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创世纪 Genesis
1若瑟伏在他父亲的脸上,痛哭亲吻, 1And when Joseph saw this, he fell upon his father's face weeping and kissing him.
2然后吩咐照料自己的医生,用香料包殓他父亲;医生便用香料包殓了以色列。 2And he commanded his servants the physicians to embalm his father.
3为他共费了四十天,因为用香料包殓尸体原需要这些天数。埃及人为他举哀七十天。 3And while they were fulfilling his commands, there passed forty days: for this was the manner with bodies that were embalmed, and Egypt mourned for him seventy days.
4举哀期一过,若瑟就向法郎的朝廷说:「我如在你们眼中得宠,请你们代我转告法郎说: 4And the time of the mourning being expired, Joseph spoke to the family of Pharao: If I have found favour in your sight, speak in the ears of Pharao:
5我父亲曾叫我起誓,对我说:看,我快要死了!我在客纳罕地,曾为自己凿了一个坟墓,你应把我葬在那里。现在请让我上去埋葬我父亲,然后回来。」 5For my father made me swear to him, saying: Behold I die: thou shalt bury me in my sepulchre which I have digged for myself in the land of Chanaan. So I will go up and bury my father, and return.
6法郎回复说:「你就照你父亲令你起的誓,上去埋葬他罢!」 6And Pharao said to him: Go up and bury thy father according as he made thee swear.
7于是若瑟上去埋葬他父亲,与他一同去的,有法郎的一切臣仆,朝廷的显要,和埃及国所有的绅士; 7So he went up, and there went with him all the ancients of Pharao's house, and all the elders of the land of Egypt,
8还有若瑟全家和他的兄弟们,并他父亲的家属,只留下家中幼小,羊群和家畜在哥笙地。 8And the house of Joseph with his brethren, except their children, and their flocks and herds, which they left in the land of Gessen.
9与他同去的,尚有车辆和骑兵:实在是一大队行列。 9He had also in his train chariots and horsemen: and it was a great company.
10当他们到了约但河对岸的阿塔得打禾场,就在那里举行了极备哀荣的隆重丧礼;若瑟又为自己的父亲举哀了七天。 10And they came to the threshingfloor of Atad, which is situated beyond the Jordan: where celebrating the exequies with a great and vehement lamentation, they spent full seven days.
11住在当地的客纳罕人见了阿塔得打禾场上的丧礼,就说:「这为埃及人实是一场极备哀荣的丧礼。」因而给那在约但对岸的地方,起名叫阿贝耳米兹辣殷。 11And when the inhabitants of Chanaan saw this, they said: This is a great mourning to the Egyptians. And therefore the name of that place was called, The mourning of Egypt.
12雅各伯的儿子们完全照他们的父亲所吩咐的给他办了: 12So the sons of Jacob did as he had commanded them.
13将他运到客纳罕地,葬在面对玛默勒的玛革培拉田里的山洞内;这块田是亚巴郎由赫特人厄斐龙买了来作为私有坟地。 13And carrying him into the land of Chanaan, they buried him in the double cave which Abraham had bought together with the field for a possession of a buryingplace, of Ephron the Hethite over against Mambre.
14若瑟葬了父亲以后,遂和他兄弟们,以及所有与他上来埋葬他父亲的人们,返回了埃及。 14And Joseph returned into Egypt with his brethren, and all that were in his company, after he had buried his father.
15若瑟的兄弟们见父亲已死,就说:「或者若瑟仍怀恨我们,要报复我们对他所行的一切恶事。」 15Now he being dead, his brethren were afraid, and talked one with another: Lest perhaps he should remember the wrong he suffered, and requite us all the evil that we did to him.
16因此便派人去见若瑟说:「你父亲未死以前曾嘱咐说: 16And they sent a message to him, saying: Thy father commanded us before he died,
17你们要这样对若瑟说:请你务必饶恕你兄弟们的过失和罪恶,因为他们实在虐待了你。现在,求你饶恕你父亲的天主的仆人们的过失罢!」若瑟听他们对他说出这样的话,就哭了起来。 17That we should say thus much to thee from him: I beseech thee to forget the wickedness of thy brethren, and the sin and malice they practiced against thee: we also pray thee, to forgive the servants of the God of thy father this wickedness. And when Joseph heard this, he wept.
18后来他的兄弟们还亲自来,俯伏在他面前说:「看,我们都是你的奴隶!」 18And his brethren came to him: and worshipping prostrate on the ground they said: We are thy servants.
19若瑟对他们说:「不要害怕!我岂能替代天主? 19And he answered them: Fear not: can we resist the will of God?
20你们原有意对我作的恶事,天主却有意使之变成好事,造成了今日的结果:挽救了许多人民的性命。 20You thought evil against me: but God turned it into good, that he might exalt me, as at present you see, and might save many people.
21所以,你们不必害怕,有我维持你们和你们的孩子。」他这样抚慰他们,使他们安心。 21Fear not: I will feed you and your children. And he comforted them, and spoke gently and mildly.
22若瑟和他父亲的家属,以后就住在埃及。若瑟活到了一百一十岁, 22And he dwelt in Egypt with all his father's house: and lived a hundred and ten years. And he saw the children of Ephraim to the third generation. The children also of Machir the son of Manasses were born on Joseph's knees.
23见到了厄弗辣因的第三代子孙;默纳协的儿子玛基尔的儿子们,也都生在若瑟的膝下。 23After which he told his brethren: God will visit you after my death, and will make you go up out of this land, to the land which he swore to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
24若瑟对自己的兄弟们说:「我快要死了;但天主要看顾你们,领你们由这地回到他誓许给亚巴郎、依撒格和雅各伯的地方去。」 24And he made them swear to him, saying: God will visit you, carry my bones with you out of this place:
25若瑟又叫以色列的儿子们起誓说:「当天主看顾你们时,你们应将我的骨骸由这里带回去。」 25And he died being a hundred and ten years old. And being embalmed he was laid in a coffin in Egypt.
26若瑟死了,享寿一百一十岁。人遂用香料包殓了他,放在棺椁内,安厝在埃及。 26
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