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哈巴谷 Habakkuk
2上主,我听到了你的报道;上主,我见到了你的作为;求你在岁月的过程中,彰显你的作为,求你在岁月的过程中,宣布出来!但愿你发怒时,也怀念仁慈。2O Lord, I have heard thy hearing, and was afraid. O Lord, thy work, in the midst of the years bring it to life: In the midst of the years thou shalt make it known: when thou art angry, thou wilt remember mercy.
3天主自特曼而来,圣者由帕兰山而至(休止);他的威严遮盖诸天,他的荣耀充满大地。3God will come from the south, and the holy one from mount Pharan: His glory covered the heavens, and the earth is full of his praise.
4他的光辉明耀如日;他手中射出的光芒,蕴藏着他的威能。4His brightness shall be as the light; horns are in his hands: There is his strength hid:
5瘟疫在他前面开路,热症随在他的足后。5Death shall go before his face. And the devil shall go forth before his feet.
6他一停立,大地就动摇;他一注视,万民就战栗;太古的山岳崩裂,久远的丘陵沉没;他自永远即在其上行走。6He stood and measured the earth. He beheld, and melted the nations: and the ancient mountains were crushed to pieces. The hills of the world were bowed down by the journeys of his eternity.
7我曾见雇商的帐幕恐慌,米德杨地的帐棚震动。7I saw the tents of Ethiopia for their iniquity, the curtains of the land of Madian shall be troubled.
8上主!当你骑着马,乘着凯旋车时,是否是向河流发怒?或是向海洋泄愤?8Wast thou angry, O Lord, with the rivers? or was thy wrath upon the rivers? or thy indignation in the sea? Who will ride upon thy horses: and thy chariots are salvation.
9你抽出了你的弓弩,囊中装满了箭羽(休止);你劈地成河,9Thou wilt surely take up thy bow: according to the oaths which thou hast spoken to the tribes. Thou wilt divide the rivers of the earth.
10丛山见你而战栗;骤雨由云中降下,深渊发出巨响。太阳忘了升起,10The mountains saw thee, and were grieved: the great body of waters passed away. The deep put forth its voice: the deep lifted up its hands.
11月亮停于居所:这是因了你放射箭羽的光芒,你枪矛闪烁的光亮。11The sun and the moon stood still in their habitation, in the light of thy arrows, they shall go in the brightness of thy glittering spear.
12你怀怒踏遍大地,含恨蹂躏了梦邦。12In thy anger thou wilt tread the earth under foot: in thy wrath thou wilt astonish the nations.
13你出征是为了拯救你的百姓,是为了救护你的受傅者;你拆毁了恶人的屋顶,使屋基露出,直到磐石(休止)。13Thou wentest forth for the salvation of thy people: for salvation with thy Christ. Thou struckest the head of the house of the wicked: thou hast laid bare his foundation even to the neck.
14你用箭射透了他战士的头,因为他们冲来要驱散我们,且高兴得有如在暗中吞食贫民的人。14Thou hast cursed his sceptres, the head of his warriors, them that came out as a whirlwind to scatter me. Their joy was like that of him that devoureth the poor man in secret.
15你却将他的战马投入深海,投入多水的沼泽中。15Thou madest a way in the sea for thy horses, in the mud of many waters.
16我一听见,我的脏腑发抖;对此消息,我的口唇打颤;痳痺侵入了我的骨骸,我的步伐在我下面已零乱。我在静待那困难的日子,因为那日子必要临于进攻我们的民族身上。16I have heard and my bowels were troubled: my lips trembled at the voice. Let rottenness enter into my bones, and swarm under me. That I may rest in the day of tribulation: that I may go up to our people that are girded.
17纵然无花果树不发芽,葡萄树不结实,橄榄树一无所产,麦田不出产食粮,羊栈内没有羊,牛栏中没有牛,17For the fig tree shall not blossom: and there shall be no spring in the vines. The labour of the olive tree shall fail: and the fields shall yield no food: the flock shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be no herd in the stalls.
18我仍然喜乐于上主,欢欣于我的救主天主。18But I will rejoice in the Lord: and I will joy in God my Jesus.
19我主上主是我的力量,他使我的脚有如鹿脚,引我在高处步行。──交于乐官,和以絃乐。19The Lord God is my strength: and he will make my feet like the feet of harts: and he the conqueror will lead me upon my high places singing psalms.
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