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约伯传 Job
1特曼人厄里法次开始说:1Eliphaz the Temanite spoke next:
2人若和你讲话,你能忍受吗?但谁又能忍住不说?2Shall we speak? Do you mind? For who could remain silent?
3看,你曾劝戒过许多人,坚固过软弱无能的人;3Remember how you have taught many others, how you have strengthened their feeble hands.
4你的话扶起了跌倒的人,坚固了膝弱无力的人;4Your words have supported those who wavered, have steadied the knees that faltered.
5但是现今灾祸一临于你,你就萎靡不振;一接触你,你就沮丧失意。5But when your turn has come, you are discouraged; as soon as you are struck, you are dismayed.
6你敬畏天主之情,岂不是你的依靠?你完善的行为,岂不是你的希望?6Should you not rely on your piety, and find assurance in your integrity?
7请想:那有无辜者丧亡?那有正直者消逝?7Have you seen a guiltless man perish, or an upright man done away with?
8照我所见:那播种邪恶的,必收邪恶;散布毒害的,必收毒害。8As I see it, those who plow evil or those who sow trouble reap the same.
9天主一嘘气,他们即灭亡;一发怒气,他们即消失。9By the breath of God they are swept away; by the blast of his wrath they are destroyed.
10狮吼豹嗥完全止息,幼狮的牙齿也被打碎;10The lion may roar and growl; it will fall, the teeth of its cubs will be broken.
11壮狮因缺猎物而灭绝,牝狮幼子各自东西离散。11The lion will die for lack of prey, and the whelps of its mate will stray.
12我窃听到一句话,我耳听见细语声。12I had a secret revelation; a whisper of it reached my ear.
13当人沉睡时,夜梦多幻象;13Amid thoughts from night visions, when men are heavily wrapped in slumber,
14我恐怖战栗,全身骨头发抖。14I was seized with fear and trembling that shook me to my very bones.
15寒风掠过我面,使我毛发悚然。15A spirit passed over my face, and the hair of my body stood on end.
16他停立不动,但我不能辨其形状;我面前出现形影,我听见细微的声音:16It stopped and stood before my eyes, but I could not make out what it was. Silence... and then - a voice was heard:
17人岂能在天主前自以为义?在造他者前,自以为洁?17"Can a mortal be just in the eyes of God? Can a man be pure before his Maker?
18看,他的仆役,他还不信;他的使者,他还归罪,18If God can put no trust in his servants, if he can charge his angels with error,
19何况那以泥屋为居所,以尘土为基础的人!他们为人践踏,有如蠹虫;19how much more those who live in houses of clay, whose foundation is in the dust, who are crushed as easily as moths!
20晨昏间即化为齑粉,永远消亡而无人一顾。20Between dawn and dusk they perish, and unheeded, vanish forever,
21幕索如已自断,他们岂不是因缺少智慧而死亡?21Their tent has been unpegged and they died without knowing why.
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