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约伯传 Job
1约伯回答说:1When Job answered, and said:
2的确,只有你们是有知识的子民;那么,你们一死,智慧也与你们一同丧亡!2Are you then men alone, and shall wisdom die with you?
3其实,我和你们有同样的心理,我并不亚于你们!谁不知道这些事?3I also have a heart as well as you: for who is ignorant of these things, which you know?
4我这呼吁天主而蒙应允的人,却被他的友人所嘲笑,无辜的义人却成了笑柄。4He that is mocked by his friends as I, shall call upon God and he will hear him: for the simplicity of the just man is laughed to scorn.
5幸运的人心想:遭难的人应受蔑视,失足的人应再予以打击。5The lamp despised in the thoughts of the rich, is ready for the time appointed.
6但是,强盗的帐幕竟能安全,触怒天主的人,以势力为神的人却享平安。6The tabernacles of robbers abound, and they provoke God boldly; whereas it is he that hath given all into their hands:
7请你询问走兽,牠们也会开导你;询问天上的飞鸟,牠们也会告诉你;7But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee: and the birds of the air, and they shall tell thee.
8地上的爬虫也会教训你,海中的鱼族也会给你说明。8Speak to the earth, and it shall answer thee: and the fishes of the sea shall tell.
9牠们中有谁不知道:是天主的手创造了这一切?9Who is ignorant that the hand of the Lord hath made all these things?
10因为一切活物的生魂,一切血肉之人的灵魂,都握在他手中。10In whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the spirit of all flesh of man.
11耳朵不是为明辨言语,口腔不是为辨尝食物吗?11Doth not the ear discern words, and the palate of him that eateth, the taste?
12白发老人是有智慧的,年纪大者是有见识的;12In the ancient is wisdom, and in length of days prudence.
13但智慧和能力同在天主内,智慧与见识是天主所有。13With him is wisdom and strength, he hath counsel and understanding.
14他若拆毁,人不能再建;他若拘禁,人不得开释。14If he pull down, there is no man that can build up: if he shut up a. man, there is none that can open.
15他若制水,水便干涸;他若放水,水便冲毁大地。15If he withhold the waters, all things shall be dried up: and if he send them out, they shall overturn the earth.
16力量与才能,为他所有;受骗者与骗人者,都属于他。16With him is strength and wisdom: he knoweth both the deceiver, and him that is deceived.
17他使谋士糊涂,使判官愚蠢;17He bringeth counsellors to a foolish end, and judges to insensibility.
18他解除君王所系的玉带,将绳索捆在他们的腰间;18He looseth the belt of kings, and girdeth their loins with a cord.
19他使司祭赤足而行,推倒掌握大权者;19He leadeth away priests without glory, and overthroweth nobles.
20夺去忠贞者的辩才,剥去年老者的理智:20He changeth the speech of the true speakers, and taketh away the doctrine of the aged.
21使贵人备受侮辱,使勇士的腰带松弛;21He poureth contempt upon princes, and relieveth them that were oppressed.
22使隐秘的事由暗处彰显,使黑暗进入光明;22He discovereth deep things out of darkness, and bringeth up to light the shadow of death.
23使邦国兴起而又灭亡,使民族强大而又消散;23He multiplieth nations, and destroyeth them, and restoreth them again after they were overthrown.
24剥去国君的理智,使他们漂泊于无路的荒野中,24He changeth the heart of the princes of the people of the earth, and deceiveth them that they walk in vain where there is no way.
25在无光的黑暗中摸索,踉跄犹如醉汉。25They shall grope as in the dark, and not in the light, and he shall make them stagger like men that are drunk.
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