why hidest thou thy face, and thinkest me thy enemy?
25难道你要喝走被风吹落的树叶,要追逐已枯干的碎阶?25Against a leaf, that is carried away with the wind, thou shewest thy power, and thou pursuest a dry straw.
26你写下了我受苦的判词,使我承当我青年时的罪过。26For thou writest bitter things against me, and wilt consume me for the sins of my youth.
27你把我的脚缚在木桩上,窥察我的一切行动,又为我的脚步划定界限。27Thou hast put my feet in the stocks, and hast observed all my paths, and hast considered the steps of my feet:
28我的生命已如腐烂的朽木,已如蛀蚀的衣服。28Who am to be consumed as rottenness, and as a garment that is moth-eaten.
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