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创世纪 Genesis
1这些事以后,埃及王的司酒和司厨得罪了他们的主人埃及王。1After this, it came to pass, that two eunuchs, the butler and the baker of the king of Egypt, offended their lord.
2法郎于是对那两个内臣,司酒长和司厨长发了怒,2And Pharao being angry with them (now the one was chief butler, the other chief baker)
3将他们囚在卫队长府内的拘留所内,若瑟被囚禁的地方。3He sent them to the prison of the commander of the soldiers, in which Joseph also was prisoner,
4卫队长将他们交给若瑟,若瑟就照管他们。他们在拘留所内过了一些时日,4But the keeper of the prison delivered them to Joseph, and he served them. Some little time passed, and they were kept in custody.
5那两个被囚在狱里的埃及王的司酒和司厨,在同一夜里,各作了一梦;每人的梦都有它的意义。5And they both dreamed a dream the same night, according to the interpretation agreeing to themselves:
6早晨若瑟到了他们那里,见他们面有忧色,6And when Joseph was come in to them in the morning, and saw them sad,
7便问那与他同在自己主人府中监狱里的法郎内臣说:「为什么你们今天面带忧色?」7He asked them, saying: Why is your countenance sadder today than usual?
8他们回答说:「我们各作了一梦,没有人能够解释。」若瑟对他们说:「解梦不是天主的事吗?请你们讲给我听!」8They answered: We have dreamed a dream, and there is nobody to interpret it to us. And Joseph said to them: Doth not interpretation belong to God? Tell me what you have dreamed.
9司酒长就将自己的梦讲给若瑟听,对他说:「我梦见在我前面有株葡萄树。9The chief butler first told his dream: I saw before me a vine,
10树上有三根枝子,刚发芽,就生出了花朵,花朵结了熟葡萄。10On which were three branches, which by little and little sent out buds, and after the blossoms brought forth ripe grapes:
11我手拿着法郎的杯,将葡萄挤在法郎的杯中,将杯递在法郎的手内。」11And the cup of Pharao was in my hand: and I took the grapes, and pressed them into the cup which I held, and I gave the cup to Pharao.
12若瑟对他说:「这梦的意义就是:三根枝子是指的三天。12Joseph answered: This is the interpretation of the dream: The three branches are yet three days:
13三天以内,法郎要高举你,恢复你的职位;你仍将杯放在法郎的手中,像先前作他司酒时一样;13After which Pharao will remember thy service, and will restore thee to thy former place: and thou shalt present him the cup according to thy office, as before thou wast wont to do.
14但是,当你得志时,请你记得我,望你对我施恩,为我告诉法郎,救我出离这监牢;14Only remember me, when it shall be well with thee, and do me this kindness: to put Pharao in mind to take me out of this prison:
15因为我不但是由希伯来人地被拐来的,而且在这里我也没有做过什么使他们将我放在这地牢里的事。」15For I was stolen away out of the land of the Hebrews, and here without any fault was cast into the dungeon.
16司厨长见他解得吉祥,便对若瑟说:「我也作了一梦,梦见在我的头上有三筐白饼。16The chief baker seeing that he had wisely interpreted the dream, said: I also dreamed a dream, That I had three baskets of meal upon my head:
17最上面的筐内,有为法郎预备的各种食物,有飞鸟来啄食我头上筐里的食物。」17And that in one basket which was uppermost, I carried all meats that are made by the art of baking, and that the birds ate out of it.
18若瑟回答说:「这梦的意义就是:三筐是指的三天。18Joseph answered: This is the interpretation of the dream: The three baskets are yet three days:
19三天以内,法郎要高举你,将你悬在木架上,飞鸟要来啄食你的肉。」19After which Pharao will take thy head from thee, and hang thee on a cross, and the birds shall tear thy flesh.
20第三天,适逢法郎的生日,法郎为群臣摆设了盛宴,在群臣中将司酒长和司厨长提出来,20The third day after this was the birthday of Pharao: and he made a great feast for his servants, and at the banquet remembered the chief butler, and the chief baker.
21恢复了司酒长的司酒职,再将杯放在法郎手中;21And he restored the one to his place to present him the cup:
22至于司厨长,却被悬挂起来,正如若瑟对他们所解释的。22The other he hanged on a gibbet, that the truth of the interpreter might be shewn.
23司酒长却没有记得若瑟,竟将他忘了。23But the chief butler, when things prospered with him, forgot his interpreter.
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