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创世纪 Genesis
1肋阿给雅各伯生的女儿狄纳,要去看看当地的女人。1And Dina the daughter of Lia went out to see the women of that country.
2当地酋长希威人哈摩尔的儿子舍根看见她,就抓住她,强奸了她,玷辱了她。2And when Sichem the son of Hemor the Hevite, the prince of that land, saw her, he was in love with her: and took her away, and lay with her, ravishing the virgin.
3他的心迷恋雅各伯的女儿狄纳,深爱这少女,说宽慰她心的话。3And his soul was fast knit unto her, and whereas she was sad, he comforted her with sweet words.
4事后,舍根向自己的父亲哈摩尔说:「请给我娶这少女为妻。」4And going to Hemor his father, he said: Get me this damsel to wife.
5雅各伯听见舍根污辱了女儿狄纳,但因他的儿子们那时正在乡间看守他的牲畜,所以没有作声,等他们回来。5But when Jacob had heard this, his sons being absent, and employed in feeding the cattle, he held his peace till they came back.
6舍根的父亲哈摩尔前来见雅各伯,与他商议。6And when Hemor the father of Sichem was come out to speak to Jacob,
7那时雅各伯的儿子已由乡间回来,一听见这消息,就人人愤恨,非常恼怒,因为有人对以色列做出了这样的丑事:竟与雅各伯的女儿同卧;这是不应该做的。7Behold his sons came from the field: and hearing what had passed, they were exceeding angry, because he had done a foul thing in Israel, and committed an unlawful act, in ravishing Jacob's daughter,
8哈摩尔与他们商议说:「我儿舍根的心迷恋你们的女儿,请你们将她嫁给他为妻。8And Hemor spoke to them: The soul of my son Sichem has a longing for your daughter: give her him to wife:
9你们可与我们互通婚姻:将你们的女儿嫁给我们,你们也可娶我们的女儿;9And let us contract marriages one with another: give us your daughters and take you our daughters,
10这样你们可同我们住在一起,本地都摆在你们面前,你们可在其中居住、行动、置业。」10And dwell with us: the land is at your command, till, trade, and possess it.
11舍根也对狄纳的父亲和她的兄弟们说:「只要我在你们眼中蒙恩,凡你们要求的,我必依从。11Sichem also said to her father and to her brethren: Let me find favour in your sight: and whatsoever you shall appoint I will give.
12任凭你们向我要多少聘金和礼品,我必照你们提出的交付,只要你们将这少女给我为妻。」12Raise the dowry, and ask gifts, and I will gladly give what you shall demand: only give me this damsel to wife.
13雅各伯的儿子因为舍根污辱了他们的妹妹狄纳,就用欺诈的话答复舍根和他父亲哈摩尔,13The sons of Jacob answered Sichem and his father deceitfully, being enraged at the deflowering of their sister:
14说:「将我们的妹妹嫁给一个没有受割损的人,为我们实是一大耻辱,我们不能这样作。14We cannot do what you demand, nor give our sister to one that is uncircumcised, which with us is unlawful and abominable.
15除非有这个条件,我们不能同意:你们都应和我们一样,使你们中所有的男子都受割损;15But in this we may be allied with you, if you will be like us, and all the male sex among you be circumcised:
16以后我们可将我们的女儿嫁给你们,我们也可娶你们的女儿;我们与你们住在一起,成为一个民族。16Then will we mutually give and take your daughters, and ours: and we will dwell with you, and will be one people:
17如果你们不肯听从我们而受割损,我们就带着我们的女儿离去。」17But if you will not be circumcised, we will take our daughter and depart:
18哈摩尔和他的儿子舍根认为他们的建议很好。18Their offer pleased Hemor, and Sichem his son:
19这少年毫不迟延地要照这建议进行,因为他喜爱雅各伯的女儿,更何况他还是他父亲全家族中最重要的人物。19And the young man made no delay, but forthwith fulfilled what was required, for he loved the damsel exceedingly, and he was the greatest man in all his father's house.
20哈摩尔和自己的儿子舍根于是来到城门口,向本城的人提议说:20And going into the gate of the city they spoke to the people:
21「这些人对我们很和善,让他们住在本地内,在这里活动;本地原很广阔,足够容纳他们。我们可娶他们的女儿为妻,也可将我们的女儿嫁给他们。21These men are peaceable and willing to dwell with us: let them trade in the land, and till it, which being large and wide wanteth men to till it: we shall take their daughters for wives, and we will give them ours.
22但是,这些人只有一个条件,才同意与我们住在一起,形成一个民族:就是我们中所有的男子都应受割损,如同他们受了割损一样。22One thing there is for which so great a good is deferred: We must circumcise every male among us, following the manner of the nation.
23这样,他们的家畜和财产,以及一切牲口,岂不都归了我们!只要我们同意,他们就肯同我们住在一起。」23And their substance, and cattle, and all that they possess, shall be ours: only in this let us condescend, and by dwelling together, we shall make one people.
24凡由城门出入的人,都听从了哈摩尔和他的儿子舍根的话;由城门出入的男子,都受了割损。24And they all agreed, and circumcised all the males.
25第三天,他们正疼痛难忍时,雅各伯的两个儿子,狄纳的哥哥西默盎和肋未,各自拿了一把刀,不慌不忙进了城,杀了所有的男子;25And behold the third day, when the pain of the wound was greatest, two of the sons of Jacob, Simeon and Levi, the brothers of Dina, taking their swords, entered boldly into the city, and slew all the men:
26又用刀杀了哈摩尔和他的儿子舍根,由舍根房内领出狄纳而去。26And they killed also Hemor and Sichem, and took away their sister Dina, out of Sichem's house.
27雅各伯其余的儿子因了自己的妹妹受污,乘人被杀就前来洗劫城邑,27And when they were gone out, the other sons of Jacob came upon the slain; and plundered the city in revenge of the rape.
28夺去了他们的羊群、牛群和驴,并城内和乡间所有的一切。28And they took their sheep and their herds and their asses, wasting all they had in their houses and in the fields.
29凡是他们的财物,连他们所有的孩子和妇女都掳了去;凡屋内所有的一切,都夺了去。29And their children and wives they took captive,
30雅各伯事后对西默盎和肋未说:「你们害了我,使我在本地的居民,即客纳罕人和培黎齐人中,成了个可恨的人。我的人数少,如果他们联合起来反对我,攻击我,那末我和我全家就必同归于尽。」30And when they had boldly perpetrated these things, Jacob said to Simeon and Levi: You have troubled me, and made me hateful to the Chanaanites and Pherezites, the inhabitants of this land: we are few: they will gather themselves together and kill me; and both I, and my house, shall be destroyed.
31他们回答说:「难道人应待我们的妹妹如同一个妓女?」31They answered: Should they abuse our sister as a strumpet?
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