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箴言 Proverbs
1我儿,你若接受我的话,把我的诫命存在心中,1My son, if you heed my words and value my commands,
2侧耳细听智慧,专心寻求睿智;2with your ear attentive to wisdom and your heart obedient to understanding;
3你若呼求明哲,扬声召寻睿智;3if you call for perception and raise your voice for insight;
4你若寻求她如寻求银子,搜索她如搜索宝藏,4if you seek it as silver and search for it more than any treasure
5你必能领悟什么是敬畏上主,也能明白什么是认识天主。5then you will understand the fear of Yahweh, and you will find the knowledge of God.
6因为,恩赐智慧的是上主,知识和睿智都出自他的口。6For Yahweh gives wisdom and from his mouth come knowledge and insight.
7他给正直人保留了救援,又是行止成全者的护盾。7He reserves his help for the upright and is a shield for those who walk in integrity;
8他护守正直人的行径,他保卫虔诚者的道路;8he guards the ways of the just and protects the steps of his faithful.
9这样,你必能明了仁义和公平,明了正直和一切向善的道路。9Then you will understand justice, discernment and integrity - all that leads you to happiness.
10如果智慧进入了你的心,智识成了你的喜乐,10Wisdom will abide in your heart and knowledge will comfort your inner self.
11慎思就必监护你,睿智也必防守你,11Foresight will guide you and understanding will protect you.
12使你远离邪道,远离言词荒谬的人:12It will guard you from evil, from people of misleading speech,
13即那些离弃正道,走上黑暗之途,13from those who have abandoned the ways of honesty to walk the roads of darkness;
14喜爱行恶,在邪恶中喜乐的人。14they rejoice in evildoing, they revel in perversions;
15他们的道路弯曲不直,他们的行径邪僻不正。15their paths are crooked and their ways devious.
16智慧将救你脱离淫妇,脱离甘言蜜语的娼妓。16Wisdom keeps you from the alien woman, from the stranger with her smooth words,
17她离弃了少年时的良友,忘记了她的天主的盟约;17who deserts the partner of her youth and forgets the covenant of her God.
18为此,她的家属趋向死亡,她的行径通往黄泉;18For her house inclines towards death, her paths towards the grave.
19凡行近她的人,没有一个返回,再不会走上生路。19Those who go to her never return, they do not regain the paths of life.
20为此,你应走善人的道路,持守义人的行径,20So you will walk along the way of the good, and keep to the paths of the virtuous.
21因为只有正直的人才能住在地上,只有成全的人方得在那里居留。21For the honest will inherit the land; the people of integrity will live on it.
22但是,作恶的人必由地上铲除,违法的人必由其中拔除。22The evildoers instead will be cut off from the land. The wicked will be rooted out of it.
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